Sprint Phones Compatible With Boost Mobile In 2020

Boost mobile is very popular MVNOs and it is powered by the sprint?s network. There are many sprint mobile models available that are compatible with the boost network. Boost mobile owned by the sprint network and it runs on the CDMA network technology. You can get many advanced featured smartphones Essential Phone, Galaxy Note 8, Moto X4, Moto G5 Plus, etc. There are many sprint compatible phones available in the market.

It is very easy to switch from boost to sprint mobile service because of both runs on the same network technology and owned by the same company. But the million-dollar question is that are sprint phones compatible with boost mobile?

In order to learn about useful and interesting information about the sprint compatible phones.

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How to use a sprint phone with a boost cellphone plan?

It is one of the best things about sprint mobiles that you can literally use to boost mobile plans with respective boost plans in your eligible device. There are many plans available that are also applicable to the boost mobile also. Both companies are owned by the same owner so there very few issues related to compatibility.

Compatibility of your sprint phone:

It will be very helpful to check whether your mobile is compatible with the boost network or not. You can either check the list of the compatible mobile from the official boost mobile site or by dialing just one USSD code *#06#. also, you can visit your nearest boost mobile store to find our available options. For more information call the toll-free number: 1?866?402?7366.

Unlock your Sprint mobile phone:

Before unlocking your Sprint phone, you should cancel all your prior plans. You can call the service center to visit the nearest sprint store for that. It may cost you some cancellation fees. For uncloaking the mobile phone, you should call the sprint service center number: 888?211?472.

How to activate the boost mobile?

In case you have successfully unlocked the sprint phone then it?s time to visit the online activation portal of the company. You can opt for many offers and deals. For activation, you can also visit the nearest store.


In brief, there are many reliable service providers in the united states. Sprint and boost mobiles are one of them. These network providers have their own advantages. That is why you might be wondering is it possible to switch one service provider to another. After reading our input review and user?s guide you are now able to switch your service provider without any hassle.

boost and sprint mobiles are very popular and preferred network providers. Both runs on CDMA network technology and can be switched from one to another very easily. Unlocking and switching are a very easy and fast process. All you have too is to follow the earlier mentioned method.


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