Top 10 Best Cyber Security Tools and Softwares For 2020

Top 10 Best Cyber Security Tools and Softwares For 2020

Features & Benefits Of Cyber Security Tools and Softwares

Cyber Security Tools and SoftwaresCyber Security Tools and Softwares

Introduction to Cyber Security Softwares

Cybersecurity software is designed to protect businesses from a range of malware through a number of security features. There are numerous software, both free and paid, with the free software offering limited protection as compared to paid software. The software offers various benefits like firewall protection along with having parental control over all the digital assets. To prevent unwanted data loss and filter out the spam elements, the software can provide back up of the existing data. There are several websites that provide alert services whenever a user visits any suspicious website.

How does it work?

Cyber security software comes as a bundled package that offers complete protection against any form of cyber threat. There could be spam filters that will help filter all the spam emails from the inbox. File Shredder helps remove all the information from the system that could be considered sensitive without leaving any electronic trace behind. Also, there is an anti-phishing toolbar that prevents email and malicious phishing websites from attacking the system. On many occasions, attackers release malware that tries to access the unauthorized ports to hack into the system. A Firewall can easily help prevent that by keeping only the required device ports active and keeping the rest inactive. The importance of cyber security is felt very much in today?s digital world.

Best Features of Cyber Security Softwares :

Cybersecurity software is bundled with a number of tools and facilities to help organizations prevent their valuable information and data from getting leaked. This software prevents unauthorized and forceful entry into the sensitive data of an organization. Here are some of the top features of cybersecurity software.

  • Regular Scanning : The option for timely scanning at regular intervals can be chosen once the cybersecurity software is downloaded and installed. It will detect and prevent the malicious entry of malware into the system
  • Automatic Updates : Keeping the cybersecurity software updated at all times is very crucial to provide protection against any form of viruses, malware, and trojans. Most of the cyber security software is designed to get updated automatically without the need for any manual interference
  • Quarantine Threats : Cyber security software is designed to remove any intrusion of malware into the systems to prevent the leak of important information and data. If at all it happens, the infected files and the infectant are quarantined to prevent any further contamination. Those files are further worked upon and removed from the system
  • Single Sign-on : Through this feature, users can access multiple applications or platforms after logging into a single system. This helps in reducing the risk of login credentials getting exposed, while at the same time also ensuring that the software is working up to the mark
  • Two-factor authentication : Most of the cyber security software are equipped with this feature that acts as a trustworthy and safety layer for preventing data from getting hacked. The feature asks for the login ID and password alongside the unique code sent to the users on their recovery address. To be able to successfully log in to the system, a user requires the password along with the unique code or a one-time password.

Overall protection Cyber security software is designed in a way to serve the purpose of providing complete protection against all kinds of cyber threats. Right from the social media channels, emails, messengers and content management platform, everything related to an organization?s data is protected by such software.

Benefits of Cyber Security Software :

Attackers and hackers continuously innovate their skills and it would not always be possible to save confidential data from getting leaked. The attackers use complex malware that is embedded with corrupted files and cannot be detected easily. If the file is downloaded into the system, it could result in the breakdown of the system and can cause a huge loss. To prevent this, cyber security software is designed with the following benefits.

  • Protection of sensitive data and information : One of the core features of cyber security software is to protect sensitive information which is done by encrypting the data. All the major organizations in the industry take the help of cyber security companies to make the customer data more secure.
  • Protection from hackers : Hackers usually launch viruses and malware on the network to steal sensitive information from the networks and systems of organizations. If they are successful in breaching the networks and systems, they can slow down the processes and hack or delete important data. Cyber security software makes use of strict security protocols to restrict attackers from stealing the data.
  • Compliance with rules : Most of the cyber security softwares are designed keeping in mind the insurance, legal and industry norms and restrictions. This helps in streamlining the data transmission from one network to another. PCI/DSS, FIPS, FISMA, HIPAA are some of the transmissions regulations.

Top 10 Most Advanced Cyber Security Tools and Softwares :

  1. Teramind : Teramind is one of the best cyber security systems in the market and also one of the top providers of employee monitoring software. It helps in detecting suspicious behavior in the systems and preventing data loss. They work with over 2000 organizations across the verticals of energy, manufacturing, finance, retail, technology, government, and healthcare. The software detects malicious behavior, monitors threats and provides security approach from a user?s perspective.
  2. WebTitan : It is a DNS-based cyber security software and web content filter that blocks ransomware, malware and cyber attacks. This helps businesses, public WIFI providers and educational institutions for having complete control over their applications. The software provides numerous features like behavioral analytics, AI/Machine learning, vulnerability scanning, granular policy control, IOC verification, comprehensive reporting, users can get advanced web content filtering. It also has the functionality to prevent access to unsuitable content.
  3. Barkly : Barkly has a simple management system and provides the smartest technology and most reliable protection. It blocks all forms of attack across all the intents and vectors. Blacklisting, whitelisting, incident and endpoint management, behavioral analytics, and incident and endpoint management are some of the top features of this software. It allows visibility into various levels of the system through its three-level architecture pattern.
  4. Indeni : It is an automated and crowd-sourced cybersecurity application for security and network infrastructure. The users of this application get access to a repository of maintenance, automation tasks, network visibility, high availability, security, and vendor best practices. The top features of this application include AI/Machine learning, behavioral analytics, incident management, etc. It easily detects any form of ransomware or malicious activity in the networks or systems.
  5. Acunetix : It is one of the top automatic cybersecurity systems and created to tackle the increasing rate of cyberattacks. It has an extensive feature list of manual and automated penetration testing tools which enables the users to learn about the vulnerability assessment and repair any detected threats. It is ideal for military, education, government organizations, finance, e-commerce, telecom, and banking sectors.
  6. SolarWinds Security Event Manager : It is a host and network intrusion detection system that provides real-time monitoring, reporting and responding to cyber security threats. It is an excellent cloud-based scalable solution and provides highly-indexed log search capabilities. It has a host of features that continuously updates threat intelligence. It also performs the role of security information and event manager. Log event archive and log correlation, along with a comprehensive range of integrated reporting tools are also available.
  7. CIS : Center for Internet Security (CIS) is an ideal solution for all the small and large businesses. It provides various cyber security services, tools and memberships. CIS SecureSuite is one of its products for commercial use and includes CIS Benchmarks and CIS controls. For organizations looking to secure their systems, there are several products like CIS-CAT Lite, CIS RAM, CIS Controls, etc. They offer Incident Response Services and the 24×7 Security Operations Center. CIS has various offerings that can secure an organization?s data and prevent any threat.
  8. Mimecast : It is a cloud-based platform and is ideal for all small and large businesses. It provides various features like cyber resilience and email security, threat protection, web security, cloud archiving and information protection. The email security with threat protection prevents ransomware, spear-phishing, impersonation and any other targeted attack. It can also automate content control and prevent data loss. There is a lot of web security as inappropriate websites are blocked for any malware and malicious web activity. It also gives cloud archiving facilities to archive files, emails and other data.
  9. Snort : It is an open-source platform and application that prevents network intrusion. It supports various platforms like Windows, Centos, FreeBSD, Fedora, etc. It also does the task of streaming data to the screen through network packets. It provides real-time packet analysis and packet logging as well. It is an ideal second level of defense after the firewall.
  10. Wireshark : Wireshark network protocols analyzer can be run on various platforms like Mac, Linux, Windows, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc. It comes in a standard three-pane packet browser and can do offline analysis and live capture. Wireshark can perform deep inspection of numerous platforms and provides powerful display filters. It also supports various protocols for decryption. Wireshark provides detailed information regarding the entire network and provides decryption support for several protocols.

How To Choose Cyber Security Software?

There are several options available when it comes to selecting a cyber security software and choosing the one could be very difficult. There are several things that must be kept in mind to choose the best software. Every software will have its own strengths and weaknesses and they must be carefully considered and reviewed. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind.

  • User access control : There are plenty of cyber security software that give user access controls to the admin who can assign various roles to fellow teammates. It is beneficial for tracking employee activities and detecting any unidentified threats.
  • User-friendly interface : The availability of a user-friendly interface can be the real difference for any cyber security software. It will avoid the need for prior knowledge of coding skills and programming languages so that anyone can work on the software.
  • Multiple security protocols : Cyber security software with multi-layered protection will be ideal as compared to software with single protection features. Such software can quarantine the threats effectively apart from providing protection against the malware.
  • System compatibility : Cyber security software should provide good compatibility with the systems for better returns. It will help in searching for new business tools if the software doesn?t accept the previous tools.
  • Protection against evolving threats : The number of advanced malware and cyber crimes is continuously increasing as science and technology are getting advanced. It is important that organizations have all the latest software to tackle this issue. Software with automatic updates and protection against the latest threats are ideal for use.
  • Mobile accessibility : Software that offers users access to confidential information on smartphones is ideal. They can help provide daily reports and analytics of the systems which can help detect any potential threats.
  • Reviews : Before finalizing any software, reviews for the existing users can be very helpful to make the decision. It will help assess the quality of services offered by the software.
  • Understanding the organization?s needs : Depending on the size of operations, services and products they need for cyber security software will vary. Also, the selection of the right software will depend on the user base who will benefit from such solutions. To make the best use of the money spent, it is crucial for businesses to choose the right software for their needs.

Why Invest in Cyber Security Software?

With the advent of technology, cyber threat is increasing and becoming a growing problem. A lot of organizations have lost their sensitive data and information that has caused them serious damages. Software related to cyber security is very helpful in such circumstances and helps protect the data and information from any unwanted security breach. Investing in cyber security software thus makes a lot of sense to avoid any losses.

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