Top 10 automation tools for LinkedIn 2020

Top 10 automation tools for LinkedIn 2020

In more than 2 years on the market, Linked Helper helped thousands of people solve sales and marketing tasks. What started as a simple tool to auto-connect with people from LinkedIn search, has quickly won the leading position among the best automation tools for LinkedIn. In this article we will look at how to use Linked Helper tools for lead generation in LinkedIn.

Profile Auto-Follower

This tool allows you to start following your 2nd and 3rd level connections in bulk. How can it help you grow your network? First, this makes sense before you start inviting people. Your leads will see that you started following them. As a result, you can get more profile views on LinkedIn. This is a great way to warm up your audience and increase acceptance rate for your invitations. Next, by following certain people and un-following others, you control what posts you see in your feed. By interacting with your prospect?s content, putting likes and comments, you increase the chance to add them to your network.

Image for postProfile Auto-Follower clicks ?Follow? button for people you?ve put into the queue.

Collect, Select and Invite 2nd and 3rd contacts

Auto-inviting is indispensable from lead generation on LinkedIn. With this tool you can send hundreds of connections requests automatically. This allows you to significantly scale up your business and saves you hours of manual work.

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LinkedIn automation tools have gone a long way recently, and today a good software must allow for personalization. With Collect, Select and Invite you can customize your message using names, company and position data and even custom fields that you can add yourself! If you want to address, let?s say, a group of restaurant managers, you may need to refer to restaurant awards or ratings or other industry-specific data. That?s where custom fields come in. The less ?robot-like? your message looks, the better.

Another value of this tool is being able to work with random timeouts. This creates an effect of a real person behind the account and gives extra protection to your LinkedIn account, which remains the biggest challenge for LinkedIn automation tools: avoiding bans and restriction of accounts for high number or messages/requests and abnormal activity.

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Message to Recently Added Connections

When using a LinkedIn bot for sending bulk invitations to 2nd and 3rd level, you will end up having hundreds of newly added connections that you need to respond to. By using Message to Recently added, you can automate these follow-up messages as well. Some of the features of this tool include:

Working with a specific inviting campaign. So it will ignore contacts added manually or outside of that list (campaign)

Skipping contacts who accepted and then replied to your connection request. Otherwise your automated ?thank you for accepting? message may look dummy

Being able to run on its own with minimal human control

Use Message to Recently added together with Collect, Select and Invite tool to get the most of your sales funnel.

Message to 1st connections

Auto-message your first connections on LinkedIn using Message to 1st connections. Unlike connection requests, you can send unlimited messages to your 1st connections, which opens a lot of sales opportunities. You can plan your outreach over a sequence of messages, creating message chains.

Image for postMessage to 1st connections allows you to set up message sequences (chains)

Create lists (?campaigns?) in Message to 1st connections and stick to ?1 list = 1 message? approach. In View Collected menu you can track who has received the message and who is still in the queue. Here you may also exclude people from the queue.

Profile Extractor

A great LinkedIn automation tool that goes through LinkedIn profiles that you?ve put into the queue, scrapes information available on profile pages and accumulates it into a csv file. This tool extracts name, work places, data about education, skills, interests, mutual connections and email or phone (for 1st level connections only)

Here are just some of the popular tasks that Profile Extractor can be used for:

  1. Send a message only to people who have Java Script skill listed;
  2. Send a message to people with 1000+ followers;

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3. Split profiles by geographical area, if you collected them as ?commentators? under a post and want to send a different message to each area;

4. Filter out people who became your 1st connections before June, 2018.

Companies Extractor

This tool?s name speaks for itself: it helps you extract information from company pages in LinkedIn. For example, you type in a keyword in the search field, go to Companies and see a lot of results.

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Use Companies Extractor to obtain data such as: Company name, company url in LinkedIn, website, domain, industry and specialties, headquarters, number of followers and other.

You may further filter that list to address only companies that are located in a certain geographical area or have this or that number of followers.

Even better than that, the csv will contain domain field, which can be used to get emails of your 2nd and 3rd level contacts. Here is the tutorial how to do it.

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Endorse My Contacts

Shortly after adding people to your network, you may want to build better relationship by endorsing their skills. Endorse My Contacts tool automatically visits each profile in queue and endorses skills as specified in the settings:

All skills listed

First 2, 3, 4 skills

Specific skills like ?Interior design?, for example

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Some of the benefits are getting endorsements in return and warming up your network before contacting them with your sales offer.

Group Inviter

In LinkedIn you may invite your 1st connections to join a group provided that you are a member of that group.

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Group Inviter tool helps you automate sending invitations to your 1st connections. Consider using this tool if you build a group page as a way to promote your business or industry. Many people use LinkedIn Groups for lead generation, so why ignore this tool?

Just collect your 1st connections, then proceed to a group page and click ?Invite?

Add Likers or Commentators

Most automation tools for LinkedIn automate manual actions in LinkedIn, such as viewing profiles, adding and removing people from your network, sending messages, etc. When it comes to targeting a specific audience, you have to rely on LinkedIn Search tool ? and limit your search by either region, industry, relationship level and keywords.

Another way of attracting audiences that seems to be ignored by many of existing LinkedIn automation software is by generating content. You post your expert opinion on a professional subject or a teaser in LinkedIn and it gets 2000 likes and 3000 comments. Wow! Many of you would prefer to follow-up with this engaged audience with something like ?Thanks for commenting on ?By the way, we address these issues in our 4-week course??

?Add Likers and Commentators? tool allows you to pull a list of people who engaged with your post instantly. You will see ?Add Likers to LH? and ?Add Commentators to LH? buttons next to your post.

Image for postUse buttons at the bottom of a post

My Invites Canceller

If you find yourself sending a lot of connection requests that do not get accepted, you will have to clear your pending invitations queue from time to time. Practice shows that having over 1000 pending connection requests affects your deliverability rates. Actually, your new invites do not get delivered. Clicking ?Withdraw? button 500 times can be quite overwhelming! Use My Invites Canceller to automatically withdraw a lot of pending connections requests. This tool does it almost in an instant, freeing up your time for more important things on LinkedIn. Select how many last invites should be kept and withdraw others in a few clicks.

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There are 2 more tools that are worth pointing out.

InMail to 2nd and 3rd level

LinkedIn Premium subscriptions include InMail credits ? messages that can be sent to people you are not connected to. If you are using this feature of LinkedIn regularly, you may want to automate this as well. InMail to 2nd and 3rd level works if you have active InMail credits. Just build a list of people you need to send InMails to, set Message Template and click ?Start Broadcast?.

Upload Profile URLs

Can you imagine a good LinkedIn automation tool that does not support uploading from external sources? Impossible!

Very often the filters on LinkedIn search page are not enough to build a list for a specific marketing purpose. What if your target audience is scattered through different locations, industries and profiles? Or what if you source your list not from LinkedIn at all, but from an agency or an external person who supplies you the data? Apparently, you will need a way to somehow upload a list of profiles externally. ?Upload Profile Urls? solves this task. Just paste a csv file or profile urls themselves into the pop-up window. The tool will recognize them and you will be able to proceed with inviting, messaging or doing other things. See how to use Upload Profile URLs to tailor your outreach to the people you need.

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