The World’s Youngest Mother Who Gave Birth at the Age of 5

The World’s Youngest Mother Who Gave Birth at the Age of 5

Lina Medina

Image for postLina Medina after giving birth in 1939

Image for postVictoria Losea and Tiburelo Medina (Lina?s parents)

The authorities tried to get some answers from Lina in the presence of her mother to see if she remembered anyone harming her or raping her. With the child extremely confused about everything that was happening to her, the police once again had no lead to a potential suspect or suspects. With no further evidence, nor leads, the authorities dropped the case.

In an article about the case from 1955, the author Luis Leon states that many of the remote villages from Peru held regular ?religious festivals? that lead to group sex or even rape which did include minors or children of such young ages as Lina. In the absence of a more plausible theory on Lina?s case, it is believed that she was in fact raped at one of these strange and sick festivals.

Giving birth at the age of 5

Due to her young age and undeveloped body for a pregnancy, the only way for her to give birth to the baby was via a cesarean section, this implicated many risks that could have put Lina?s life at risk. When Lina was 8 months pregnant and her parents were pressured by the media, her mother did confess that Lina started her menstruations at the age of 3. It was later found out by specialists that she suffered from a condition know as precocious puberty, meaning that her sexual organs would developed at a very young age, Glands that secrete growth and sex hormones begin to function abnormally early in life resulting in this condition. The exact cause of this condition is still unknown.

Image for postLina recovering after giving birth in 1939

The Doctors at the maternity knew that there was a high chance for the baby to have major difficulties as Lina?s young organism was thought at the time to be undeveloped, therefore not able to offer the baby the nutrition required when developing during the 9 months of pregnancy. With a miracle, the baby was born healthy at a perfect weight of 2.7 kilograms and coincidentally on mother?s day 14th of May, 1939.

The child was named Gerardo Medina, a name inspired by Lina?s doctor who helped her through labor. The father?s identity still remains a mystery even to this day. What is sure is that Lina was another innocent young victim of sexual abuse. What is more horrifying is that this is still happening to this day.

Image for postLina with Gerardo at the age of 1

Lina?s parents tried to offer her child and their grandchild a normal childhood by explaining to them as they grew up the relation between the two. It?s admirable that Lina?s parents protected her privacy and did not use Lina?s unique condition for financial gain. Many researchers and doctors took a big interest in Lina?s case and therefore wanted to study her as well as her child. Lina?s parents once again refused as they wanted to offer Lina a normal childhood.

Image for postLina Medina in 2018

Lina is still alive and well today, at the proud age of 87. Not much is known about Gerardo Medina, nor throughout the last decades as the public had respected the privacy of the Medina family.

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