Top 10 Software Consulting Companies In 2020

Top 10 Software Consulting Companies In 2020

Since the appearance of technology, we are living in a data-driven world on a global scale. It is undeniable that technology has shaped our life so that we are relying heavily on it.

No matter how powerful a company is, software consultation in the organization is of paramount importance. IT consulting can bring creative plus innovative perspectives from in-depth technical expertise. In addition to maximizing IT-based work efficiency, it also improves general productivity as well as saves a massive amount of time and effort.

So, let?s find out the top 10 notable software consulting companies in the world that can provide the most appropriate experience with Designveloper!

1. Accenture

Accenture (the name is short for ?Accent on the future?) is one of the globally professional software consulting companies that was founded in 1989 with the former name Anderson Consulting and integrated into Dublin, Ireland in 2009.

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The company is renowned for services including consulting, strategy, digital, technology, and operations. Accenture comprises several business units such as Accenture consulting, Accenture engineering, and Accenture approach.

Remarkably, Accenture constantly recruits skilled workers and empowers the gender equality in the workplace. With the purpose of seeking varied perspectives to augment inventive resolutions, they also aim at forming a diverse team to improve their projects and create long-lasting value across their organizations.

In order to remodify customer-oriented solutions as well as address massive challenges, the firm allows its employees to work with clients so that they can come up with groundbreaking ideas, prototype and carry out plans more effectively.

In addition to making use of market-shaping AI and empowering specialized capabilities such as AI, blockchain, robotics, drones with computer vision, and virtual reality are instrumental in giving clients access to unmatched experience in some centers.

As an accredited company for its commitment and persistent growth, Accenture scores high on top IT consulting companies which is worth considering to collaborate with based on its reputation and awards.

2. Deloitte Consulting

Deloitte consulting is known as not only one of the largest consulting companies worldwide but also one of the biggest professional networks worldwide. The firm is one of the Big Four professional services companies that was founded in 1845 by William Welch Deloitte in London.

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Deloitte mainly focuses on audit and assurance, tax, management consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, and legal and IT consulting. The organization is classified into three service areas: human capital, strategy and operations, and technology.

Interestingly, this firm is proud to manage comprehensive cultural diversity to supply sustainable outcomes for clients for 175 years. There is another reason that makes Deloitte valuable to clients is that this company pays great attention to digital tools and technology advancement along with software consulting, which is beneficial for potential partners.

The efforts for more efficient service quality are noticeably proved through their recognition and rankings. Deloitte is ranked:

  • #1 in Consulting by Gartner
  • a worldwide leader and a major player in the Americas in Business Consulting Services by IDC
  • a global leader in Innovation Consulting Services by Forrester

Also, the fundamental target is to assist clients to acknowledge and achieve their aspirations to create a positive change in society with a broad range of solutions in various areas.

Hence, Deloitte deserves to be one of the top-rated software consulting companies with an environment of respect, integrity, and diversity.

3. IBM Global Technology Services

IBM (International Business Machine) Global Services is the by-product of the global multinational corporation IBM. The firm is a division of IBM founded in 1991, which is headquartered in Armonk, New York, USA.

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Inherited the tradition of witnessing societal changes thanks to the hi-tech industry, IBM Global Services continues to maintain this IT innovative technology. Besides offering an abundance of technology consulting services such as lab service, client centers, product engineering, platform testing, and IT economics, the firm also provides worldwide outsourcing to its clients.

Meanwhile, two main sectors are divided into GTS (Global Technology Services) and GBS (Global Business Services). GTS covers the infrastructure services, product maintenance, and the outsourcing service which provides technical experts to meet the needs of its clients in technical issues; GBS manages issues related to business growth, finance, market reach: consulting, program management solutions and systems integration. Particularly, IBM has turned into IT cloud computing using their Cloud Advisory Services as a major platform for your enterprises to identify and apply cloud-based solutions efficiently.

For those firms who want to take advantage of experienced software consulting background, IBM Global Services is the best choice because of its technological pioneer. IBM also strengthens its reputation for outstanding market performance over the century.

4. McKinsey & Company

McKinsey is considered one of the most prominent software consulting companies in the world that partners with businesses, government and non-government organizations, and non-profit firms. The company is America-based and was founded in 1926 in New York by James O McKinsey and Marvin Bower.

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This consulting firm focuses on strategic, organizational, operational, and technological issues with a miscellaneous collection of industrial departments from natural resources, technology, and entertainment-, media-related products. That explains why McKinsey is suitable for those clients who look for a company owning detailed insight into its customers? backgrounds; region dynamics, and most importantly, the economic environment. Besides their in-depth understanding of IT, data, technology, the company also devote in inward investment by studying trends in different types of markets, business practices so as to provide the most valuable assistance for their clients.

This IT consultant regards accrual-based statistics to figure out the complicated matter in changing the external conditions, redesigning the foundation and optimizing the effectiveness of their services.Overall, McKinsey is a firm that aims at creating an impact on their partners as well as the world in general and has served 90 percent of the top 100 companies in the world. McKinsey & Company scores 5-star as one of the best software consultancies globally.

5. Boston Consulting Group

Another prestigious incorporated software consulting firm in the Boston consulting group. It was founded by Bruce Henderson in 1963 in Boston, Massachusetts. BCG is famous for its services in management, strategy, and technology consulting that helps businesses deal with their most complex challenges.

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It is without a doubt that the company owns talented colleagues, excellent client work, and great professional development. Through their company?s core values, BCG makes every effort to idealize the paragon of business ethics to their clients, nurture a productive and dedicated workforce, and build a better future.Additionally, clients are assisted with innovative and transformative operations such as AI, big data, and digital transformation tools.

With a global team of technological expertise and an excessive amount of data access to help clients take advantage of corporate culture and seize the greatest opportunities as well as spark changes, BCG really earns its reputation as top-rated IT consulting company in the world.


KPMG (brief for ?Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler?) was founded in 1987 in Amstelveen, Netherlands and was later integrated into other MNCs.

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This software consulting company supplies professional service in three specialized fields: Audit (40%), Advisory (38%) (IT consulting), Tax (22%).

Companies working with KPMG may gain benefits from having a commitment to integrity, working with experts in data analytics and application. Also, they can achieve the goal of enhancing complete value to improve revenue growth, minimizing possible risks, and smoothening streamline operations.

The recognition of the firm is highly considered since it is ranked:

  • 2nd in overall consultancy by OpRisk & compliance
  • 2nd in 2011 as the World?s Best Outsourcing Advisors
  • 29th on the Fortune list of 100 Best Companies to Work For

Although KPMG is famous for its auditing capabilities, this company has proved its forceful strength in IT advisory services through value-based corporate culture.

That is why this firm is considered to be one of the best consulting companies in the world.

7. Capgemini

Capgemini is a European Society company founded in 1967 by Serge Kampf and located in Paris, France. Listed in the top 10 consulting companies, this is the only French company that is widely recognized for providing professional software services in consulting.

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Its technology services consist of designing, development and implementation of solutions, as well as systems application and IT advancement.

Furthermore, the software firm also supports clients significantly technological power when it comes to IT consulting which is broken down into two sub-brands, Capgemini Invent and Sogeti.

Remarkably, there is also outsourcing services that allow clients to manage full or fractional control of IT systems for applications and infrastructures, along with associated business procedures. This software company claims that collaborating with clients to result in customized yet advanced solutions can ensure the best outcomes.

If you want to experience unique services and a result-based approach, Capgemini will be one of the potential software consulting companies you may be looking for.

8. TATA Consultancy Services

Tata is a global software consulting company that uses a mixture of technological experience and business intelligence. It was founded in the year 1968 in India.

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Tata is well-known as a company providing services such as consulting, application development, infrastructure assistance and business outsourcing.

The firm?s cognitive business functioning works by using technology to ensure optimal outcomes, mitigate costs, and enhance work capacity to intensify productivity.What?s more, Tata?s clients can have the opportunity of customizing their solutions in accordance with their distinct needs.

To sum up, Tata Consultancy services really earns its place on the top 10 most-rated software consulting companies.

9. SAP Services

SAP services was founded in 1972 in Waldorf, Germany. SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in the data processing niche.

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When it comes to versatile services, SAP experts in a variety of professional facilities:

  • analytics
  • content and collaboration
  • customer relationship management
  • data management
  • enterprise management
  • financial management
  • human capital management
  • product lifecycle management
  • supply chain management
  • supplier relationship management
  • technology platform

Besides, this firm also enhances technological implementation such as machine learning, a wide variety of items, the blockchain, the cloud and SAP HANA to address business issues.

SAP keeps doing its utmost to generate a powerful position on the top 10 software consulting companies worldwide since they try to re-innovate as a good company and pushing the technician shell.

10. Cognizant Technology Solutions

This software consulting company was founded in 1994; its headquarter is located in Teaneck, New Jersey, United States. Cognizant provides IT services including digital, technology, consulting, and operations services.

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Cognizant is a perfect fit for those clients striving for a global-oriented partner. Nevertheless, based on the firm?s international history and influence, likewise, enterprises can gain an enormous package of advantages from Cognizant when competing on a universal scale. By partnering with this firm, they are more likely to expand their trails globally. This company sticks to an inclusive value scheme that is designated to execute digital changes across large established organizations.

Cognizant should be taken into consideration as it is ranked 193 on the Fortune 500 and is consistently named as one of the most admired software consulting companies in the world.

Final thoughts on the top 10 software consulting companies

As you can see, technology is predicted to take over the world in this 4.0 generation and therefore, IT implementation is the essential tool for any company to quickly develop.

That?s why consulting the technological strategy for your enterprises is undoubtedly necessary. Those top 10 software consulting companies suggested above are likely to dominate their standing in the market thanks to their strong market stocks and inventive technological progress.

However, the right use of IT can create unprecedented change for the company, so before choosing the most suitable one, future clients must carefully consider each consulting services.

Hey, Designveloper is not only a software outsourcing development companies but also a credited business consulting that you might want to collaborate with. Contact us and we?ll help you make your ideas come true!


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