The Dreadful Case of YouTuber Roaming Millennial — A Study in Right-wing Anti-Intellectualism

The Dreadful Case of YouTuber Roaming Millennial — A Study in Right-wing Anti-Intellectualism

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If you ever want to understand the problem faced by the conservative right?s dreadful lack of intellectual sophistication, look no further than the cringing phenomenon of right-wing YouTube personalities.

Names like Alex Jones, Dave Rubin, Sargon of Akkad not only inspire images in our head of Alt-Right trolls whose main joy in life lies in, well, trolling and pwning, but also, just sit through any one of these immensely popular videos of their self styled ?Intellectual Dark Web? and you?ll find yourself in a haze of conflicting conundrums of confusion.

A kind of conundrum of confusion which involves the conflicting feeling of pity and bafflement. You know the feeling you get when you see an angry colleague spouting hatefully ignorant opinions, but who at the same time, you knew suffers personally for never catching a break in life so instead of getting angry, you feel sorry for them despite their hateful ignorance? That is basically the right?s ?Intellectual Dark Web? experience, if one cares to engage in it.

However, every so often, you?ll see a pretty feminine face thrown in alongside these lot of trolls. For those not too concerned with the lifestyle choices of Pepe the Frog fans, the examples of these women are in names like Lauren Southern, Tomi Lahren, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter and Roaming Millennial.

Now, Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter, most of us know who those terrible two are. We?d consider ourselves blessed when we can go through a day unmolested by these two hawkers of hate. The other names I mentioned (and there are more from where these people came from in the land of YouTupia) Lauren Southern, Tomi Lahren and Roaming Millennial, is a slightly more interesting case study in the deep anti-intellectualism of the conservative lot.

The topic of Lauren Southern I shall put away for another day, because that one is easy to understand. She is merely a basic stupid hateful semi-racist broad. Nothing much needs to be said about her that hasn?t been covered extensively elsewhere by many others. And the same goes for Tomi Lahren, except she?s just more annoying.

The interesting case however is with Roaming Millennial. A little background on Roaming Millennial. Her real name is Lauren Chen. She?s from Canada. She is half Asian, half white, and fully pointless.

Her prodigious talent (besides excessive makeup application) lies in her ability of playing up the stereotypical Canadian Niceness and Asian Female Submissiveness persona to the extreme. Watch her content and you will find that she positions herself as the anti Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter.

Image for postIronic that a conservative commentator subscribe heavily to porn-star style makeup?

Malkin and Coulter has a reputation for being in your face fighters for the conservative cause, unafraid to be confrontational because they see themselves on equal terms intellectually as their male counterparts (not that male conservatives are intellectual giants).

Roaming takes the approach of being soft-spoken and cordial in her messaging and marketing of her image. Her fans and followers number in the hundreds of thousands and she also has a contract with Glenn Beck?s Blaze TV (after her previous employer CRTV went belly up for atrocious management and numerous legal scandals).

The question now is, who are her fans? From every video content she created, it looks to be mostly made of regurgitated droll and unoriginal thought. She brings up nothing meaningful and worst, the main reason she even garners the attention of her followers (instead of another mousy and drab looking conservative female who says the same things she says) IS BECAUSE she is pretty to look at.

The fact that she positions herself to be sweet, nice and polite should remind you of the travelling troops of door-to-door evangelist who puts on a show to reel their fishes in (like Jesus I guess) as they knock on your door to share their gospel. In fact about every fundamental religious nut seem to have the same sort of plastered try-hard niceness that Roaming Millennial perfected.

Back to the observation of your feeling of sorry and contemptuous pity for the pathetically angry but sad Alt-Right-wing-nutjob guy. These are the sorts of people who are Roaming Millennial?s fans and followers. Sad, lonely, losers whom fantasizes sex and a relationship with this virginal Canadian Nice and Asian Submissive empty headed bimbo as she pretends to teach and sound smart. She is a sharp to Michelle Malkin?s ?I can hold my ground just as aggressively as anyone else, don?t be fooled by the fact that I?m an Asian woman?.

Watch any one of Roaming?s video analysis and you?ll see just how inconsequential her ideas are. She is not very smart but likes to sound like she is smart so that she can carry off her ?beauty with a brain? public image. Truth is, she is mostly eye candy for a subset of demographic that consist mostly of overweight underachieving males who likes Donald Trump. Roaming Millennial is their fantasy girlfriend because she only appears smart, but is really boring and stupid.

Roaming Millennial?s content is downright embarrassing. She gives new meaning to the word shameless. She will say anything, any time, to any medium if she thinks it might elevate her public attention. Roaming has been caught on video so many times saying things that have come back to bite her (for example-endorsing Richard Spencer?s right to be heard on all platforms) that she will make an absolute fool of herself on the debate stage. It is sure to make for great entertainment.

The Roaming Millennial example is a clear study in anti-intellectualism because she is the most obvious case of conservative males on the right pretending to champion intelligence and originally in women but reality, do not. All they care about is a vapid woman like Lauren Chen telling them what they want to hear, but never sounding too smart (which is not a problem for Lauren Chen because she is naturally not too smart to begin with).


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