Passion Party Review: Women Empowerment

Passion Party Review: Women Empowerment

Vibrators. Lubricants. It?s a Party.

My phone alert went off signaling that I have a notification waiting for me on Facebook. Immediately, my eyes widen when I see that I was invited to an event. Not any ordinary event. Most people get invited to BBQ?s or someone?s birthday party. This was an invitation to a Passion Party.

For those who don?t know what a Passion Party is, according to Urban Dictionary: ?A Passion Party consists of a product host and a gathering of women to learn about products of the sexual nature such as lubricants, vibrators, edible lotions, bath soaps and so on.?

Recently, I have heard about 3 other parties that are to occur within the week that I?m writing this article. That had me thinking ?Woah, this is like a thing that people actually do? all the time?!? It has turned into a growing trend for many female CSU students in Fort Collins. Women across town have been opening up their homes to learn and buy products that will spice up their sex life.

About three weeks ago, I attended my very first Passion Party. People also call them ?Sex Parties?. Which can have some ambiguity, let me emphasize that it is not an orgy of any sort. It is almost exactly what the Urban Dictionary definition stated.

My experience at said event, was enjoyable and an odd alternative for a ?girls? night?. I drank some wine, saw sex toys that I?ve never known exsisted and laughed a lot. With that being said, I decided to host a Passion Party of my own.

My roommate and I co-hosted our Cocktail Party, that?s what we called it to provide a theme for the party, at our apartment. When hosting your own party, you have room to make it any way you?d like. Provide a theme, make it a small gathering, make it a large party, bring food, bring drinks (alcohol was our preference), bring games, the sky is the limit.

We had our product consultant, Katie McKie, come in with numerous products from Pure Romance. She would present the products and what they?re intended for. She?d describe how to use certain products and what does or doesn?t work best. During the duration of the entire party, it was open for any question.

Like stated previously, Pure Romance is the company that provides all the exciting products. The mission of Pure Romance is simply ?Empower, Educate, Entertain?. This can be very interesting because of the word choice of ?empower?.

How is a party where we talk about vibrators and other sex related products empowering? Sex, self pleasure, and things along those lines are often considered taboo for women. Women have always been tied to the connotation of pristine and modest. Keeping our sex lives to ourselves is nothing foreign to many women.

But gradually, sex and women are becoming more and more of a common topic where it doesn?t lead to the label of slut. TV shows and movies are more susceptible to having women pursue and display high notions of sex without the negative stigma.

So like those empowering TV shows, there are parties where women talking about their sex desires and dislikes can be a lot of fun and not be blas about it. They are the woman taking part of a rise to take control of their sex lives.

Pure Romance opens up the opportunity for women to learn about the topic in a safe environment. That knowledge creates confidence which empowers women to become more comfortable with themselves and their bodies.

So, empowering? Yes.

Educational? Definitely a yes, unless you are a person who knows everything there is to know about self and partner stimulation among other things.

Entertaining? Well, if you found this article entertaining imagine the party.

Co-hosting my own Passion Party was intimidating, but once getting past the whole negative association of sex. You?ll find yourself intrigued and having fun. It was all tasteful and orders are confidential. They have something for everyone ? from mild to wild, single or married and everything in between.

Interested in hosting your own party?

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