Top 8 React UI Component Libraries / Frameworks for 2019

ReactJS is an open-source Javascript library, used to build User Interfaces and to handle the view layer for mobile and web applications. This library can help you build large web applications that require data, which could change with time, regardless of whether the page is refreshed or not. Complex react libraries usually require additional libraries for managing one or more states of User Interface controls like text fields, OK buttons, radio buttons, etc, and interacting with an API.

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Its primary purpose is to be quick and scalable, and looking at its popularity in the current market, it?s no surprise that ReactJS development companies are ruling the industry at present. ReactJS is a compilation of small units called components. Small components are defined and are put together to form bigger components. Regardless of their size, however, all the components are reusable, which is actually the best thing about ReactJS.

Following is the list of ReactJS components that you totally need to check out before starting out with your next project:-

Material Kit React

Inspired by Google?s material design, Material Kit React is a Free Material-UI Kit The kit also contains several numbers of basic elements, namely buttons, badges, menu, sliders, pagination, tabs, navigation bars, and pills. With these, you?ll easily be able to customize the size, style, and color of most of the elements.

The JavaScript elements include Tooltips, Modals, carousels, date-time picker, and popovers. Apart from using the kit to start a new project, you can restyle any old bootstrapped project as well. The Pro version, however, contains a lot more components, sections, and example pages.

Material UIWith over 49K stars on Github, Material-UI is one of the most popular React UI component libraries. The components use Google?s Material Design but rely on React. In case you need a little more elaboration, material design gets inspiration from the physical world and textures while it keeps the actual UI elements to a minimum.

Material UI offers a wide range of helpful components such as app bars, badges, auto-complete, buttons, dialog boxes, cards, icons, sliders, menus, and several more. It also offers to React themes and templates, that enables you to have a custom color theme for your app.

React Bootstrap

This one had to be among the top in our list of React UI libraries. React Bootstrap is a UI kit that maintains its Bootstrap core. In order to enable you to have more control over the form and functionality of each component, it will replace Bootstrap?s JavaScript to React. Each component is designed to be easily accessible, which is important for front-end framework building.

React Bootstrap has earned more than 16000 stars on Github, and since React Bootstrap doesn?t deviate much from its Bootstrap origins, developers have thousands of Bootstrap themes readily available to choose from.

React Virtualized

If you?re building a frontend that?s data extensive, React Virtualized might just be the library you need. It has numerous components that can efficiently render large lists, tables, and grids. You can easily customize the tables by configuring the row heights, and display placeholders in the cells.React Virtualised has received more than 16000 stars on Github. Also, it has very few dependencies and supports all the standard browsers, including recent mobile browsers for iOS and Android as well.

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Blueprint has React components that are primarily used for desktop applications. These components are specifically used for building complex and data-dense interfaces. You can pick up bits of codes from the component library for generating and displaying icons, for picking timezones, for interacting with dates and times, etc.

When it comes to the Github rating, Blueprint has grabbed more than 13000 stars. Also, this component library offers you features like Breadcrumbs, buttons, cards, callouts, divider, navbars, tags, tabs, and many more.

Semantic UI React

This framework is quite similar to bootstrap but a little more extensive. Semantic UI has a sleek flat design and uses human-friendly HTML for its development framework. It offers compatibility with React, Angular, Ember, Meteor and many other frameworks. Also, there are 20+ themes where you can choose fromThe Star count of this library just hit 10000 on Github recently. Semantic UI allows you to load any of the CSS themes on top of your Semantic UI React app. Moreover, you?ll have complete access to the markup, which means that it offers flexibility in customizing components as well.

React Toolbox

If we?re talking about another library that can be used to implement Google?s material design principles in your project, then React Toolbox is the way to go. In order to make this happen, React Toolbox relies on CSS modules. Thankfully, React Toolbox also provides developers with an in-browser editor where you can experiment with the components in real-time.React Toolbox is just about to hit the 8,500 marks on Github. With React Toolbox, you can choose to import components, either in bundles, or raw components. What it means is that with the former, the components come with all the necessary dependencies and themes, i.e., you will get CSS for each dependency in your final CSS automatically. On the other hand, with raw components, CSS is not included.

Onsen UI

Onsen UI is a mobile app development framework that allows you to create cross-platform mobile apps. It uses HTML5 and JavaScript, and offers integration with Angular, Vue.js and React. All the components in Onsen UI are auto-styled, depending on the platform, which means that it supports both iOS and Android using the same source code.The star count on Github just crossed the 7500 marks for Onsen UI. Onsen UI is compatible with many popular frameworks and it?s component library employs pure CSS with no JavaScript function. If you need more information on this, an interactive tutorial video will definitely help you get started.

Let?s Wrap Up

This was our list of top 8 ReactUI Component libraries that we skimmed down, based on several parameters. If you stumbled across this article as a business person who is fascinated by these libraries, you may as well hire React developers in India and set up your own mobile or web application.


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