TorrentKing Proxy and TorrentKing Alternatives in 2020

TorrentKing Proxy and TorrentKing Alternatives in 2020

Over the past few years, torrent websites have created a significant loss for the original content creators. This is what forced Govt and authorities to take strict actions against torrent visitors and holders. As of now, most of the leading torrent websites have been shut down like KickAss Torrent, TorrentKing, Torrentz, etc.

Amongst the banned torrent websites, TorrentKing used to be the most popular one. TorrentKing used to be a torrent search engine that listed popular torrent content from different sites. Before it?s demise, the site has managed to grab in lots of users, and thanks to its popularity, it?s still searched today.

Since the site is banned in several countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Germany, India, and Australia, the only way to get it unblocked is via TorrentKing Mirror sites or Proxy sites.

TorrentKing Proxy Sites 2020

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Before we share with you the working proxy sites for TorrentKing, let?s know how proxies work. The Proxies act as a server between you and the visiting site. That means it sends the data to the visiting site on your behalf.

Proxy sites let you access the torrent sites anonymously. However, proxy sites often have malicious scripts that can damage your computer. Also, it doesn?t make you fully anonymous.

So, even if you are using a Proxy site, you still need to use a VPN. For a complete list of VPN for Windows, read our article ?

TorrentKing Proxy Sites List in 2020 (100% Working Mirror Sites)

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There are plenty of TorrentKing Proxy sites available on the web. However, not all of them work. Below, we have shared some of the latest and working proxy site lists to unblock TorrentKing in 2020.

Is Torrenting Safe?

Torrenting is no longer safe. The government is now taking strict action against those who were found downloading or spreading copyrighted content.

Do I need to use VPN?

Yes, VPNs and Proxy sites were two different things. Even if you use Proxy sites, you still need to use a VPN for a secure connection.

The Proxy sites were not working

The sites listed in the article were working at the time of writing. If it doesn?t work now, then most possibly, it?s banned.

So, this article is all about the best TorrentKing Proxies 2020. I hope this article helped you! Make sure to share it with your friends also.

Torrentking Alternatives

Downloaders and sharers of all kinds will not have waited long after the fall of Torrentking to once again take advantage of a torrents search engine worthy of the name, and we let you discover our selection:

1. Skytorrents

Skytorrents is a torrent search engine focused on privacy, Zero tracking NO Cookies, NO javascript, NO advertising.

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The site is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Portuguese

When Skytorrents first showed up, announcing an ad-free, privacy-focused service, we were somewhat skeptical. They would not be the first to start this way but would change air when visitors began to disembark.

However, months later, the site is still active.

For a few months, has encountered difficulties. Find alternatives in our following list.


RARBG is one of the best Torrentking alternatives, founded in 2008. The site provides torrent files and magnetic links to facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol.

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RARBG torrents are considered one of the best torrent sites to download movies, videos, TV series, game software, music, etc.

You can download any movie or game for free from this great torrent site. And most importantly, it is quite easy to use. All of this has made RARBG one of the favorite torrent sites for many users.

It has become the point of downloading movies for many people and they don?t want to go elsewhere to download high-quality movies.

List of RARBG links and mirrors:


3. Demonoid

Demonoid is probably one of the oldest torrent trackers in the world. Founded in 2003, it has always found itself in copyright wars, foreclosures, and raids.

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Currently, he is still alive. They even have an onion address. This is an invitation-only website, so users cannot access all of the torrents.

On rare occasions, they open their registrations. There are a lot of Demonoid clones created when it collapsed many times.

All torrents are cataloged in different categories and sub-categories. Users can filter torrents by quality, category, internal/external monitoring, and language.

It has about 600K torrents. Guest users can download only external torrents.

4. BTDigg

BTDigg is the DHT BitTorrent search engine. It analyzes the DHT network in real-time and provides a full-text search on active torrents!

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BTDigg is not a tracker publishing site and does not store any content and only collect torrent metadata (such as file names and file size) and a magnetic link (torrent identifier).

This means that BTDigg is a fully legal system.

5. YTS

Even if it has nothing to do with the original group YIFY Torrents or YIFY, intends to take its place.

Image for post Download free YIFY torrents movies in 720p, 1080p, and 3D quality.

YTS.AG is the result of work to restore the old YTS-style website, and restore the content of the YIFY broadcast group for YIFY fans, by YIFY fans.

If YIFY fans want to continue in the tradition of Small, is the new brand to follow.

7. TorrentDownloads

We love the super simple torrent detail page at TorrentDownloads. That would be reason enough to try this one out, but the large database and high-quality torrents make it a great choice.

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Users can find torrents in a variety of categories. The ability to rate files and leave comments on files helps reduce the number of fake files found on the site.

An advanced search option also allows users to narrow the field of possible returns by category, supplier, and status.


EZTV was created in 2005 and the premise behind this initiative was to provide consumers around the world with high-quality video content. The EZTV and the EZTV proxy and mirror sites provide access to films, tv shows, documentaries, and many more. Of course, things are not necessarily easy because of the rivalry between the various websites that provide identical services

Use sites like

Before going further and going to see the latest movies, I suggest you use a decent VPN like to keep your anonymity online. The VPN will make sure that you are safe, whether you are browsing a movie site that is blocked by your ISP or in your area.

Once you have the VPN, you?re ready to go.

BitTorrent is very important for most of the websites mentioned above. First, you need to download a BitTorrent client like uTorrent to your computer.

Then download the magnet or torrent file from the website. Then click on the torrent file and open it with uTorrent. This will start your download. You can interrupt or resume your download at any time.


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