Top 7 Online Memorial sites in 2020

Top 7 Online Memorial sites in 2020

Memorial sites, also called Online Memorials, are a beautiful way to remember your loved ones. With a few easy steps you can create a personalized memorial page dedicated to your loved one.

On these pages you can upload and share photos, videos, quotes as well as stories of personal memories involving your dearly departed.

Here are a list of the top memorial and tribute websites in 2020 based on a few key factors we considered which includes design, reputation, price and features.

1. Memories

Memories is a global platform founded in Australia. They are a unique player in the market as they provide online memorials for loved ones who have passed away, while helping people create a life story for themselves or someone they love that is still with us. In addition to a recently updated website, they have launched an iOS Memories App and Android App which is free to download from the app store.

Memories was founded 5 years ago and now power the online death notices of over 120 newspapers including some of Australia?s largest publications such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

Memories has a very clean and modern interface that allows users to upload photos and videos of their loved one in just a few clicks. You can customize the background image and store up to 3 gigabytes of photos and videos for free.

Memorial pages are private and can be made public if a user chooses to do so. An example of a Memories page is here with a screenshot below.

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Memories is free to join and you can create up to 3 timelines with 3 gigabytes of storage. There is a monthly subscription fee of $2.99 per month if you want 5 gigabytes of storage and 10 timelines or $6.99 a month if you want unlimited timelines and storage.

Additional features includes:

  • Memories Vault ? Dropbox style photo and file storage area.
  • Memories Timelines ? A place to present and share your memories as a photo, video or life story.
  • Future Messages ? A unique offering that allows you to record a message for a loved one and schedule it to be sent to them at a time that you choose.


ForeverMissed memorial website was launched in 2008 in the US.

On their basic package, they provide privacy control, ability to upload 5 photos, have people contribute to the page and the opportunity to customize your url.

On their premium package there is no limit to the number of photos you upload. In addition, you can upload videos, music and there is an integration into Facebook and YouTube where you can pull media from these channels onto your page.

A basic page is free to create and a premium subscription is a one-off fee of US $94.99 or you can go for an annual subscription of USD $47.88 or a monthly subscription of USD $5.99.

An example of a memorial page from ForeverMissed is below:

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3. is a not for profit memorial website, founded in 1999 and based in the UK.

They have more of a focus on collecting donations on behalf of the deceased loved ones. However you can also upload photos, videos and music. You can also ?light a candle? to pay tribute. This means you can choose from a variety of candles that have stored in a gallery and write a tribute notice to post with it.

Memorial page designs can be updated from a number of different templates. An example of a design is below.

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It?s free to create a tribute page on and they charge 3.2% transaction fee plus 1.25% card fee for donation transactions.

4. Keeper

Keeper was founded in 2013 in Canada and initially known as ?Qeepr?. They have a clean website design and allow people to upload photos, videos, tributes, family trees, grave locations and customisable designs with the ability to control the privacy control.

Keeper is currently free of charge, however may charge in the future.

An example of what their memorial page looks like is shown below.

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5. was founded in 2009 in Utah, USA. They have a slightly dated website however allow people to create free memorial pages with 2 paid packages.

As part of a memorial page you can upload photos, videos, pay tributes, light a candle and control privacy when you pay for it.

Their basic package allows you to upload a limited number of photos, while the first paid package for USD $19.95 allows you to upload an unlimited number of photos, and the ability to make your memorial page private while their premium package for USD $79.99 allows you to upload videos as well.

An example of one of their memorial pages is below.

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6. was acquired by behemoth in 2015. Like Memories, powers the death notices of major news publications across the globe. provides partnerships with funeral homes to power tribute notices on their website. allows people to post a tribute notice or obituary, sign the guestbook, send sympathy gifts to the deceased such as flowers or chocolates. They also allow people to post tributes to their pets.

You can build a tribute page starting from USD $10. An example of a notice is shown below.

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HeavenAddress is a memorial and obituary website that was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2009.

Through HeavenAddress you can upload photos, videos, light a candle or plant a tree which is a more recent idea that people are doing to remember their loved ones.

HeavenAddress charges AUD $180 for listing a notice or you can get this charged through your funeral home which may have deals with HeavenAddress to provide it at a lower price.

An example of a memorial page is below.

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If you haven?t found the website for you from the list above, we?ve included some other memorial websites below.

Virtual Memories



Never Gone

Your Tribute

Online Memorials will continue to grow and are a great way to create an everlasting memory of a loved one while keeping in touch with the community that also wants to remember them.

With many of these sites you can create a free memorial page, so if you haven?t created one already, give it a go and share it with the friends and family of your dearly departed.


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