Twin Flame Separation and Reconnection Guide

Twin Flame Separation and Reconnection Guide

Understanding the separation stage of a twin flame journey is important because it?s arguably the hardest stage. Full of doubt, emotional pain and wondering if you?ve really met your true twin flame.

Yes, that just doubts again. But unless you?ve been through it you won?t understand the level of doubt that goes on.

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So here it is. My twin flame separation and reconnection guide. Understand the runner and chaser phase and you?ll be on a quicker path to reconnection (commonly known as twin flame union).

If you find yourself in this position I suggest considering a twin flame reading. It can be hard to tell if you?re with a false twin flame from the inside of a relationship and this is not something you want to do.

Doubts and Separation

Have you ever found yourself watching something you really liked but having a bad feeling about it? Does your brain tingle at the idea of the possibility of the two people you?re both attracted to getting together, but having some negative feelings about them getting together?

Most of the time, the most attractive people don?t really want anyone else, and they just make up stories to try to attract the opposite sex. They tell you that they would fall in love with you if only you were single. They meet someone else and then disappear, never to see each other again.

The main reason people like dating other people is that it?s much easier than being single. If one person really wanted to date you, they?d just ask you out. Even if they really like you, it?s usually a more competitive environment than trying to find true love.

If you?re really into a guy or girl, you might feel awkward doing things alone. Sometimes, having a roommate or friend you can socialize with is the perfect solution to this problem. Your soulmate separation is really your subconscious mind pushing you towards finding out more about who this other person is.

Friends are the perfect way to find out more about who this other person is. If you find yourself spending a lot of time with the person you?re dating, but still feeling uncomfortable, you need to break up with them. Be honest with yourself, and determine whether or not you truly want to get back together with them.

Once you make the decision to move on, spend some time with your new partner and spend some quality time with each other, you?ll find that you actually start falling in love with each other again. That?s because you both truly like each other. You?ll be able to laugh and have fun once again, and you?ll be closer than ever before.

Almost every single twin flame journey is going to involve separation and reconnection at least once. It?s common for it to happen more than once and while doubt is perfectly normal you need to understand this doesn?t mean you haven?t found your real twin flame.

Being sent into soul shock is common and the less spiritually awoken mirror soul is going to act out of self preservation ? not a desire to hurt out. They?re not really acting on any conscious desire really since they don?t know what they?re doing.

Image for postIn doubt if you?re on the right track? If you?ve met your twin flame? In separation and not sure why they?re acting this way? Get a twin flame reading and find out:

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