Post Nut Syndrome, Explained

Post Nut Syndrome, Explained

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Let?s talk about the science behind post-masturbation clarity

Matt Lillywhite

Matt Lillywhite

Oct 14, 20193 min read

What is post nut syndrome?

I think I have the answer. It?s a way for people to gain clarity on their thoughts when making a significant life decision.

Because all too often, our thoughts & emotions get clouded with an inability to make smart choices due to our primal instincts taking control of our mind.

Joe Rogan & Andrew Schulz described post nut syndrome perfectly during a podcast episode: ?It?s bad if your dick tricked you into f*ckin this girl you?ve been trying to avoid. There?s regret.?

The superpower of post-masturbation clarity has allowed me to override my primal instincts to make smarter choices many times throughout my life. And if you?re reading this, the chances are probable that post nut syndrome has also enabled you to make better decisions.

You want to decide whether you genuinely love your crush, and so you masturbate to gain clarity on if it?s love or merely sexual urges.

Or perhaps you are debating whether to get back with your ex, so you masturbate to see if it?s a good idea.

Post nut syndrome gives you the power of restraint. It allows you to make smarter decisions, gain mental clarity on your life, and become fantastic at making impactful decisions during a relationship.

What?s the science behind Post Nut Syndrome?

Also known as postcoital tristesse, the international society for sexual medicine describes post nut syndrome as ?feelings of deep sadness or agitation after consensual sex, even if the encounter was loving, satisfying, or enjoyable.?

Whether we?re with a partner or going solo, sadness can wreak havoc on our emotions, causing us to question our intentions for having sex in the first place.

According to Science Alert, the orbitofrontal cortex (a part of your brain, which affects decision making) becomes less active during masturbation and sexual intercourse. This forces your judgment to quickly become clouded while a rush of dopamine surges to the brain, causing intense pleasure.

Upon reaching orgasm, Oxytocin is released, which can impact emotional, social, and cognitive behaviors. As the levels of dopamine decrease after orgasm, your decision-making ability becomes stronger, and thus your judgment is no longer obscured by sexual urges.

How can post nut syndrome become beneficial in everyday life?

Reaching orgasm when making decisions allows you to discover if you are making the right choice or allowing sexual urges to overpower your mind.

I?m going to leave you with a quote from Dave Chapelle, who brilliantly sums up post nut syndrome during his Netflix special:

?When a guy bust a nut, right after that, there?s a window of six minutes where he does the most rational thinking he ever does.?

Can you feel your mind becoming clear? Are you ready to make smarter decisions for the rest of your life?

Remember, mental clarity is the greatest superpower on earth.

Use it wisely.


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