UFO LED Grow Light: Best Of 2020 (Reviews And Comparison)

UFO LED Grow Light: Best Of 2020 (Reviews And Comparison)

Light is essential for the process of photosynthesis to occur in a cannabis plant. The more light you provide a cannabis plant, the more the yield you should expect in return. It is vital that you monitor all the other environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, and the levels of Carbon dioxide in the air. Cannabis is highly receptive to the amount of light that you provide as it shows by the size and quality of the flowers.

Due to the advancement in technology, LED grow lights are one of the favorites to many farmers since they promise to deliver greater energy efficiency with lower heat signatures. They offer wavelengths that can be fine-tuned to the stage of growth of the plant and they consume 60 percent less energy than traditional light bulbs. With stories about crackdowns on illegal farms due to their substantial energy bills going around, you need to acquire a lighting solution that counters that problem.

Continuing research in the LED grow lights has led to the pop up of many LED grow light systems in the market designed for use by an indoor cannabis grower. Technology advancement has led to a new type of LED light seeping into the market called the UFO LED GROW LIGHT. The light outperforms the traditional HPS grow lights in almost every manner. It uses a smaller amount of electricity and produces heat that is a fraction of what HPS lights produce decreasing the cost of power consumption and the dangers of plants burning up in your grow room. LEDs are also harder to detect with thermal imaging techniques and are quieter than most HPS lights that emit a hum. UFO LED lights have a high lumen value and can produce a full spectrum of light to help with the photosynthesis of the plant. Here are some of the top UFO LED grow lights that are can provide your marijuana plants with the needed light to ensure healthy growth.

Eco Farm UFO 200W LED Grow Light

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The ECO Farm UFO series features a perfect blend of both full-spectrum white LED diodes and far-red LED diodes. This results in the perfect spectrum for all phases of growth.

The mix of white and red LEDs result in a relatively high ratio of bluish light. Blue light keeps your crop tight and compact in the vegetative stage and adds to optimal morphogenesis and light uptake by the plant. It maintains the photosynthetic system of the plant, which can shorten your flowering time. Blue light also signals stomatal opening during the light-on period.

The spread of red LEDs throughout the fixture ensures a uniformly mixed spectrum on your plants at short distances. The far-red LED?s help encourage stem growth, blooming/flowering and bud production.

No matter what you are growing, the ECO Farm UFO provides the perfect spectrum for plant growth from seed to harvest, making this a great match for any type grow tent growing!

Even Coverage & PAR Distribution

The UFO style fixture provides an even coverage over your plants and gives you the ability to mount this LED easily in small spaces like grow tents or closets.

For the ideal coverage in the veg stage, hang the fixture 24″+ away from the top of your plant canopy. For flowering, lower the light to about 12″ over the canopy.

Output and Efficiency

This passively cooled LED provides great light coverage with no fans or moving parts, reducing the chance of failure compared to other LED fixtures with built-in fans. The minimal heat put off by this fixture means you will only need a small exhaust set-up, in return increasing efficiency.

The high fixture efficiency of 2.1 ?mol s-1 per Watt, plug-and-play convenience, low energy use, silent operation, and durability makes this a great low-cost light for any grower!

Roleadro LED 600 Watt

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Even though the Roleadro 600 watt light seems like the most powerful UFO on this list and costs about the same as the less-powerful top choice, I rated it much lower.

Why is that?

Two reasons. First, the power is nowhere near as large as Roleadro would have you believe (as a company, they engage in even larger exaggeration than most Chinese brands, who already exaggerate A LOT). Second, the spectrum is not as good.

Let?s address the first issue. Roleadro (and Galaxyhydro; they are the same) is one of the worst companies out there in terms of exaggeration. They call this a 600 watt light, but with ninety 3 watt diodes, the maximum possible draw is 270 watts. The actual draw is around 95 watts.

Also note that Roleadro does not provide the actual wattage (other companies that exaggerate will at least hide the actual wattage somewhere in their specs), or any info about the output of their light. That alone tells you everything you need to know about this company.

And the lying just makes no sense.

If you compare this light to similar lights, it does very well. That is why I included it here, after all. I would have even ranked it higher, but I HATE false exaggeration. I?ve accepted that it is simply the way Chinese companies do business, but Roleadro takes the false claims to a whole new level. I cannot excuse that and docked points because of it.

As for the second point, the spectrum, it is not bad, but not as good as the Growstar spectrum. The Roleadro UFO also has a full-spectrum light, but only barely. It consists of mostly red and some blue diodes, plus two each of white, UV and IR.

The two solitary white diodes are not enough. If this plant light had more white diodes, it would have a more rounded spectrum, with plenty of green and yellow to go along with the peaks on red and blue. As it stands, it is essentially just a red/blue light, with some UV and IR.

That still makes it a good supplemental UFO LED grow light, especially for flowering plants. That said, I, personally, would not get this light, simply because I do not like Roleadro?s ridiculously exaggerated claims. You?ll have to decide for yourself how much that bothers you.


Good spectrum as a flower boost (but I would still prefer more white light)

Rated life time of 50,000 hours

2 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee


Spectrum could use more white light

Ridiculously exaggerated specs

Very short power cord (3 to 4 feet only)


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Plants that are coming inside during the winter need a little boost of artificial light to keep going when they can?t get the sunlight they need, and this 50W UFO LED grow light from Niello provides that light. It isn?t the most powerful LED grow lamp on the market, but not every indoor gardener needs 600 watts of power for their little plants. At most, this grow light will work for a 2-foot-by-2-foot space, but it?s probably best for 1.5-foot-by-1.5-foot. That?s not a ton of space.

You might notice how quietly this grow light operates because it has no fan. The light is so thin and lightweight, and the LEDs only use about 36 actual watts, so a fan isn?t necessary. Although this UFO LED grow light offers the red, blue, and white lights your plants want and need, it?s probably best suited for the seed stage. You may want to upgrade to something more powerful for the later stages of growth.





Includes warranty



Each LED .5W

No fans

Not very powerful


If you?re looking for an affordable, thin, lightweight grow lamp, especially for the seeding stage, this one may work well for you.


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