My husband’s life of chastity

My husband’s life of chastity

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My husband discovered Chastity devices about 10 years ago or about 5 years after becoming cuckold. I did not know what chastity devices were. He brought up the subject of wearing a chastity device.

At first, I was not interested. It did not turn me on and i did not see any benefit to me. However, he brought the subject up several times and it caused me to think again. Obviously, he was turned on by the idea; it seemed fair for me to play along ? at least a little; for the sake of marital peace.

At first, I helped him put it on and I kept the key. I was not a committed key holder so I unlocked him whenever he asked. Frankly, it was boring for me. Finally, I decided on a series of rules, which have been expanded over the years. These rules made the device more interesting for both of us.

  1. I would not be his key holder. However, I would find a key holder for him. I would not tell him in advance but he would learn the identity of his key holder when he saw the key. I had a key made for his lock in red so he could identify it. After that anything to do with is key was between him and the key holder. Of course, this meant that at least one other person would know about his/our kink. I think this horrified him but also turned him on. We set a start date for his lock up; after that date, he would discover the key holder in due course. His anticipation of the date was incredible; he was tormented but also excited. I teased him ? maybe it would be my sister, or a friend of ours.
  2. He had to wear the device anytime that I was going on a date regardless of what his key holder allowed. I made it explicit that I would not promise that I would keep his secret from my dates. However, at first I did keep the device secret. That would change later.

Who did I recruit for this mission? My neighbor. She was (she moved later) an airline flight attendant and married to a successful engineer. We live in a city with row houses with common walls. We knew that she and her husband had a happy sexually fulfilling marriage ? thanks to the common walls. We knew them pretty well and had the occasional dinner. Her husband was a runner and it was obvious that he was in good shape. I confided in her and asked her to be the key holder. She immediately thought it would be great fun. Unfortunately, her husband was not amused and was not willing to participate in any way. I didn?t tell my husband, but simply invited her over for coffee about a week later. She was wearing the key.

I asked my husband to make coffee for us. When he brought in the coffee, he nearly jumped out of the room. She took control right away and asked him to sit down and join us. She asked him questions about the cage and his intentions. She made it clear that he was not to interfere in her marriage in any way. There would be no sexual activity of any kind between them except related to the cage. She also made it clear that her husband did not approve and that my husband would have to respect his feelings and live with the outcome.

In reality, the key changed the dynamics of our relationship and friendship with our neighbors. Not my relationship, but my husband?s. By accepting the key, she had a degree of control over my husband. Over time, she exercised it more and more. When it snowed, she would call and ask him to shovel her walk and backyard deck. She inspected him once per week. However, our dinners became awkward; her husband lost all respect for my husband and made it obvious. My relationship with them was unaffected and we remained close. But the dynamic with my husband was forever changed.

He was now in chastity for much of the time. I noticed an immediate change in him. He was more docile; he was more obedient and listened carefully. He learned not to interrupt me (or his key holder). I got more interested in the device and used it for small humiliations. But he loved humiliation, so it was a mutual feeling.

Many women complain that chastity devices are fun when there is sex involved, such as when I am meeting my date and my husband is caged. It gets into both of our heads and creates a fun dynamic. But what about the rest of the week which is filled with work and commitments? We had some rules to remind ourselves of his role. For instance, I dressed first for work and he remained naked until I left the house. This gave him time to make my coffee, make the bed and do other household chores. The presence of the cage, made this routine a little more lively. He wore the cage to work, the gym, and walking the dog.

Later, we enliven the cage experience more, but that is another story.


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