Trump’s Anti-American Actions

Trump’s Anti-American Actions

Hopefully, this list will persuade a few people who are undecided and cause a few Trump supporters to think.

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It is impossible to assemble all the reasons that a reasonable person would not support Trump. There are just too many reasons. To maintain a condensed short story as opposed to a book, I will keep these reasons as brief as possible. Perhaps other stories will go more in-depth on the many flaws.

Nate White said it best on Quora: ?if Frankenstein decided to make a monster assembled entirely from human flaws ? he would make a Trump. ? A copy of the full statement of Mr. White can be found on the Obliviots Blog at this link.

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A hefty 400+ point reversal in the U.S. Equities yesterday has flashed a warning sign for things to come. The markets?

  1. Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election and links between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. The actual order written by Rod Rosenstein can be found here.

More on the Mueller investigation, including the quote below, can be found in this Wikipedia article.

The report writes that the investigation ?identified numerous links between the Russian government and the Trump campaign?, found that Russia ?perceived it would benefit from a Trump presidency? and that the 2016 Trump presidential campaign ?expected it would benefit electorally? from Russian hacking efforts. However, ultimately ?the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities?. The evidence was not necessarily complete due to encrypted, deleted, or unsaved communications as well as false, incomplete, or declined testimony.

The report further identifies several incidences of obstruction of justice by Trump, yet these matters could not be prosecuted because Trump is the President. Why would Trump obstruct an investigation if that investigation were going to exonerate him? Clearly, there was information that Trump did not want the special counsel to find. Had the special counsel had access to all information, there may well have been conclusive evidence showing that Trump coordinated with the Russian government to become President of the United States. Let that last sentence really sink in. This has been going on for so long, that many of us have become numb to this sobering fact.

2. Trump was benefiting from business interests with foreign governments during his campaign and was beholden to foreign governments during his campaign. See Why an Unbuilt Moscow Trump Tower Caught Mueller?s Attention from Reuters and Trump Adviser in 2016 Gave Draft of Energy Speech to UAE for Edits from The Week. After being elected, Trump has profited by foreign dignitaries and staying at his hotels.

3. Trump continuously attacks our free press. Why does he do it? According to Leslie Stahl, Trump told her that he attacks the press to ?to demean you and discredit you so no one will believe negative stories about me.? See President Trump Told Lesley Stahl He Bashes Press ?To Demean You and Discredit You So ? No One Will Believe? Negative Stories About Him on the website for CNBC. In other words, Trump has a lot to hide, so he tries to discredit the press before they report on new negative stories about him.

4. Trump only hires the best people. These ?best people? include people like his personal attorney, Michael Cohen (now in jail), his campaign manager, Paul Manafort (now in jail), his first National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn (guilty and awaiting sentencing). On the domestic violence front, there are the following former White House staffers, Rob Porter, David Sorensen, Steve Bannon, along with cabinet nominees and ?acting? cabinet members Andrew Pudzner and Patrick Shanahan. Let us not forget, that Trump?s first wife accused him of rape. See Patrick Shanahan Would Have Fit Right In at the Trump White House from The New Yorker.

Trump has also been credibly accused of rape by E. Jean Carroll. See Writer E. Jean Carroll Accuses Trump of Rape. Why Are We So Reluctant To Talk About It? from USA Today. I almost forgot to mention the other 23 accusers of sexual assaults by Trump. Then, of course, there are all the people with ties to Russia as is shown by this image from Congressman Eric Swalwell?s website:

A diagram showing all the connections between Trump and Russia.

See this story on Congressman?s Swalwell?s website.

The list of undesirables is very long, these are just a few of the low points. I have exclusive video of the Trump White House Human Resources Department conducting job interviews at this link. I recommend that everyone watch that video. It is my one attempt at comic relief within this otherwise very serious and sad story.

5. During the campaign, Trump said he would release his tax returns as soon as a ?routine audit? was concluded. After elected, he said he would not release his tax returns. Now that a Democratic-led Congress is seeking these returns because of credible suspicion of money laundering and undisclosed Russian ties, Trump is using every tool in his arsenal to block the release of these returns. What is Trump hiding?

6. Trump has ?bone spurs.? It appears that Trump?s father had a podiatrist friend diagnose Donald with bone spurs so Trump could avoid the draft. Trump likes to play the role of a tough guy, but his ?toughness? is nowhere to be found when it comes to serving his own country. See Podiatrist?s Daughters Say Bone Spur Diagnosis That Helped Trump Avoid Vietnam Draft was ?Favor? in USA Today.

7. Trump likes to insult John McCain, an American Hero. Trump says he does not like people that get captured; they are not heroes. It was early in Trump?s campaign when he said this. This was the first of two things that reminded me of Douglas MacArthur. MacArthur had not wanted General Wainwright to receive the Medal of Honor because Wainwright had been captured. This is a perfect example of Trump?s low intelligence. While Trump wants to emulate a great General from American History, Trump has no analytical abilities. General Wainwright surrendered with an army around him. John McCain was shot down behind enemy lines, landed in a lake, and was pulled out by villagers and beaten to a pulp. McCain had no ability to determine whether he was surrendering or not. Wainwright did have the ability to surrender or not. I will note that General MacArthur later changed his mind and did support General Wainwright being awarded the medal.

The other example of trying to emulate MacArthur was MacArthur?s willingness to use nuclear weapons in Korea. See this article from Wikipedia that discusses MacArthur?s interest in using nuclear weapons. In 2016, during a foreign policy briefing, Trump repeatedly asked why the US could not use nuclear weapons. See Here?s What Donald Trump Has Said About Nuclear Weapons in Time Magazine.

Douglas MacArthur was a very intelligent general. He would have never made as statement disparaging a pilot that was shot down behind enemy lines as Trump made about McCain. If MacArthur were alive in 2019, I cannot imagine that he would consider using nuclear weapons with the information that we currently have about these weapons ? information that we did not have during the Korean War. Trump is just an ignorant buffoon when he tries to emulate a great man like MacArthur.

Lastly, McCain is a hero. He could have been released from prison earlier but chose not to. McCain was loyal to his fellow soldiers. Such loyalty and bravery is something that Trump will never understand. Trump would rather rely on his ?bone spurs.?

8. Trump prefers the word of dictators such as Putin over the American intelligence services that are doing the hard work of protecting our nation. Furthermore, Trump would rather take the word of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salmon than our intelligence services regarding the bone-saw death of American resident and Washington Post employee, Jamal Khashoggi.

Trump is Incompetent

9. Trump has a complete inability to manage or lead people. He can neither get people to work for him or can he keep his employees. One example would the Trump cabinet. Trump has had 9 cabinet members leave. In the first term of Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, W. Bush, and Obama, the cabinet turnover was 6, 8, 4, 2, 3 respectively. Trump still has about 18 months to go on his first term and he has had 9 cabinet members leave. See this report from the Brooking Institution regarding turnover within the Trump Administration. In order to slow the official turnover of cabinet members, Trump has resorted to ?acting? cabinet members. It is difficult to tell how many of the offices around Trump are ?acting? as the situation is constantly in flux. The advisors that Trump does have, have no respect for him. Consider Rex Tillerson reportedly having called the President a ?moron.? Such would seem to be a logical observation. See ?Idiot,? ?Dope,? ?Moron?: How Trump?s Aides Have Insulted the Boss from Politico for more on the ?respect? that Trump?s employees have for their boss. Is there anyone working for him that is not laughing at him?

10. Trump has no idea what some everyday political terms mean. How could someone so uninformed have any idea how to run a country. This is akin to having a taxi driver who does not know where the steering wheel is on a car. See this article for Trump?s understanding of western-style liberalism: Trump Thinks Putin?s Attack on ?Western-Style Liberalism? Was About California from New York Magazine. See this article for Trump?s understanding of the term, ?busing,? Trump, Dumb as Always, Thinks Busing is About Transportation from Rolling Stone.

Trump?s Policies Are Not Helping America or Its Allies

11. Trump pulled America out of the Paris Agreement. Does anything else need to be said about this?

12. Trump?s touting of the American oil & gas industry?s competition with Russia shows that Trump knows nothing about economics. Trump actually said this, ?Russia does not like what I am doing because I am expanding the American oil & gas industry. Russia does not like this because I am creating more supply and therefore downward pressure on prices. Russia needs high oil prices for its economy to work.? In a single variable world, that would make sense. However, you are out of luck Mr. President, you should have taken notes on the second day of Economics 101. Putin does want higher energy prices, but he realizes that ?demand? is also part of the equation. If the country that creates the largest demand in the world, America, were to reduce demand by getting off fossil fuels, Russia oil and gas revenues would be reduced more. OPEC and Russia have the goal of getting the highest dollar amount for the last barrel of oil they can pump out of the ground. Like a crack dealer, these countries want to keep America addicted to oil. These countries will take some short term losses in order to keep America addicted. Expanding American production over the short run is one way to keep America addicted. Of course, these countries do not want to be in the Paris Agreement either. They signed the agreement and stay on it for good public relations. By having America off the Paris Agreement, it gives these countries some cover to take the agreement less seriously.

13. Trump unilaterally broke the Iran Nuclear Treaty. Iran kept its side of the bargain. Iran is far from perfect and is certainly not an ally of the US, but it kept this agreement. If one were to put themselves in the shoes of the Shia Iranian regime, one could see why they want nuclear weapons. With American troops in neighboring Iraq and Afghanistan for most of the last decade, the Sunni nuclear power of Pakistan on another border, and belligerent Saudi Arabia just across the Gulf, one could see how a country would want a nuclear weapon. I will point out, that having Iran?s oil back on the world markets (greater supply) did seem to decrease gasoline prices for a while.

14. Trump?s foreign policy leaves our allies in a constant state of confusion. Does this guy want to stay in NATO or leave it? Does this guy really want to put tariffs on the Europeans, Japanese, Koreans, Mexicans, and Canadians? Does he not understand the beneficial trading relationship between our countries? Does America not need any allies? Trump has left us completely unrespected by our allies who believe we have elected a moron. Out enemies don?t just believe we have elected an idiot, they know we have elected an idiot. The Chinese and the Russians love Trump. The North Koreans play Trump for the idiot he is. They even had the nerve to send an American hostage home beaten 90% to death. This kind of thing never happened under Obama, Bush 43, Clinton, Bush 41, Reagan, and Carter. But, of course, Trump is in love with the North Korean leader. They are pen pals.

15. Trump wants to ban Muslims. Does anything need to be said about this? Clearly, under the First Amendment members of a religion should not be discriminated against simply because they practice their religion. Trump decided to ban immigration from a few Muslim majority countries. That could not get by the courts. So Trump changed the list and added North Korea and Venezuela. Do we have a lot of immigrants coming from either North Korea or Venezuela? There is a mass exodus from Venezuela now, but are they coming here? It would seem that the Christian thing to do would be to help refugees from Venezuela and the war zones of Libya, Yemen, and Syria. 99% of the refugees from these countries would be no danger of being a terrorist. The other 1% could be vetted out and not be allowed into this country. It would seem that Americans are much more likely to suffer a terrorist attack at the hands of a white male of European descent than these people trying to escape the horrors of war. What has been the race of the overwhelming majority of the mass killers in our country?

16. Trump is complicit with Jerry Falwell, Jr in an attempt to ?Trumpify? Christianity. See my story at this link for more on this crime by Trump and his supporters.

17. Trump signed a tax reform act that created another wealth transfer from the poor and middle class to the wealthiest Americans. Consequently, America has insufficient tax revenues to fund many programs that primarily benefit the poor and the middle class. To add insult to injury, Trump has raised taxes in the form of tariffs that disproportionately affect the middle class.

18. With the huge expenditure in the form of a tax cut, Trump has led America back toward record-setting deficits. Going into deeper debt to stimulate an economy that did not need to be stimulated is not good for the economy. It remains to be seen, how much more our economy can take.

Trump Does Not Know How To Behave Like a Normal Human Being

19. From the moment Trump announced he was running for President, he has been attacking Hispanic immigrants. He called Mexicans murderers, rapists, etc. When Trump announced his candidacy, illegal immigration was at the lowest numbers we have seen in years. Since Trump has been in office, illegal crossings have more than doubled. Trump wants to build a ridiculous wall that will achieve absolutely nothing. Trump has engaged in a very cruel policy for no other reason than to excite his base. After Trump?s comments about Latinos, is it any wonder that people call him a racist?

20. Trumps tweeted his joy at Elijah Cummings house being broken in to. This is after a week of degrading remarks about Cummings? district in Baltimore as well as Cummings himself. Why was Trump angry? Because Cummings was doing his job as head of the House Oversight Committee.

21. Trump is a racist. See item 19 above. See Trump enjoying the ?send her back? chant at his rally in this video on YouTube. Trump is a hero of the racists. If the racists think he is a racist, then he is a racist. Perhaps this item should have been included in the Anti-American section.

22. By Trump?s own admission, he likes to engage in sexual assault. See this video from CNN on YouTube. Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault and/or rape by 23?24 women. His first wife accused him of rape.

23. Since Donald Trump cannot get women so easily as he likes to brag, he likes to have extramarital affairs with porn stars. He later pays these women to not let the story out. That sounds like a great defense to a prostitution charge. Officer, I was not paying her for sex, but instead paying her to keep quiet. What should anyone think of the character of a person that brags about having affairs while their wife is at home and pregnant?

24. The company that Trump keeps says a lot about him. Donald seems to be very good friends with Jeffrey Epstein in this video from NBC on YouTube. Jeffrey Epstein was a frequent guest at Mar-A-Lago. The owner of a chain of massage parlors that were known for sex workers was also a member of Mar-A-Lago. That owner sold these parlors a few years ago. The same parlors were raided for human trafficking. Bob Kraft, another Mar-A-Lago member was among those arrested at one of the massage parlors. See The Massage Parlor Owner and Mar-a-Lago from the New York Times for more on this. What kind of place is this Mar-A-Lago? Judging a person by the company he keeps is not always accurate, but in the case of Donald Trump, it appears to be extremely accurate.

25. Donald Trump has been called a Narcissist. This disorder is named after a figure from Greek tragedy that fell in love with his own reflection. I do not know if this is the right disorder for Trump but will trust the many experts that use this term to describe Trump. As for me, I see a person that is very well aware that he is a complete fraud. He knows that he has never really achieved anything. He built this big image around himself, but he knows that he can never actually live up to that image. He is extremely insecure that people will find out how small he really is. This causes great anxiety for Trump. For Trump, it is always a battle against his own self to keep from revealing how weak he actually is. He knows he is not fit to be President, hence he is now more anxious than he has ever been in his life. The fact that the intelligence services and press are always hot on his heels is driving him crazy. Unfortunately for Trump, he will soon realize that there will never be any relief for him. I would not trade places with Trump for all the money in the world.

26. Trump is a liar. As of June 7, 2019, Trump had told 10,796 lies. See President Trump Has Made 10,796 False or Misleading Claims Over 869 Days from the Washington Post. The odd thing about Trump is that he lies when he does not need to. He lies just for the sake of lying. It is as if this man will suddenly melt if he ever actually tells the truth. Has Trump lied so much that he no longer knows reality from fantasy? Is this the kind of President you want?

27. Trump claims that he is a self-made billionaire. The self-made part is clearly not true. We do not know if he is a billionaire. Perhaps if we saw his tax returns we would have an idea. In the early 1980s, Trump lied about being a billionaire to try to get on to the Forbes 400. See Trump Allegedly Lied About His Wealth to Get on the Forbes 400 List in the 1980s from Fortune Magazine.

28. Trump complained that President Obama spent too much taxpayer money on trips and took too much time off, but Trump spends a lot more and takes more time off. President Obama went to the state where he grew up, Hawaii, for Christmas every year. Obama?s travel cost the taxpayers $105 million over eight years. Trump has cost the taxpayers $110 million over just the first 2 years. See Trump Golf Costs Top $110 Million ? More Than 1 Estimate For All Of Obama?s Travel from the Huffington Post. Trump travels to his golf clubs that are in difficult to secure areas instead of taking advantage of Camp David. Trump?s clubs and hotels charge the Secret Service for the rooms they use, therefore, the taxpayers pay Trump himself, for Trump?s security to have a place to stay so that they can protect Trump. See Government Watchdog: Trump?s Trips To Florida Costing Taxpayers Millions from NPR. How could anyone think that they should be so entitled?

29. Trump takes pleasure in insulting people on Twitter. Often times, these people are hardworking Americans that are trying to protect America from Trump. You know, people like John McCain and Robert Mueller.

30. Trump likes to punch down at non-public figures. He is a bully. Consider the parents of Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed in the Iraq War. Trump insulted these people for no apparent reason. What Trump should have done was to show respect to a family who sacrificed to protect our nation. I guess such devotion to America is something that Trump cannot understand since his family who has committed no one to the military. Perhaps bone spurs run in the Trump family.

31. Trump is implicitly promoting the messages of Q-Anon. This President not only refuses to refute conspiracy theories, but he also promotes them. Just use this query on Google for the many examples of Trump promoting this group: ?Trump promotes Q-Anon messages.? There are too many links to mention and keep this item brief. Trump promotes this foolishness even though he has had experience with his followers promoting the ?Pizza Gate Conspiracy? that led to a man shooting up a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C. Being that Trump likes to project his own shortcomings on to his opponents, one has to wonder what his support for Q-Anon means about himself.

32. Trump has no sense of humor. You know a person is very insecure when they cannot laugh at themselves. I cannot remember another President that did not attend the White House correspondent?s dinner. I cannot recall another President that criticized Saturday Night Live?s satirical skits. Such insecurity is evidence of psychological issues that should disqualify a person from being President of the United States. We do not need a hot-head in charge of the nuclear codes.

33. Trump is tacky. See Whose Style is That? Louis XIV or Donald Trump? An Interior Design Guide to the New President on the Curbly Blog. Trump is proud to live in an apartment that looks like something the Beverly Hillbillies would inhabit. Does Trump think it is 1419, not 2019? It looks like he was a homeless person that had just won the power ball lottery. There is such an unhealthy obsession with gold in this man. Trump is clearly not ?old money.? Fran Lebowitz described Trump very well when she said,

?Donald Trump is a poor person?s idea of a rich person.? It?s a pretty simple system, really: gold = rich. Columns = rich because banks have columns. Chandeliers = rich because they?re big and shiny.

34. Trump does not know how to behave in a proper manner. Mar-A-Lago was built by Marjorie Merriweather Post. Trump needs to become acquainted with another ?Post?: Emily Post, the famed expert of etiquette. Perhaps a little etiquette training could help Trump not to commit faux pas like insulting the British Royal family before a visit. See ?Nasty? Debate Erupts over Trump?s Criticism of Meghan Markle Ahead of U.K. Trip from Politico. Had Trump learned to behave properly as a child, maybe he would not still be shunned by the ?upper crust? in Manhattan. See Blame New York for Donald Trump from the San Francisco Chronicle.

35. Trump has no pets. This is probably because Trump cannot even find a dog that will like him. A dog will love anyone who cares for them. Even Hitler was able to have a dog. On the other hand, Trump may not like dogs. That is another reason not to like Trump. How could anyone dislike dogs and/or cats? When was the last time we had a President with no pets?

36. Trump manipulates weak-minded people. With all these awful things about Trump, there is one that stands out. It is a kind of ?Jedi mind trick? that Trump has learned. The fact that he has learned this trick is evidence that he does have some mental capacity. The trick works this way: First, be a total jerk to everyone, second, talk to either a former foe or any person in private and be very nice and apologetic to them. This has the effect of making the person feel special. The person thinks that I must be something special because Trump is awful to everyone except me. In the case of former foes, the foe is made to feel that the attack is just part of the politics sport. We have seen this behavior work on Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, and others. It is stunning how weak-minded those who fall for this ?change-up? in behavior are.

What concerns me about this last flaw is this: in the months running up to the election, Trump will make changes in his policy in order to try to win the election. His base will not like it, but they are too invested in ?Trumpism? to back out at this point. Those who are swayed by his change will be forgiving and say, ?look, Trump is becoming a good person.? Do not be fooled. There will be no change in the underlying person. Trump will try anything to stay in power because he knows that a probable jail sentence awaits him once he leaves the White House. If Trump were to win another election, he would change back to his real self immediately, and we would have to endure at least four more years of our long national nightmare.


This story is an accurate description of the President of the United States and the description is disgusting. It is very hard not to just look away from this President?s behavior. Do not look away. It is every American?s patriotic duty to watch it all, analyze the man, and form an unbiased opinion based on the man?s behavior. This really matters. Steps must be taken to reduce the chances that such a terrible person can ever again be elected to lead our nation.

In the past, there have been crime dramas that people have fixated upon, e.g., the O.J. Simpson case. I did not waste any of my time watching that case because that case had little if any impact on me. In the matter of Donald J. Trump, the outcome has an impact on every American. We must be vigilant.

I long for the days when political shows can once again be filled with intellectual discussion of policies that can make America a greater nation. I long for the days when I no longer feel obligated to read through the terribly boring Mueller Report. I long for the days when we no longer have to hear about the latest moronic tweet from the ?idiot-in-chief.?

I apologize for leaving out many of the reasons not to support Trump that may have affected many people. You are welcome to add to the list in the comments below. Listing thirty-six is enough for any one person.

I trudged through these ?36 reasons Trump is not fit to be President.? It has been a depressing and awful ordeal. Tomorrow, I will have to take a break and write about one of my cats. One can only deal with so many depressing stories in a row without needing to write at least one uplifting story. Now that I have completed the wallowing in the cesspool of ?Trumpism? that is required for this story, I think I will go take a shower.


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