Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 Seating Chart

Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 Seating Chart

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Seating chart of Spirit Airline?s Airbus A320

Spirit Airlines is a low cost carrier with a fleet size of 138. In this blog we will discuss about the Airbus A320?200. There are two versions of Airbus A320?200 Spirit Airlines which the airline operates.

First cabin version of the Airbus A320 (320) V1

  • It is most common and can accommodate 178 passengers of economy class. The first four seats in first row are the Big Front seats. They have 36-inch pitch and 20-inch width. No seats can recline in it.
  • The economy class is dived into three sections.
  • The first section has 10 rows and 3?3 configuration and 28-inch pitch.
  • The second section has only one row with 6 seats. The seats in 12 the row offers extra legroom.
  • The third section has 18 rows and 3?3 configuration. They have the least pitch. The 13th row is the exit row and thus offers extra legroom.
  • Passengers in the last 30th row will be last to deplane.

The Second version

  • It has 182 seats. These seats do not recline.
  • The First two rows have 2?2 configuration. They are big front economy class with pitch of 36-inch and 20-inch width.
  • The rest economy class can accommodate 174 passengers. The seats have 3?3 configuration.
  • The seats in 12th and 13th row have extra leg space because they are the exit rows.
  • Passengers in seats of 31st row will deplane last.

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