Samsung’s 2019 Galaxy A Series vs S Series vs J Series

Samsung’s 2019 Galaxy A Series vs S Series vs J Series

Samsung Galaxy A20

The 2019 A series from Samsung has been released. This range currently comprises of the A20, the A30, the A50 and the A70.

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Samsung?s Galaxy A series for this year is a mid-level range of Android phones from Samsung. The A series is priced from around $249 to $500. The A series being a mid-level range does have some premium features deleted in some areas, although most of these feature deletions are minimal. They don?t have all the perks and niceties that come with a Note or S series handset. See more about Samsung?s A series on the Samsung website.

The Samsung S series features flagship specs and a well rounded device, from the camera to the speed. In 2018, these start around $1300. These premium devices include all Samsung?s flagship features, as well as many extras, such as a heart rate sensor, a Bixby button, a pressure sensitive display and a range topping screen.

Samsung?s J series is the entry level range and most budget friendly out of the series, with even more features removed in order to keep the device?s prices to under $300. These phones are usually less responsive and have an entry level camera. This series also lacks features like fast and wireless charging, as well as the curved edged infinity display

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Enter The Samsung Galaxy A20

Samsung?s Galaxy A20 is the entry level specification handset of the A series range. It has been designed to augment Samsung?s entry-level line up. The A series currently consists of other handsets from the company?s A-series including the Galaxy A30, Galaxy A50, and the Galaxy A70. Being extremely popular phones there is many accessories, screen guards and cases available for the A20 and the whole A series, you can see more here.


The Galaxy A20 is powered by Samsung?s Exynos 7 series chipset, a 1.6Ghz octa-core CPU. This is teamed with 32GB of storage space and 3GB of RAM. The A20 has a 4,000mAh battery and has a dual camera set up at the rear.


The Galaxy A20?s body is slender measuring 7.8 mm and it feels like it has been made for your hand. The A20?s glossy finish is outstanding and is available in black, deep blue, or red.


The simple and easy-to-use rear dual camera will let you take bright and clear photos. All you need do is just a point and tap. The 13MP and 5MP 123 degree ultra wide-angle rear camera combination allows your creativity to be set free.

The A20?s front facing 8MP selfie camera makes your selfies look their outstanding. Using Selfie focus, you can create a gentle blur in of the background that makes you the star of the pic.


The 4,000mAh battery lets you power through your day and allows you share with friends, watch streams, and live your best phone life. Fast Charging has been included for when you need to top up cos nobody got time to wait for the phone to charge.


If you are interested in gaming and camera the A20 has a great screen. The display size of the A20 is 6.4 inches of HD+ Super AMOLED screen with Infinity-V Display. There is Corning Gorilla Glass protection. But despite the gorilla glass, I would recommend that you use screen guard on the screen to protect from damages. Gorilla glass of these budget phones are not very good but durable. If your phone falls on the ground with screen guard, the screen guard may be shattered but the phone?s screen will be saved, that?s mission accomplished for your screen guard. If the gorilla glass is damaged, is scratched or broken it will costs much more than screen guard cost to fix the screen. All of the A series range is well supported by cases, screen guards and other accessories (click here to see more if you?re interested).

Fingerprint Security

The Galaxy A20 has fingerprint scan security. The device has a fingerprint scanner and to unlock, you simply place your finger on the rear scanner. Below is how to set it up.

The A20 also has personalised protection with face recognition technology. The phone will recognize you, so you can hold the phone to your face for an easy, secure way to unlock your phone. It?s really simple. Read more about the A20 here.


The initial impressions for Galaxy A20 are good. It targets those audience who are more of a budget conscious and I feel this phone will be appreciated by many people as it features super AMOLED display and a huge 4000 mAh battery with fast charging. You?ve also got Bluetooth 5.0, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, NFC and a 3.5mm stereo earjack. To name just a few other features.


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