Top catfight stories of 2019

At the end of 2019, the website has a collection of ~250 catfight stories contributed by members of community and some co-authored by me. In this post, I am summarising the top stories by readership and views for year 2019.

  1. Knowledge is Power ? By AnujAnuj?s mom, Mrs. Pallavi Mishra titfights and wrestles his teacher Usha Mehta in a two part series bikini wrestling match that ends with a hard to forget sexfight.
  2. Tejas Mom vs Siddharth Mom ? By SundarTwo friends manipulate their mothers into a fistfight and a catfight. The fight starts with a catfights and swiftly moves towards a titfight. Part 2 for this one is yet to be published.
  3. Battle of wives ? By VaishaliTwo wives, Prajakti and Vaishali who have a long history fight it out at a vacation where they bump into each other. This three part series has one of the hottest catfight and sexfight you would ever read.
  4. A Family Party ? By AnujAnuj?s mom titfights his aunt followed by a sexfight session in front of their both their husbands. Surely a fight to remember.
  5. Wife vs Wife ? By XS, RameshThis is one the longest and the most popular series of five stories of scuffles between two wives. The plot builds up on competition between two newly wed wives- hidden fantasies, jealous comparisons, catfight and sexual contest. This is also available as a Kindle and paperback book.
  6. A Neighbourly Affair ? By Ammy11This is an epic five part series set in a classic India vs Pakistan set-up where Amisha fights her new neighbour Maryam in different styles and both of them do not stop surprising you.
  7. Indian Queens Epic Battle ? By NishaRani and Meenakshi, two Indian Queens at the prime of their sexual prowess start a skirmish that is just too hot to be missed. Part 2 for this one is yet to be published.
  8. HR vs Marketing catfight ? By RameshAnwesha from HR decides to settle scores with Shivani from Marketing in a cross-functional battle of the sexes in a two part series.
  9. Mixed Wrestling ? By SuneetaThis is a two part series wherein Suneeta, a 38 year old horny female who is also a wrestler depicts her sexual hunger for dominative sex and describes her nude wrestling experience with Nihar, a 18 year old boy as a real battle between a man and woman of two generations.
  10. Bangalore tales ? By RameshRishika decides to settle her office grudge with Shikha outside office for once and for all in this three part series.

It seems that Anuj and Ramesh have emerged as a top authors this year. If you are interested in contributing to this legacy, please use this page to reach me. It would be great to join us at our Telegram Group, which always has a bunch of active members chatting up.

All stories put together have garnered 381k page views in 2019 alone and were read by 78k unique visitors. This is a huge hit within the catfight, women wrestling and sexfight sub-culture in an Indian context. I hope you enjoy these. A curated collection of these and many more such stories is available as Kindle ebooks on Amazon.


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