Should You Taste Yourself?

Should You Taste Yourself?

I?m not sure, but I?m glad I did

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Until this year, I had never tasted myself.

It?s not something I had the urge to do. It just seemed kind of gross to me.

I didn?t like kissing my husband after he went down on me. I was even super careful when masturbating. I?d lick my fingers to get started but would never re-up on the saliva once I got going.

I ate someone else?s pussy and that was more than fine. I could see the appeal in that. But my own? That just seemed different.

I wasn?t swayed by porn, either.

On screen, it just seemed normal for a woman to suck a man?s fingers after he got her off manually, as if she was starving for her own juices. And no pornstar thinks twice about sucking a dick that was just fucking her.

Still, it didn?t interest me.

Until a few months ago.

I don?t know why, exactly. I was just curious and extremely horny.

This time, instead of being careful while jilling off, I put my finger in my mouth to taste myself.

I have no idea what I was scared of. The taste was much more neutral than I anticipated. Definitely nothing to be grossed out over.

It?s not something that really arouses me, but I was kind of pleased that I had tried it.

And that got me wondering if a lot of people did this sort of thing and why. What compels people to taste themselves?

So, I scoured the internet. Here?s what I found out.

Quality Control

One of the many unfortunate things about being a woman is that we?re socialized into worrying about the way our pussies taste.

After frequent exposure to jokes and comments that imply our junk tastes like raw seafood, you can?t really blame us for not being sure someone will want to lap it up.

And the dudes out there saying they love pussy because it tastes like strawberry pie or some similar bullshit sound about as credible as Steve Carrell comparing tits to bags of sand.

So, sometimes you taste yourself just to see if there?s anything to worry about.

That way, when some eager guy or gal wants to part your thighs and show you a good time, you won?t have to push their head away because you?re too self-conscious.


Okay, now we?re back on the porny stuff. It might not have appealed to me, but it definitely does appeal to some people.

Everyone loves doing stuff that makes them feel and look sexy. And for some people, that means tasting themselves.

They might slurp on a finger or a cock after it?s been inside them. Or they might make out hard with a guy whose face is glistening with their juices.

Some women also find it hot when a guy licks his own come off them. And cleaning your come off a lady is the gentlemanly thing to do anyway.

Getting comfortable with tasting your own semen will also open you up to some good old fashioned snowballing.

Pure Curiosity

This was my own motivation, and it comes up often in online forums where this sort of thing is discussed.

Think of how often the average person?s fingers have been covered by their own juices or semen. That gives ample opportunity for wondering just what the hell it might taste like.

Convenient Cleanup

I?ve come across a few comments by guys who say they started tasting themselves in their teens because it was the most convenient way to clean up after masturbating.

I have to hand it to them, because that is an adventurous solution. And licking the come off your hand might be less awkward than having your mom wonder out loud why you go through so many hand towels or take so many showers.

To Know What Swallowing Is Like

There are some guys out there who would like to have someone taste or swallow their load. And to find out what that?s like on the receiving end, they give themselves a taste (or a gulp).

Now, I think this is a valiant move. If you want to see what it?s like for yourself before asking someone to do it for you, that gives you a good sense of what you?re really asking for.

It might inspire a bit more empathy, too. If you?ve tasted your own semen, you might sort of get why your partner might not be super excited about having you come in her mouth.

Unfortunately, I?ve also seen the dark side of this: guys who say that they?ve tasted it and it?s no big deal so ladies have no grounds to decline doing the same. (Consent, anyone?)

I?ve even seen that comment by people who acknowledge it has a mucus-like texture. Can they seriously think that?s everyone?s cup of tea?

I didn?t think I?d come across a terrible reason for tasting yourself, but doing it to invalidate women who don?t like swallowing definitely counts as one.

To Keep the Good Times Rolling

When you?re too squeamish about tasting yourself, you close yourself off to a few little things during sex.

Once there?s an exchange of fluids, some parts of your partner?s body become off limits.

Giving head goes off the table as soon as he?s been inside you. He won?t go down on you after he fucked you. Your tits become off limits if he splattered them with come, even if you?d love to have your nipples sucked while you give yourself an orgasm. And after you swallow, you have to go for some basic cuddling because that make out sesh is out of the question.

Some people get comfortable tasting themselves so they can keep sex sloppy and dirty.

They want to just lick or kiss their partner wherever they want without having to worry about whose fluids got where.

So, Should You?

Like I mentioned above, I tasted myself for the first time this year.

Since then, I don?t think twice about licking my fingers mid-mastubration to help things along (though I still prefer lube).

I also don?t feel self-conscious about the way I taste because I know it?s not bad at all.

That wasn?t a huge problem because I?m married to someone who treats eating pussy like a hobby. But still, in the back of my mind I always worried that he was really into it despite the way I taste. Now, I have confirmation that this isn?t the case.

But it hasn?t changed a whole lot in my sex life. Tasting myself just for the fuck of it doesn?t hold a lot of appeal to me. So, I don?t see myself giving post-sex head any time soon.

Still, I?m glad I did it. I feel less squeamish for it, and my curiosity is satisfied.

So, should you taste yourself? I have no idea. You do whatever you?re comfortable doing. But if you?re at all curious, it never hurts to take the mystery out of it.

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