My Husband Spanked Me 200 Times for Reaching 200 Followers

My Husband Spanked Me 200 Times for Reaching 200 Followers

I can?t wait to get to 1,000!

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I don?t spank my kids.

There are a lot of reasons for that. I can?t bring myself to hurt them, for one thing. I?m also not convinced it?s terribly effective. And my country?s government frowns on it, too.

But probably my biggest reason for not spanking my kids has to do with how much I love getting spanked. I find a firm, open-handed slap against my behind incredibly arousing. To me, spanking is indelibly sexual.

Husband Training

My husband sees it that way, too. But it took him a while to get there. Spanking was not a terribly big part of his sexual repertoire when we met.

He?d give my ass a gentle, playful tap once in a while, but it was always timid. He never put any muscle into it.

He didn?t want to hurt me, bless his heart.

But luckily, we have always had the cornerstone of a strong relationship locked in place: good communication. We have been open with each other from the jump.

So after politely smiling my way through taps so gentle they could barely make my flesh wiggle, I told him what I really want (need!).

Firm, hard, hit-me-like-you-mean-it spanks. Slaps that leave my ass marked and red, like he?s claiming it as his.

It didn?t take long for him to learn how to deliver a proper blow. In the process, he also learned how much he loves it. And why wouldn?t he? Who doesn?t love giving pleasure?

And because this addition to our sex life came through healthy communication, he knows my limits, too. Naked palms, yes ? closed fists, no. Belts and paddles are a little too much for me. And he knows to keep the slapping away from my pussy.

Celebrating 200 Followers

When I started writing on Medium, I looked forward to getting to 200 followers. I know it?s a small milestone, but it?s a number I knew would make me feel like I was getting somewhere (even if some of my followers just added me in attempts to get follow-for-follow).

And Mr. Austin knew exactly how to motivate me. He promised me 200 spanks if I hit my 200 followers goal.

Well, I finally did it. I hit that number, and sooner than I thought.

And he tugged my pants down, lay me across his lap, and showed me just how proud he was of me for reaching my goal.

I?ve never been spanked 200 times before. I don?t even know if I?ve ever been spanked 50 times in a single session. But I?m happy to report that it was worth it. My ass is sore, bright red, and utterly and completely satisfied.

Reaching for 1,000

I?ve set a new goal for myself. This time, I?m being more ambitious. I?m aiming for 1,000 followers.

And Mr. Austin has promised me the same reward if I reach it.

Getting spanked 1,000 times will be an entirely new adventure for me. Judging from how I feel after 200, doing five times more will be a real endurance test. And I honestly don?t know if I?ll be able to take that many.

But I can?t wait to find out.

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