The real meaning behind a forehead kiss from a guy

The real meaning behind a forehead kiss from a guy

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?A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous,? is what the late Ingrid Bergman, a Swedish actress, thought about kisses. Well, she was definitely right. No matter where the kiss is placed, it only means they couldn?t find any better words to express their innermost expressions towards you. And the context is what makes both understand the meaning of the kiss, this being, the time, the situation, and the place of the deed.

So to understand what it means when a guy kisses your forehead, you have to be aware of the context in which that happens. Let?s check through some situations and meanings for when a guy kisses your forehead.

After sex

You have just finished enjoying the sweetest gift of nature. He?s on top of you, his breath flowing through your spine. He leans towards your head, his hands on your cheeks, and places a soft kiss on your forehead. You can?t help but smile.

In that situation, you know too well what it means. He is grateful! He enjoyed it. It means, he loves you. He is pleased to be by you. You are all his and he?s all yours. He loves you not only for the sex, but for who you are. He?s deeply whispering from his soul to your soul that he is not leaving you any time soon. It?s an assurance that you are the best thing in his life.

If you?re in a relationship with a man who does this often, then know that you?re cherished. Smile, and say to the gods, ?Thank you for this creature. I could never ask for more.?

More than just a friend

The sun is glazing. The green ambient from the trees makes the park lively. You?re with a friend. You?re walking down the path, chatting incautiously. And suddenly, you stop. He smiles, and kisses you on the forehead. You smile, and continue your saunter. And the chats resume. But in your mind, you wonder what the kiss meant.

The context here is that he does it in public.

He loves you! He just doesn?t know how to say it, but he really does. He can?t gather enough courage to utter the words. And he hopes from such a deed, you might be able to comprehend his intentions. It means that he really cares about you. He wants to show the world that you two are close. And the fact that you allowed it means that you also do like him. So why not take things to the next level, huh?

You are special

The two of you are in a room. No one else is around. You?re laughing together. Maybe cuddling. Eating. He holds you, and kisses you on the forehead. What follows is a jaw-dropping silence. And goosebumps climb your spine.

There isn?t a better feeling than that. It is the most loyal, true-to-heart form of expression of love. It?s undiluted. It is without lust at all. It is pure love. It couldn?t get better than that. The man simply means you?re special to him. In whatever situation, day or night, in sickness and in health, you?re all that matters to him. It is all without reference to sex. He loves you just as you are. Know that you?re really lucky to have him by your side. Don?t let go.


A lot of times, a forehead kiss may signify respect. He respects you and wouldn?t want to do anything to hurt you. It means that he sees himself as your protector. He would do anything to prevent anyone from harming you.


A forehead kiss may also show appreciation to some extent. When you do something that pleases him, he may express his gratitude by a simple kiss on the forehead. And you can hear his words from his heart flowing like an aroma, ?I really respect you and don?t take you for granted. Thanks for doing this for me.?


It could also be a way of consolation. Maybe you?re experiencing a rough time, and the only way he can express his deepest empathy is through a forehead kiss. It makes it even easier for you to lean on him on the chest. It also shows that he won?t take advantage of your situation for his gain. He?s like a father figure to you, and you should feel safe around him.


Now, a lot of men have mastered the art of manipulation. When they want you sexually, they can pretend to be the sweetest creatures in the world. Watch out for such men. Being kissed on the forehead is never an enough reason to be sure of someone?s love. Go further. Go deeper. It could mean a lot more. Evil, perhaps.

A forehead kiss could simply be a way of a man testing how easy you are to get to. He?s checking if you?re protective enough of yourself. If you give in to him, you never know where the next kiss will land. And you might think he?s showing love, but maybe he?s only driven by lust.

It could also be a way of gaining your trust, after which he will manipulate you into doing what he wants then leave you in a vacuum. Pray you don?t get around such a person.

Finally, just try and ask what the forehead kiss means to him. Maybe he just has a different meaning from what you might think. It never hurts a little to ask, does it?

In Conclusion

When a guy kisses your forehead, it may mean several things. It could be he?s showing gratitude after some nice sex and that he will never get enough of you. It could be that he wants you to be more than friends. It could be that you?re special to him. It could also be that he respects you wholeheartedly. It may mean that he cares about you regardless of the situation that you?re in. He wants you to know he?s there for you always. Now, don?t be too quick to judge because some fellows have been found to be malicious. What they do and say may be motivated by some malevolent intentions. Join me in this article as we dissect the various meanings behind the forehead kiss from a guy.


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