The Best Augmented Reality Glasses of 2020 (so far!)

The Best Augmented Reality Glasses of 2020 (so far!)

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The new Nreal glasses are available for pre-order and we already got our pair! And with Apple?s rumored release of Apple Glass, its own version of augmented reality (AR) glasses, we figured we provide you with our team?s top choices for wearable AR glass devices!

We accounted for things like battery life, field of view, resolution display and processing power. Do you want to build an application for one of these smart glasses? the echoAR platform has you covered!

1. Microsoft Hololens 2 by Microsoft

Probably the most sophisticated pair of mixed reality smart glasses out there to date, but with a price to match. Microsoft?s HoloLens 2 offers transparent lenses, an HD camera and numerous sensors and microphones that allows users to interact with 3D content and holograms. This device is popular with enterprises that use AR technology for training, remote collaboration, assembly lines, logistics and more.

The Good: Comfortable, has gesture recognition and a relatively large field of view

The Bad: Expensive and not well suited for home use

and the Price: $3,500 at Microsoft

2. Epson Moverio by Epson

Epson?s AR glasses use a unique technique of ?reflective waveguide? as part of their display and became quite popular with drone operators who get a bird?s-eye view directly to their smart glasses. Epson Moverio is also used by enterprises as a remote assistance solution.

The Good: HD resolution, long battery life and a very light weight

The Bad: Limited storage and processing power as well as a narrow field of view

and the Price: $699 at Espon

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3. Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 by Google

Google Glass wasn?t the consumer wearable revolution that everybody was dreaming of, but it doesn?t mean that it wasn?t a big step for AR smart glasses. The Google Glass Enterprise Edition, aimed at businesses and enterprise-level clients, is Google?s response to the useful feedback provided by the users of the original Google Glass.

The Good: Lightweight with voice commands, a faster processor and an upgraded camera

The Bad: Expensive and only sold to enterprise-level clients

and the Price: $1,167 from Google?s hardware resellers CDW, Mobile Advance or SHI

4. Raptor by Everysight

An AR smart glasses designed for cycling and a favorite among outdoor athletes, road cyclists and mountain bikers. The Raptor smart glasses provide real-time graphic information projected directly from its lens.

The Good: A long battery life and an HD front camera as well as different visor tints

The Bad: Really just for cycling enthusiasts

and the Price: Starting from $599 at Everysight

Looking for more inspiration for innovative uses of AR/VR?

Check out the Inspiration page on our console. It contains links to great use cases of AR/VR and examples of incredible projects, some of which have been created with the help of echoAR.

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5. Vuzix Blade by Vuzix

Augmented reality smart glasses for industry operations but also everyday use that utilize waveguide optics to project a see-through image to the user. Comes with a companion mobile application as well as an app store for additional applications and features designed specifically for the Blade. Commercial users should also consider Vuzix?s M-Series product line of smart glasses.

The Good: HD camera, noise-canceling mics and a growing number of supported apps.

The Bad: Expensive and provides limited functionality for everyday users.

and the Price: $799.99 by Vuzix

6. Focals by North

Impossible to find unless you?re in Brooklyn or Toronto. But if you do manage to secure your own pair, you?ll have smart glass and a special controller ring to match your style. Users can stay connect and get notifications and information from a variety of applications without having to look at their phones.

The Good: Stylish and customizable

The Bad: A very limited field of view

and the Price: Starting at $600 at North?s showrooms in Brooklyn and Toronto

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know on our Slack channel.

echoAR (; Techstars ?19) is a cloud platform for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) that provides tools and server-side infrastructure to help developers & companies quickly build and deploy AR/VR apps and experiences.

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