The Best Magnifying Glass For Trichomes In 2020

The Best Magnifying Glass For Trichomes In 2020

Why You Need a Magnifying Glass in the Grow Room?

Although an experienced farmer will take one look at a seedling and instantly know whether it?s female, this step is more difficult for the beginner. The tiny growths in the nodes of your plants determine the sex, but for most of us, these developments are far too small to see.

A magnifying glass or loupe makes the sexing process easy for the beginner cannabis cultivator. Get up close and personal with the node of the seedling to determine whether that tiny growth is a pollen sac (male) or a stigma (female). A jewellers loupe dispels the guesswork and even makes the signs of a hermaphrodite plant easy to spot.

Observing and monitoring trichomes is a very good way to help determine when to harvest a marijuana crop at the optimum time, for more info see this.

Unfortunately, trichomes are too small to be observed by human beings with the naked eye. Therefore, a tool to magnify the trichomes is needed.

Here is a list of the various magnifiers that the author has tried as aids for observing and monitoring trichomes. There is no single method that will work best for everyone.

Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x Pocket Microscope

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Carson microscopes are an old favorite in the cannabis community.

And if you prefer a microscope over a loupe, then you?re in luck with this scope ? it?s the best microscope for view trichomes.

This is their updated and upgraded model that should be a staple in any growers gardening tools.

Being able to zoom from 60x-120x allows you to deep dive into your trichomes enabling you to choose the perfect time to harvest.

ECO Farm Pocket LED Microscope Magnifier

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The Eco Farm of tiny pocket-microscopes are relatively cheap and can be used alone or with a smartphone. If you have a smartphone, make sure to get one with a phone attachment like the ones in the picture above. This makes for better pictures and it also makes it way easier to focus on the piece of plant you want. Pro-tip: these are great for video if you don?t have a USB camera available.

Eco Farm Garden Hydroponics Microscopes

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Here we have a very small and portable pocket microscope that is great for viewing cannabis trichomes. We do like this one because it is so small and can fit right into your pocket, so you can easily take it from one plant to the next and look at the trichomes of each plant in quick succession.

Wrap Up

Indeed, a 420 microscope, even in the form of a loupe or a magnifying glass, is essential for marijuana enthusiasts. It gives a better view of what cannot be seen by the naked eye. You can easily evaluate the quality and composition of the marijuana, especially its trichomes.


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