My Facial Compilation

My Facial Compilation

A trail of sticky tears

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In this golden age of free porn, a lot of young guys seem to be basing their sex life on what they see on Pornhub. Now, the fact that almost every porn movie ends with a cum shot to the face has undeniably led to normalizing this activity as something ?to be expected? during sex.

No. Just?no!

I?m on record as not approving of a man cumming in my face. The best thing for young women to do is present him with fun and fulfilling other ways to end sex ? for instance, him cumming into a condom! Don?t ever let a guy convince you they don?t enjoy cumming into rubbers ? guys enjoy cumming into anything, trust me.

However, I do realize that the facial is a real turn on for guys. I?m not into shaming guys about it. In fact, if you have a LTR with me, I will allow you this great privilege once and only once, just so you can have your dream come true of making me nearly go blind with your cum.

I wasn?t always so empowered, however, and there have been times when I hardly even knew a guy and he went for the money shot.

1. My first blow job.

I was 16 in the front seat of Brendon?s classic Corolla ? he loved that car. He always played this heavy metal band called Down?s Syndrome or something, and I think his favorite song, ?Sugar?, was blaring on the stereo as I went down on him in the front seat. I realized he was about to cum. I panicked. Pulled my mouth off him and boom ? he shot his load in my face.

?Sorry!? he said.

I tasted cum as it dripped down my face. It wasn?t yummy. I wiped it off my with hand. Now there was a bunch of cum on my hand.

?Here,? he said, handing me a car magazine he happened to have in his front seat.

?But that?s your favorite magazine,? I said. ?Plus, it?s really not going to absorb your spunk. Those are glossy pages.?

I glared at him through his cum. He knew what I wanted. His World of Warcraft T-shirt. Yellow. He loved it.

?Oh alright,? he said, and he pulled off his T-shirt. Finally, I got the cum off my face. I prayed to God that would be the last time a man came on my visage.

It wasn?t.

2. Girl Gone Wild?then Interrupted.

It was Spring Break. Everybody in Southern Cal goes to this horrible place called Lake Havasu on the Arizona border. It was super stupid, a bunch of bros hanging around on boats on this lake, and a million degrees out.

I ended up going down below deck on this sailboat to go down on this idiot from AZU named Alonzo.

?Yeah baby, lemme cum in your face,? he said as I sucked him.

?Why?? I asked him, during a pause in the action.

?Because baby,? he said, and he wanked himself real quick and surprised me before I could offer my retort.

And there I was again, another guy?s porn fantasy come true, and my face dripping with cum. At least he promised to go down on me to reciprocate. But then, we heard someone climbing on board up above.

?Shit, sorry babe,? he said, pulling off me. He quickly put our clothes back on as a bunch of frat boys descended on the boat. And that?s how the Girl Gone Wild got Interrupted.

3. ?Because you Love Me.?

I asked this next guy, my college boyfriend, Chris, why I should let him cum in my face. It was in his dorm room. ?Because you love me,? he said.

It was hard to argue with. I mean, really, why did he let me sit on his face? I don?t think guys really like to be sat on. Actually, guys probably do like having their faces sat on, now that I think about it. See, there is no direct equivalent of the unpleasant money shot for men to suffer through. Yeah, if we?re squirters their face might get wet, but it won?t be that slow deadly drip of bitter baby batter oozing down our face that somehow says ?I hereby degrade you.?

?OK, just this once,? I said.

He got ready to blow. I knelt there like a porn star, my lips open, my eyes closed. And he shot his load.

I wiped off my face. We got our clothes on and went down to the student lounge.

?Ew,? said this Asian girl who lived on our floor, looking at me. ?What?s that in your hair??

OMG. Never so embarrassed. There was a big wad of cum on my hair.

?What is it!? she demanded. I glared at Chris, remembering his ?Because you love me,? thing.

?It?s love,? I said, standing up and marching out of the room in a huff. ?That?s what it is! Love!?

And I vowed that was the very last time I would succumb to that humiliation ? no matter how I ?loved? the person.

4. Bakugan Bawl!

Alright, also in college, I was part of a thruple, before there was even a word for it. But we thought we were so cool, for like two months. Me and this hot girl Jade both dated this fuck boy Keith. Sometimes we would all three go back to Keith?s room together.

?We?re going to play Bukkake,? he announced that night. My little brother had just started watching this show Bakugan and that?s what I thought he meant we were going to do ? play Bakugan.

I didn?t know what Bukake was.

Cut to him cumming in my face and instructing Jade to lick it up. Alright, that was fucking gross. I felt like I was being licked by a cat. Then she gave the cum back to me in a French kiss.


I grabbed Keith and kissed him hard, giving him a taste of his own medicine.

But he liked it!

?Delicious!? he cried. Then he kissed Jade and sent the cum back in a circle ? towards me!

Damn my little brother! Why did he have to watch that stupid show?

5. After college.

OK, so there were actually a couple more in college. That?s our slutty time, it?s alright. After college though, I eschewed the facial. But my three long term relationship guys each got one. One of them was so PC he didn?t even want to do it.

?Come on, Fergus,? I said. ?I?m not going to give you another chance. This is it.?

So he reluctantly shot his load in my face, and then quickly handed me a towel, said he was sorry, and rushed out of the room.

The other two guys were more conventional. They stood over me wanking it and then fired all cannons, hooting and hollering.

It?s nice to make a man you care about happy. Even if it does make you feel like a total skank. I mean, what is the attraction of watching your sperm run down the face of the woman you care about? You wouldn?t want to rub your snot in her face would you? And TBH, sperm reminds me a lot of snot. It?s dick snot. That?s what it is.

Please don?t spray your dick snot on my face.

6. Submission

Alright, this is the one time I did like it, I have to admit. I was in a BDSM thing with a dominant dude. He would tie me up. He liked to drip candle wax on me. He liked to spank me. I liked to be spanked by him.

One time, on my knees in his little dungeon, with my arms extended up in the air by ropes that were tied to two poles. He was pretending I was his hostage ? I will spare you the gory details. He ?forced? fellatio on me. I begged him not to ?kill me.? He was merciless. ?I?m going to kill you he said!?

And then he shot. He shot a big old load in my face.

?Don?t touch it,? he said. ?Just let it drip.?

Then he undid one hand and allowed me to pleasure myself as his stuff dripped down toward my mouth.

?Let it go into your mouth,? he ordered. ?Suck it in.?

I came like crazy as I sucked in the last drop of his cum.

That was, in all honestly, the only facial I have ever really enjoyed. Because I wasn?t meant to ?enjoy? it, I was meant to ?submit? to it.

Alright, there we have it. A facial should be treated like a punishment, albeit a loving and extremely distasteful one.

But by all means men, please continue enjoying them on your porn stream.

Stream?see what I did there?


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