Top 5 Information Technology Magazines in 2019

Top 5 Information Technology Magazines in 2019

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IT Geeks are always stepping ahead to stay connected with latest technologies related to Computing and Information Technology. With the rise in technological advancements in various areas of specialties within the field of Computing & IT via reading blogs, watching technical documentaries, visiting technology-based websites and reading tech magazines on the Web.

With the emergence of eBooks, people and technical personnel working in any custom web design agency can now read their magazines in a digital format, but still there are still many people prefer to hold a physical magazine in their hand and swipe through pages. Hence, in this article we have listed top 5 Information Technology Magazines in 2019.

1. Computer World

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ComputerWorld is a popular magazine for IT professionals and enthusiasts. Whether you are interviewing for a latest position or you just want to stay updated on latest IT industry trends. In this regard, ComputerWorld is a well-renowned magazine that focuses on technology-based products and resources pertaining to the real-world scenarios.

Furthermore, you can also get career guidance from ComputerWorld including project managers, database administrators, network specialists, programmers, developers and system administrators.

2. Maximum PC

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Maximum PC is one of the best-selling technology magazines, this magazine was designed for computing geeks, as the content is mainly devised for professional users only. Furthermore, you?ll mostly find brutally honest hardware reviews, user guides and manuals on overclocking aspects, product documents, popular tips and tricks and project guides. Maximum PC aims to deliver if you?re looking for articles on business and IT related topics with an intangible look alike.

Hence, every geek must be stay updated on the latest developments in hardware and software products and services which are reading Maximum PC enables you to stay updated with modern computing technologies. You can check out full backup issues of Maximum PC in PDF Format for free of cost in their online collection of documents.

3. Network Computing

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Network Computing is an informative magazine for anyone involved in the IT & Network Industry. This publication has privileging offers information on application-based infrastructure, security, storage, server, messaging and collaborative approach to solve problems.

This magazine also focuses on career guidance to help people to find career and job recruitment openings with quality standards and reporting module to foster people to find out the career opportunity that suits their desires and specialties.

4. The Next Web

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The Next Web is a website and annual publication platform that focuses on latest technology and startup businesses around the world. Certainly, The Next Web includes that updates, information and business insights around the globe.

This publication magazine constitutes of investigation of more IT related news will primarily impact every part of our lives.

5. The Linux Magazine

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Linux Magazine merely focuses on the Linux based OS and it is a great resource and service for anyone who is using or assimilating the Linux Platform and it would be always foster on the benefit to Linux based developers, network administrators, system administrators and IT Specialists.

The major benefit of this magazine is that it will provide you detailed guidance about Linux OS and their future perspective based on latest research and investigations performed by IT researchers.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, digital publications are a great source of imparting technical knowledge to people, mostly those who are computing enthusiasts and people involved in IT Industry. Significantly, the above-mentioned magazines are rated on the top-most category, as these magazines primarily focus on various aspects related to Information Technology and its relevant domain such as responsive web development, IT administration and project management. Hence, it is advisable that people must read these publications to keep up-to-date with latest IT technologies.

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