My Husband’s Penis Is Still Growing

My Husband’s Penis Is Still Growing

It?s like this strange Benjamin Button scenario, but for penis size

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I swear to all things holy my husband?s penis has gotten bigger over the course of our 15-year marriage.

His penis was always a bit above average and perfect in my eyes ? er?vagina, mouth, etc.

He didn?t have a need for a pump, pills, or a lengthening device.

His member was totally respectable and certainly got the job done.

But I swear to god his penis has gotten bigger

I started noticing a difference after we began really exploring our sexuality together and making sex a priority in our marriage.

It didn?t happen overnight, but over the course of about a three-year span, it started to appear much larger than it was when we first got married.

He started to hit spots he?d never hit before. It almost hurt ? almost.

Needing to know WTF was going on, I did a rough measurement with my hands.

I used to be able to fully hold it with two hands stacked on top of each other. Now I needed a few extra fingers in order to completely envelop it.

According to the tape measure from my sewing kit, his penis is now nearly an inch bigger than the last time this same tape measure took on this important task.

I have no studies to point to or doctors to back up my statements. All I know is that in the 16 years since we met, my husband?s erection has definitely grown by about an inch, and that?s all the proof I need.

Maybe it?s the increased thrusting that changed the muscular structure surrounding his penis and only made it appear bigger?

Perhaps the increased sexual activity gave him body awareness that helped him increase blood flow to the area for a fuller-looking and feeling erection?

Or maybe getting married around 20 meant he still had room to grow?

Is he the only man with a naturally growing penis?

A quick search revealed my husband isn?t the only 30-something experiencing penis growth. All of the other men, and their wives, were equally confused by the phenomenon.

It made us both feel a little better knowing there were at least a few other men with similar experiences.

It?s like this strange Benjamin Button situation, but for penis size.

Since it isn?t something most people would consider a problem, it?s not likely this penis growth mystery will ever be solved.

?The more unknowable the mystery, the more beautiful it is.? ? David Lynch

Who knows, maybe someday my husband can donate his body to science and they?ll find some reason for this happy accidental growth. Until then, instead of wasting time searching for answers, I?ll keep myself busy enjoying the (bigger) ride.

If you or your loved ones have experienced unexplained penis growth ?they are not alone.


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