The 10 Best Live Webcam Sites

The 10 Best Live Webcam Sites

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When you think of live webcam websites, what comes to mind? Beautiful sprawling aerial views, heroic (and sometimes crazy) sports enthusiasts pulling off incredible stunts? Unfortunately, while you may have realized there?s more to webcam than sexual innuendo, the Internet hasn?t quite caught up yet. Scratch that adventure itch with these 10 best live webcam websites.

Live Webcam Sites: Explore, Travel, Discover

HD on Tap

This is probably the place to start when it comes to live streaming video. Featuring an abundance of live videos sorted based on category, HD on Tap is one of the most well put together live webcam website out there. On top of that, HD on Tap doesn?t just let you watch live footage; they can set you up to stream some adventures of your own.


Another great live webcam website for the browser in all of us. Earthcam features views from popular destinations all over the world, providing you with a slice of life not easily found otherwise (and certainly cheaper on the wallet.)

Virtual Free Sites

It may not look like much at first glance, but Virtual Free Sites not only offers a respectable number and variety of webcam subjects, but also includes an interactive section as well. It doesn?t really get more ?in the moment? than that.

Go Before

Show of hands: How many of you have ever had a bad experience at a restaurant? Thought so. If you?d like to sneak a peek at potential dining locations in a way online reviews can?t match, consider Go Before. It features live webcam of numerous venues, including bars, hotels, pubs, coffee shops, and clubs in countries all over the world.

Live Webcam Sites: Sports, Sun, and Fun


Westland is a live webcam site that features collections from popular U.S. destinations, conveniently sorted by location. If you feel a cross country road trip coming on, you might take advantage of Westland as you plot your course.

Live Surfcam Hawaii

This one goes out to all the folks who aren?t quite able to make that Hawaiian dream vacation a reality just yet. Offers views featuring a number of surf sites as well as general ocean/street views from Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island itself.

Vista Webcams

Maybe Hawaii is not your thing, or you have some irresistible urge to relentlessly compare as many beautiful locations as possible. Either way, no judgment here. Vista Webcams is a live webcam website that provides beautiful beach views (and more) from all over the world. Think of it as a? vacation database.

Orlando Webcams

If you, or someone you love is obsessed with all things Disney, Orlando Webcams is a great site to check out. It offers realtime views of numerous parks, including Disney World, Seaworld, Universal Studios and more.

Ask About Sports

For the general sports enthusiast, what is better than access to all of the sports, all of the time? Whatever your sport of choice is, Ask About Sports can show you where it?s happening via a search feature sorting by individual sports, by countries, or specific events.

Extreme Sports Channel

If there?s an extreme sport out there, chances are someone has a live webcast of it. What good is the action if you can?t bring other people into the moment? If you?re looking to ride shotgun on sports like BMX, Skate, FMX, or Auto, look no further than Extreme Sports Channel.

Live webcam websites can put you in the moment before the moment. They can take you up the street or around the world while maintaining the safety and comforts of home ? have your adventures on your terms.

If websites are not your cup of tea anymore, or if you are just looking for bite-size live moments, just long enough to satisfy your appetite for adventure without the risk of getting bored, go for Look App instead. On demand live streaming.


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