The Hottest Clubs in Seoul, South Korea

The Hottest Clubs in Seoul, South Korea

The long winter months can cramp your style but when spring arrives it doesn?t play around. The largest city in South Korea, and the most cosmopolitan, Seoul is full of high-end establishments, dive bars, international-style pubs, and booming nightclubs. Party lovers march out (pun intended!), eager to kick off the last dregs of an ever dreary February with great music and memorable libations.

As the cherry blossoms line the ?romance? avenues around town, Seoulites start to realize it?s time to party, and party they do! They know how to dress up and how to get down, partying like there is no tomorrow.

Here are a couple of our picks for the best party in Seoul:

1 -Club Octagon

High-End Club, Gangnam

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Octagon- One of the most popular clubs in the country, be prepared for a bustling dance floor and high-end clientele. It?s in the basement of the New Hilltop Hotel and the high entry fee is an accurate precursor to the high rollers you?ll be rubbing shoulders with in the tightly packed establishment.

Most of the poor reviews on sites like TripAdvisor are from people who were denied access to the club (for reasons like indeterminable identity cards and boisterous behavior). Dress to the nines and hold on to your best Gangnam Style moves ? you?ll be needing them at this party!

2 -B1 Lounge

Club Alley, Itaewon

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B1 Lounge- Another excellent choice on the Itaewon party scene, B One is a hit with visitors and locals alike. The snazzy nightclub offers two large dance floors with separate music choices. Dancers may interchange as the mood strikes.

There?s a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of room to socialize or to dance. It gives the impression of a fairytale palace, so imagine you?re partying with the kings and queens of the Seoul underground. You won?t go wrong.

3 -Soap Seoul

Central Party Place, Itaewon

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Soap Seoul- A super hot spot in central Itaewon, Soap is always up for a good time and it leads the way on the music scene in its location, conveniently close to the subway stop. The go-getter crowds fluctuate between the youngsters of Hongdae and the hipsters out for the best music in town. Queue with hope, party lover, the night will be worth it (and who knows, you may make some new friends on the way in!)

TIP: For guaranteed access, book a table in advance.

4 -Boombar

High-End Club, Itaewon

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Boombar- A glittering line up of hip hops favorites, this classy Itaewon joint is known for a fresh interior with timeless dance hits. They change up their appearance in keeping with the ?ppali-ppali? culture (hurrying along, trends included), but the service is always great. Dress up ? it will definitely be a night to remember while DJ Tezz is on point.

5 -Club Opium

Classic Hip Hop, Itaewon

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Club Opium- An established favorite among local party-goers, Opium has an artsy vibe and the music is an eclectic mix of old and new. It is all you need in a club, including a great line-up most nights and talented DJs making appearances at random moments. Special events and promotions are a dime a dozen here, so be sure to keep a lookout and choose the right night to party.

6 -Madholic

Hongik University vibes, Hongdae

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Madholic- A Hongdae favorite with a youthful vibe, this hip-hop club will knock your socks off (or maybe your heels). It?s packed and popular, reverberating around in your head for days afterwards. If you?re looking to blow off steam and throw it around the dance floor until 8 am then this is the place.

7 -Club NB2

Hip Hop Socialite, Hongdae

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NB and NB2 are sister clubs. NB2 is the hip hop dance club side and packed to the max, especially on the weekends. The area is a great party location in general, with access to student-priced watering holes and late-night snack bars. Grab a bap (rice) burger while you wait in line, you?ll need it to keep up with the NB2 DJs as its murder on the dance floor, every night.

8 -Fountain

Popular watering hole, Itaewon

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Fountain- It?s a spacious warehouse-type building with screens and music videos creating a trendy ambiance and a relaxed night out. Plenty of spunk graces the dance floor and there is some seating available, and a buzzing bar. Get out the elbows and get ready for a rowdy party with all sorts of patrons coming in for a real good time.

9 – Sabotage

Old School Club, Hongik

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Sabotage- Contrary to its name, this old-school club offers an intimate night of parties and friends. It?s a great choice for partying like in the ?good old days? without the queues that seem to plague the more fashionable clubs on the strip. Good music, good friends, good vibes ? good night!

10 – Jay & Jason

Trendy Party Lounge, Gangnam

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Jay & Jayson- A unique vibe compared to most other clubs in Seoul, this trendy bar sports tech-savvy facilities and plenty of interaction with serious music lovers. Request songs and chat to patrons from all over the world. It?s chilled.

Gangnam is also home to some of the best shopping, eating, and entertainment locations in South Korea so you can be sure of a good time, even outside of the awesome nightlife. PSY had it right ? Gangnam?s got its own amazing style!

Party, Party, Party

These are by no means the only clubs in Seoul worth supporting and it is worth repeating that your entire experience depends wholly on your expectations. A little prior research and a flexible approach will get you to exactly the type of party you want in a country with so much to offer. Seoul has it all!

Ask around, be spontaneous, you might just be surprised at what you find. Wherever you choose to get down, remember to respect the cultural idiosyncrasies of this cosmopolitan city. Dress up and chill out. Leave the sanctimonious sarcasm at home and enjoy the night with an open mind.


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