Texts From My Wife During Her First Date With Her New Man

Texts From My Wife During Her First Date With Her New Man

(from real certified texts sent by my wife)

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She is waiting in the hotel bar. I?m lying in bed at home masturbating, thinking about my wife out on a first date. I get the text, ?Waiting. He hasn?t gotten here yet. How are you??

?Good. You??

?Anxious. He?s late. What if he doesn?t show??

?He?s coming. Sit tight.?

?Alright. Bye.?


After receiving that text, I really get close to orgasm, ironically since it?s still early. But I hold it back, and I hold it in. I let it flow to the emptiness of the universe. I am emptied out. I become like a Buddha, radiating. I am radiating energy in all directions. Those are good texts.

After he shows up and they make eye contact, she just quickly sends me this text:

?He?s here. OMG. I think he brought me flowers. OMG.?


That is a good one. I could cum on that one. But I don?t. I hold it back, I hold it in. I let it flow.

After they chat awhile, sitting opposite one another, he asks if he can come over and sit by her. This is the moment she chooses to take the selfie. She puts her arm around him and snaps the pic. I?m going to send it to my husband, is that OK? Sure, he says. She sends me the pic, with the caption, ?we?re having fun, he?s cool.?

?Thanks. I love this pic.?

I do love this pic. She?s got that sexy look on her mouth, that twinkle in her eye, she looks flirty. She looks so great.

As I?m reading this text, he moves into the next phase, putting his hands on her a bit.

After their first kiss. She texts me. ?We made out.?

?Oh my God.?

?Are you OK?? she texts.

?Oh my God, so OK.?

I text her this because my cock is standing up higher and bigger than I?ve ever seen it. It?s like it?s trying to telepathically transport itself down to that hotel bar and stop this other buck from mating with its favorite female. They kissed. They made out. I really, really, really want to cum but if I do now that will spoil everything. And there?s so much more to come.

There is a period of silence on the text message screen. This is their second round of kissing and the beginning of the touching and then the looking at each other and wondering if they should go upstairs. Before they get up, she texts me.

?We?re going upstairs.?


?I?m not going to fuck him,? she adds.


?But we?re going to do something.?

?Super,? I say. ?Have fun.

?I will.?

Yes, she will. It?s a combination of jealousy and intense pleasure. She?s taking another man upstairs. He?s probably going to see her naked. He?s probably going to eat her pussy. Oh shit.

Ommmm.. I release this cosmic orgasm to the cosmos?Ommmm.

I get another photo. It?s a photo of his hard cock right before she is about to suck it.

?Nice, huh??

?Oh yeah,? I say. ?That looks like a really big sausage.?

Then a little while later, a text of the top of his head, from her POV, as he eats her.

?Having fun!? she texts. ?He knows how to use his tongue.?

I beat off like crazy. My wife?s pussy is being eaten. I wonder if she?ll fuck him. She never fucks on the first date. But then again, after she has her pussy eaten she?s quite likely to just go ahead and let him fuck her. I hope she does. Or maybe not. If she waits, that gives us something to look forward to. I almost cum. But I hold it back.

Now, text silence. Until it?s all over.

?He?s sleeping over.?

There is a selfie of the two of them, naked, lying next to each other. He looks asleep, and very satisfied. My wife has a mischievous grin.

?Did you fuck??


?Did you cum??

?No, I think I exploded,? she says. Then a smiley face emoji.

I send her a big thumbs up.

I finally let myself go, forget about withholding orgasm. I cum. It hits the ceiling. Wow, I?ve never done that before.

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