Touch My Breasts

Touch My Breasts


Let me feel you near my heart

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I?ll want you to touch my breasts very early on. I need that connection. But let me invite you. Let me initiate it.

We?ll be kissing. And I?ll take your hand and fit it over my breast while our clothes are still on. I will want you to hold me like that for a while so I can feel your energy pouring from your hand into my heart.

I don?t know how we?ll take the next step. Maybe I?ll take off my shirt slowly. Maybe I?ll yank it off. Maybe I?ll ask you to take it off for me.

Then I?ll want your hand on my breast again, skin on skin, while we kiss and touch each other. Squeeze it softly, maybe, or give it a gentle pull.

When it?s time, I?ll want you ? need you ? to start with long strokes from my chest to the nipple. Patiently, like we have all the time in the world. Both at the same time, or just one?stroke them and squeeze them like they are made out of bone china. Like you are afraid of breaking them.

And then let your lips follow the path of your hands. Kiss all up and down them with a little nibble here or there. Press them into your face, all that flesh so warm against you.

Save my nipples for later. Maybe make me beg you to touch them. And when you do, barely close your lips around them, barely flick them with your tongue.

Make me beg again.

Give them little licks ? not just up and over, but swirl your tongue around them, or run it from the base to the tip, like licking a lollipop.

Don?t take them into your mouth until I am undone with the teasing, until I am crying out and digging my fingers into your arms.

And when you finally do it, start with the slowest tug, the slightest pull, working up to something harder, deeper, drawing my nipple out against your tongue. Let me feel like the moon is pouring its milk into me, letting it flow through my body and into yours.

Maybe you will hold my breast in your hand while you do this so I can feel more of you in this sensitive area of my body, so I can receive more of your energy and spill more of mine into you.

And once or twice ? not too much, though ? take a hold of one nipple with a hard suck and pull until it pops out of your mouth. It hurts a little?but I like it.

My nipples will be red and swollen and comically large after a time ? so large that you might be able to nibble from base to tip with the gentlest nips of your teeth or tender pinches from your lips. But beware, this will drive me insane with desire. I can?t be held responsible for anything I do afterwards.

Don?t let go of my breasts for too long, not even once you?re inside me. Hold them if I?m on top or in front of you. Put your hand on one of them if I?m beneath you. Run your finger over or around my nipple. If you pinch, do it so gently that I barely feel it. If you thrum, only do it once, or do it feather-lightly again and again.

If you can reach my breasts with your mouth, kiss them. Bite them ? though gently. Suck on my nipples. Softly. And ravenously. And softly again.

I will come so hard when you do this.

My breasts will feel so big and so round and so heavy, like an ancient fertility goddess. Show me how much you want to be embraced by my swells and valleys, how much you want to be nourished by my nectar.

Because I want that, too. I want your hands on my breasts, your lips on my nipples. I want you to drink the universe from my body. I want you to melt into the softness of my flesh until we are one person.

And when we?re done, rest your head there, on or near my breasts. Listen to the sound of my heart. Keep your hand on me, firmly. Or gently.

Just let me feel the energy from your body pouring into mine and let me pour mine into yours.

This article was written for Howl by Yael Wolfe, a weekly column here at Sexography. Yael Wolfe 2020

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