Top 10 Entry Level Jobs for Physics Majors [2020 Update]

Top 10 Entry Level Jobs for Physics Majors [2020 Update]

Are you looking for some of the best entry level jobs for Physics majors?

Well, you will have more than 10 options to choose from after reading this post.

After reading this post, you will be able to know:

  • benefits of having a physics degree.
  • expected salary
  • list of best entry level jobs&
  • how to find these jobs?

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Benefits of Having a Physics Degree

Here are few:

  • Physics is one of the most interesting subjects.
  • A wide range of jobs available.
  • High Salary.
  • Improve problem solving skills.

..and much more.

Expected Salary

The average salary of a physics bachelor starts from somewhat $40,000 per year & may go as high as $170,000 per anum.

Best Entry Level Jobs for Physics Majors

As a physics majors, you can do job in any field of your interest.

However, few jobs that are best for physics bachelors are given below.

You can click on link at the end to know about responsibilities & work environment of any job roles.

  1. Data Analyst
  2. Application Engineer
  3. Research Assistant
  4. Lab Technician
  5. Optical Engineer
  6. Electrical Engineer
  7. Mechanical Engineer
  8. System Engineer
  9. Project Manager
  10. Teacher

Click here to know Annual Salary, responsibilities, qualifications & work environment for each of the above jobs! ?

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