Top catfight stories of 2018

As of writing this, the website has a collection of 215+ catfight stories contributed by members of community and some co-authored by me. In this post, I am summarizing the top stories by readership and views for year 2018.

  1. Setting scores with neighbour chicks ? By AliNasreen and Shehnaz fight it out with their neighbours and long time rivals Nargiss and Sajida in an all out battle to remember.
  2. Revenge by Amrita ? By Adi WrestlerAmrita, a mom and an ex-professional wrestler Sunbul takes sets up her long due revenge match against Mrs Kiran Singh in front of their sons. The looser of the match has to serve the winner as a maid.
  3. Rivals to Roomates ? By RameshJaya Khanna and Zoya Khan are fresh interns at a small firm who have not got along with each other since day one. They finally challenge each other and decide to settle scores in private.
  4. Vasantha Mukherjee vs Revathi teacher?s fight ? By Jimmy JhonsonVasantha and Revathi, two contestents for the post of vice principle fight it out in the ring on the school stage in the presence of students and the PT teacher as referee.
  5. Fight with my Servant ? By Komal Mehta and XSOne of the oldest stories contributed by Komal, a married women form Mumbai wherein she describes a illicit relationship between her husband and her maidservant Smita and a scuffle with Smita that follows.
  6. Neeti v/s Mamta ? By VineetA fight between aunt Neeti and her neighbor Mamta, a close family friend of who used to frequently visit the house. A depiction of the tussle to prove the superiority over one another.
  7. Wife vs Wife ? By XS, RameshThis is one the longest and the most popular series of five stories of scuffles between two wives. The plot builds up on competition between two newly wed wives- hidden fantasies, jealous comparisons, catfight and sexual contest. This is also available as a Kindle and paperback book.
  8. College catfight ? By RameshAnwesha and Rishika are beautiful and similar built college freshers girls who are very competitive with each other. They finally get a chance to decide who?s superior amongst them.
  9. Mom vs Maid ? By Cat FA harassed maid, gives it back to houseowner mom. A one-sided fight where-in the strong black lady, Mukta completely destroys the houseowner mom.
  10. Girl friend vs Girl friend ? By RameshBhakti and Payal decide to quench their horniness and feminine pride in front of their boy-friends in the privacy of their hotel room.

All these stories put together have garnered hundreds of thousands of views and are a huge hit within the catfight, women wrestling and sexfight sub-culture in an Indian context. I hope you enjoy these. A curated collection of these and many more such stories is available as Kindle ebooks on Amazon.

It seems that Ramesh has emerged as a top author this year with all his popular stories this year. You can read his other stories here. If you are interested in contributing to this legacy, please use this page to reach me.


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