Top 7 Golang Web Frameworks In 2020 And Beyond

Top 7 Golang Web Frameworks In 2020 And Beyond


Here are the top Golang web frameworks that will be useful to you.

Golang Web Frameworks

What are the top Golang web frameworks? If you are looking for the answer to this question, then you are at the right place.

Google?s Go language, also known as Golang is an open-source programming language. Google released it in the year 2009 for public use. And the major advantage of Golang is that it is very easy to use as well as implement.

Golang is getting more popular these days and especially among developers. Here are some of the statistics;

As per the report of Github, it was revealed that as a programming language, Golang was the fastest growing language in 2019.

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If we look at the statistics from the CodinGame platform, Golang was the most popular programming language.

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What is Golang used for?

Golang is mainly used for writing native code as it is an open-source and compiled programming language. Moreover, it allows developers to develop proficient, simple, and dependable software.

It is famous for delivering unmatched performance with lightning speed. With the Golang development company, you can build strong web & mobile applications.

All set to know the best Golang framework for 2020 and beyond? Here we go!

1. Martini

Martini is a lightweight web framework that is activated by Sinatra. It works on basic things such as routing, exception dealing, and tricks to do middleware. You can easily blend it with third-party support. It manages loads of functions with minimal overhead, and it is also flexible for extending capabilities.

This framework can perform some really unique things, such as injecting various datasets dynamically into handlers, depending on types. This framework has gained more popularity in the Golang community, even though it?s a small community. This community is really active, and it offers more than 20 plugins.

Carrying forward its potential,

  • It offers support for variable parameters, regex structure, wildcards, and many more.
  • It is the most cherished framework among all the Golang web application frameworks by the community because it has much to offer.

Features of Martini:

  • No Need To Install as it can be easily Integrated With Third-Party plugins
  • Small, Active & Updated Community
  • Supports Documentation
  • Performs Basic Routing, Exception Handling & Serving Documents
  • Include Handlers & Middlewares

2. Gin Gonic

This framework is recognized as a minimalistic framework. It is considered ideal if you are getting started with Golang. Gin Gonic carries the most needed features and libraries, and When it comes to debugging and issues, this is a lot easier to manage. It will surprise you to know that Gin Gonic is 40% faster than Martini. It allows developers to develop web apps much faster, which makes it the preferred framework.

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As per the data from Github, Gin has been the most popular framework with more than 24K starts.

You know, it is very simple to learn that you can learn Gin if you have already used Martini. It keeps its ultimate functionality, no matter if you add JSON validation, Middleware, Rendering, Nested group, etc. It uses the fastest HTTP router for the Golang language, HTTP router.

Features of Gin Gonic:

  • Uses HTTP router for quick app development
  • For documentation, it follows a simple design rule
  • Performs REST APIs
  • Martini-like API

3. Buffalo

Buffalo is a one-stop solution and considered one of the great frameworks for Golang development. It acts as an integrated framework for carrying direct guidance. It is mainly famous as all in one solution for web app development.

It will be your helping hand in your journey of web development. It would be your guide for back-end & front-end, initiating to execution.

Features of Buffalo:

  • It Keeps Close eye on .go and .HTML files
  • Buffalo bolsters data migration
  • Offers Fast and Quick Web App Development
  • Backed by Large Community
  • Hot reload features

4. Goji

Goji is a fast and lightweight Golang framework for web development. It is the right combination of composing ability and companies. Many of the organizations that are working on web projects prefer Goji.

It has a minimalistic HTTP request multiplexer similar to net/HTTP ServeMux. It includes smooth shutdown capabilities, re-configurable middleware stack, and URL patterns.

Features of Goji:

  • Compatible with lean API
  • URL patterns
  • Web-socket support
  • Lightweight
  • Integrates middleware stack

5. Gorilla

Gorilla framework, as the name suggests it is the largest of Google?s best Golang Framework. It is also the longest framework and serves as net/HTTP library?s reusable components.

Gorila includes new modules, drop packages, extensions. This framework possesses the potential to go beyond placed requests by getting support from native support to WebSockets.

It also shares similar characteristics, which is modularity.

Features f Gorilla:

  • Efficient in Web App Development
  • Bolster WebSockets
  • Large Community
  • Minimalistic Framework
  • Scalability & Modularity

6. Revel

Revel tops the list when it comes to fully-featured Golang web frameworks.

Because it offers the pre-configured out of the box features which leads to the optimum usage, it has in-built third-party plugins or middleware as it is self-sufficient, unlike other Golang frameworks. For developing API, Revel is the one-stop-shop regardless of the complex functions. As it is an independent framework, there is no need to install it. Revel will be the best fit if you are looking to develop API. Revel also has a huge community.

Features of Revel:

  • Huge & Active Community
  • No Third-Party Plugins, Middleware, Configuration or Setup
  • Full-fledged Framework

7. Web.go

Web.go is considered as the easiest web framework under the category of Golang frameworks because it is light in the weight. Still, it provides a tree routing system. Web.go will be an ideal choice if you are working on a project that requires a lot of routing.

Features of Web.go:

  • Lightweight Go Web Framework
  • Routing via Relationship
  • Simple and Understandable
  • Restricted to Necessary Features
  • Bolster Tree Routing

Concluding Notes!

These are the top Golang web frameworks in 2020 and beyond. And yes, do ensure that you clearly understand the project?s requirements first before choosing the best Golang framework.

Happy programming!

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