Top 30 Stunning Korean Models: Best of 2020

Top 30 Stunning Korean Models: Best of 2020

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Korean model industry has grown significantly in 2000s together with popularity of Korean Wave. Suddenly, there was major global demand for Korean beauty-fashion goods and models to advertise them. Model industry was propelled by local actors and singers who have become global stars. Also by success of cosmetics industry, namely invention of BB cream and later face masks. BB cream was cheap, easy to use, lasted for the whole day and was just good enough to replace more expensive make-up foundation. Similarly, face masks were cheap, innovative and high quality. Korean brands has taken advantage of buzz around K-beauty and financed more advertising campaigns. It gave resources to local model industry to attract, train and maintain professional staff. The end result is amazing model community working with top global brands.

Korean Model Industry Today

Today Korean model industry is doing much more than just working with cosmetics. It polarized into fashion, accessories, jewelry, fitness, art&culture and commerical modelling. Industry leading agencies like YG Kplus and ESteem models have hundreds of models and impressive creative portfolios. While these model agencies are professional they also do not come cheap. Our agency provides more cost-efficient solution to brands using same quality models and photographers.

Models on Social Media

During last few years a new modeling trend emerged ? social media. Brands no longer reach their customers via TV, newspapers or magazines. Now it happens on Instagram and YouTube. See how major fashion magazines are shifting their business to social media by building corporate Instagram accounts: Vogue Korea, Elle Korea, Cosmopolitan Korea. Models that have large social media following has become preferred choice to most brands. Instagram is especially important, as this platform focusess on people with good looks and style.

As number of Instagram users is growing, it results in more models emerging as influencers on Instagram. Surprisingly, global demand to Korean models has not diminished during years. This is due to the fact that Korean entertainment industry was able to maintain market dominance despite changing technology and trends. For example, older K-pop groups that lost popularity were simply replaced by new talents that look and sound differently.

This list includes professional Korean models from 5 categories: commercial, glamour, lingerie, promotional and parts. 20 females and 10 males.

  • Commercial Model? good to advertise wide range of products on social media, online video Ads, etc.
  • Glamour Model? centered on facial beauty and body shape, usually curvier models
  • Lingerie Model ? models not afraid to show their body with summer wear and swimsuit
  • Promotional Model ? good for trade shows and live events
  • Parts Model? good for jewelry and shoe brands, modeling legs, feet, hands

I hope this article will help you to get insight into the new generation of Korean models who are preparing to conquer the world via social media. Before we start, I believe that beauty is subjective.

Stunning Korean Models on Instagram

30. Jin Sean

5,800 Followers |Commercial Model

29. Daniel Oh

18,000 Followers | Commercial Model

28. Yooji

25,000 Followers |Glamour Model, Lingerie Model, Commercial Model

27. Kang Hyuk-moon

30,000 Followers | Commercial Model

26. Mum Ji-yeong

42,000 Followers | Commercial Model, Fitness Model

25. Lee Ah-young

44,000 Followers | Commercial Model

24. Heaven Park

45,000 Followers | Parts Model, Commercial Model

23. Kim Seung-hwan

48,000 Followers |Commercial Model

22. Hyen

51,000 Followers | Commercial Model, Promotional Model

21. Areum

53,000 Followers | Commercial Model

20. Ahn Seong-hwan

66,000 Followers | Fitness Model, Lingerie Model, Promotional Model

19. Danny Kang

69,000 Followers | Commercial Model

18. Lee So-hyun

70,000 Followers | Commercial Model

17. Kim Hyeon-woo

86,000 Followers |Commercial Model

16. Cho Sew-hee

89,000 Followers | Glamour Mode, 2017 Miss Universe Korea Winner

15. Do Yuri

97,000 Followers | Promotional Model

14. Sara Vivi

126,000 Followers | Commercial Model, Promotional Model

13. Lee Ji-eun

130,000 Followers | Glamour Model, Fitness Model, Commercial Model

12. Jo Minho

138,000 Followers | Commercial Model

11. Park Ji-eun

163,000 Followers | Promotional Model

10. Angela

179,000 Followers | Fitness Model

9. Yeoniaile

182,000 Followers | Glamour Model, Commercial Model

8. Lee Han

192,000 Followers | Fitness Model, Lingerie Model

7. Rock Chae-eun

200,000 Followers | Lingerie Model, Commercial Model

6. Jang Sung-hee

209,000 Followers | Lingerie Model

5. Oh Ah-hee

211,000 Followers |Fitness Model, Commercial Model

4. Woo Juan

229,000 Followers | Commercial Model

3. Ha Jin

253,000 Followers | Commercial Model

2. Park Da-hyeon

298,000 Followers | Commercial Model, Fitness Model

1. Jin

309,000 Followers |Commercial Model, Glamour Model, Fitness Model

I hope you have enjoyed my list.

Our Model Agency

While working with influencer marketing campaigns, I have learned that needs for models are changing. Long list of requirements is getting even longer and pickier. You have to know what you are selling to satisfy campaign needs.

Our marketing and model agency is about creating lifestyle around brands. We elevate photographic campaign to a new level. Make it not only beautiful and looking good, but also feel authentic, knowlegable and successful. We find models that appeal both to exact target audience and to the masses. We also focus on commercials rather than high fashion. This approach fits well to brands when launching digital advertising campaigns. Not only in Korea, but in all Asia-Pacific region.

To sum up, I will share five simple tips to select model for commercial campaign:

  • Make sure that model has various emotions rather than just one look
  • Check how model can move to showcase product in various posses
  • Check with witch brands model worked previously
  • Can they be all ? cute, elegant, sexy?
  • Review model?s social media to select the one that fits lifestyle around brand

I am open to everyone who wants to learn more about modeling and marketing in Korea. Feel free to reach out if you have ideas how to connect your business with Korea.

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Korea consumer is changing. People now consume lifestyle rather than buy possessions. This shift opens opportunities?


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