The Strange and Unexplained Murder of Blair Adams — True Crime

The Strange and Unexplained Murder of Blair Adams — True Crime

Robert Dennis Blair Adams 31 of Canada, would be found murdered in the United States while he was on the run, from whoever he thought wanted him dead.

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With no known enemies, the death of Blair Adams, in another country on July 11, 1996, shocked everyone who knew him.

The mystery started six days earlier on July 5, 1996.

While still in Canada, his family noticed changes in Blair. When his mother asked him what was wrong, he told her he couldn?t talk about ?it.?

Blair went to the bank and drained his checking and savings accounts, and gathered all his jewelry.

July 7

He drove to the Canadian-American border and tried to cross. But he was denied. He had declared a large amount of cash, and as a single man, it appeared he was a drug trafficker.

July 8

Blair went to Surrey, British Columbia, into his workplace, and quit.

Later that same day, he bought a round-trip airline ticket from Vancouver to Frankfurt, Germany, for $1600. The flight was to depart the next day.

Only a few hours after purchasing the ticket to Germany, Blair went to a friend?s house. He told her that he needed to get across the border because someone was trying to kill him; she wasn?t able to help him.

July 9

Instead of flying to Germany, he turned in his ticket and rented a car. He drove across the border into the United States.

Blair went to the Seattle airport, leaving his rental car, and purchased a one-way ticket to Washington, DC. Investigators would later note this was strange since the round trip ticket would have been half as much.

July 10

Blair arrived in Washington, DC, and rented a white Toyota, then drove straight through to Knoxville, Tennessee. Going to Tennessee was another strange occurrence to the investigators because Blair didn?t know anyone in that area claimed his family and friends. They said he had never been to the south of the United States.

Once in Knoxville, Blair went to a gas station, but then while there told the attendant that he couldn?t get his car to start. The mechanic took the keys from Blair and realized that they weren?t the right keys for the vehicle, and told Blair.

The mechanic then gave Blair a lift to a hotel. The manager at the hotel remembered Blair distinctly, mostly because he walked in and out of the lobby five times before he registered for a room. But instead of settling in, Blair left the hotel.

July 11, 1996

12 hours after leaving the hotel, Blair?s body would be found in a parking lot only half a mile away.

The scene investigators would come across was another strange piece of the puzzle they couldn?t explain.

Blair was found naked from the waist down. His pants and socks were inside out as if some pulled them off him. His shirt had been ripped open.

Laying around his body was over $4,000 in Canadian, American, and German currencies. A fanny pack filled with jewelry, gold, and platinum was lying next to his body. And lastly, the rental car key, that he didn?t have earlier was now there next to him.

An autopsy would show that Blair died from a severe blow to the stomach, most likely from a club or crowbar. He had also been struck in the head, which left a gash on his forehead.

It was clear that a fight ensued before Blair was killed. His killer had ripped large chunks of Blair?s hair out, and Blair had defensive wounds on his hands.

The most significant lead came from one long hair stuck in Blair?s hand, it wasn?t a match to him, so most likely it came form his killer.

Lastly, Blair had been sexually assaulted before he died.

After doing a canvas of the area, police located a construction worker who heard screams around 3:30 am. But he thought it was a woman?s voice he heard.

What Was Really Going On?

Blair had been worried in the days leading up to his death, that someone was going to kill him. Was this person/group the one who tracked him down to Knoxville and killed him? Or did he come across another killer by random chance?

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Before Blair was killed, he had been seen at several restaurants with an unknown man. The witnesses sat with a sketch artist and helped create a composite. That?s the best lead the police have.

Years Later

Blair?s family still wants to know what happened, and years after his murder, they opened up and gave more information.

His mother said that Blair had been to the south, that he had attended the Olympics. She also revealed for the first time that Blair had been in a romantic relationship with a male previously.

This case is still unsolved, and the mystery around it all has left investigators baffled.


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