My Best Friend Watched Me Have Sex With His Wife

My Best Friend Watched Me Have Sex With His Wife

How a life experience saved their marriage.

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Soon it would be time. They must be nervous. I imagined their separate car journeys across London, and the building tension they would feel. Charlotte knew her entrance, as did Simon ? he was arriving first.

I placed a swivel chair at the corner of the bed for Simon. This would be his ring side seat where he would have a perfect view of his wife being ruined.

It all began a few weeks ago in Simon and I?s favorite pub. We were watching the football together. At half time, Simon paused, he looked at me and said,

?Will you fuck Charlotte while I watch? ?

I took a breath in. Not a question I would ever have expected to come from my best friend?s mouth. I had known Simon for over 15 years. We first met when I helped him fix a puncture on his bike in Regent?s Park, London. He thanked me over coffee and we remained best friends. Never once did I think our friendship would result in this unusual question.

I was his best man when he married Charlotte. He was definitely punching. They had been married for 12 years and had 2 kids together. They lived in a spectacular house in leafy Hampstead, London.

Simon loved the tales of my sexual dominant life

He enjoyed the absolute dedication of my ever-willing submissives. Vicariously living through every moment and interrogating me on the finest details, the stories clearly filled a void in his sterile and non-existent sex life.

Apparently, he and Charlotte had sex every two or three months. Simon explained, ?We book it in our diaries and it lasts no longer than 5 minutes.?

I pushed back Simon?s question immediately. What would Charlotte think of his Bordeaux fuelled question?

?It was her idea.?

I paused. I was surprised at his answer.

Charlotte was stunningly beautiful

She was a full-time gym bunny with a penchant for luxury spas. Her flawless skin and stunning smile made her into a polished and immaculate yummy mummy.

She always had a smile and a joke for me about how young my current girlfriend was. We?d compare training notes or the latest diet fad. In another lifetime, we were well matched.

Simon, was all about the money. He was 43 years old, overweight, had bad skin, was balding and on statins to keep his cholesterol in check. He spent long hours at work and was always on his phone. He was successful, yet falling apart and he knew it.

I laughed and pushed his request back again. I told him to get Charlotte to ask me herself. If they were serious, they would have to prove it.

A few days later, Charlotte?s name lit up my phone, ?Are you free for late lunch??

I said yes. It wasn?t unusual for us to meet from time to time.

We met in our normal place, The Natural Kitchen in Marylebone, London. It ticked both of our boxes. She was sitting by the window looking out at the passing commuters. As ever she was immaculately dressed. She handed me a fresh carrot and ginger juice.

?You look as incredible as ever,? I told her.

She blushed a little and changed the subject to her morning shopping trip at Harvey Nichols. She?d bought a new summer dress.

She held it up against her tight gym body and fake tits to show me

I nodded in approval. She looked amazing. I felt my cock stir in my trousers. I found myself wanting her to bring up Simon?s unusual request.

?So, what do you think of my suggestion?? She asked with a flirty smile.

I smiled but remained silent. I wanted her to talk in detail before I agreed to it. Plus, now she had actually asked the question, I felt my hesitancy. Did I really want to get involved with Simon and Charlotte?s marriage?

?I?d like you to do to me what you do to your submissives. I talk about you all the time to Simon. He wants to watch you dominate me. We have talked about nothing else for months.?

I told her there were websites that could help them. Plenty of men would love to have sex with her. I jokingly told her she couldn?t cope with me anyway. She should look elsewhere.

?But it has to be you, we trust you. I know you fancy me and you know it?s mutual. We would have great sex. I want to be dominated.?

I admired her confidence and said I?d think about it. My head and heart told me I should not get involved but my cock told me otherwise.

She left the busy eatery and glanced over her shoulder one final time, as she got lost in the London crowds. Would my friendship with Simon survive such a moment? Was it all worth it? And why did it turn them both on so much? It wasn?t something I had ever explored.

But, I was intrigued so a few days later, I found Charlotte?s number and texted her.

? I will do this for you both but there are conditions.?

My conditions were as follows:

  1. You will do exactly what I say from this point and wear what I ask
  2. It?s definitely one off
  3. You alone have the safe word and can use it
  4. Simon picks up the bill for the hotel suite
  5. Simon will be tied to a chair. I?ll gag him with your panties when I?m ready. I will also tape his mouth up and blindfold him, as and when I feel like it. He has to wear a suit. He cannot be naked.

I then sent Simon the same information. Giving one of the worlds top lawyers a set of non-negotiable conditions was a good feeling.

On Wednesday evening, I sent Simon a link to the suite at the five star luxury hotel we would be using.

I also sent Charlotte a text with specific instructions

She was to wear her Chanel black cocktail dress, no bra, black lace thong, stockings and suspenders with black Christian Louboutins, her Chanel clutch bag, pearl earrings and her oyster Rolex. Her lips and nails had to be pink, her long blonde hair straightened and her perfume Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.

The next day, I sent Charlotte another text to send me a photo of herself in pink underwear, hair tied back with a side on pose. She had an hour to deliver this. My aim was to build intensity and consume her every thoughts.

She obliged within 10 minutes. I studied her every curve. I began the process of emotional detachment, essential for this scene to work. I thanked her for her photo and complimented her.

From this moment on, she was to call me Sir. I knew it would arouse her and wrestle with her mind. We all had to fully immerse ourselves.

I entered the hotel. I was early. I picked up the room key in my name and began preparing the most interesting scene of my dominant life.

As I entered the suite, I was greeted by two bottles of chilled Mot Chandon, a 2005 Bordeaux and a stunning four poster bed. Perfection. I popped the champagne, laid out Charlotte’s new butt plug, ball gag, a shortened crop, black leather bull whip and red candle. Having them displayed like this, on the bed, would focus Simon?s mind when he entered the room first.

I secured two ankle cuffs to the stem of the swivel chair

The remaining four cuffs were attached to the rope on the corners of the bed. I was ready. I dimmed the light, left the suite and went to the bar to order a glass of French red.

I felt sharp, clear and invincible. I was ready.

At 8.30pm, Simon entered the lobby of the hotel. His orders were to enter the suite, get comfortable on his swivel chair and drink two or three glasses of champagne while he waited.

Charlotte entered the bar soon after, perfect in every way

I greeted her as normal, kisses on each cheek. She was not to talk until spoken to. I made her stand for a moment, to inspect her. She had followed every last detail of my instructions. I nodded in approval.

I poured her champagne. She drank the first glass in one go. I poured her a second glass. I asked if she was okay. She was noticeably shaking. She nodded and smiled nervously. I then delivered her first task.

?Take off your panties, now.?

We were sitting together in an rich leather seated alcove – intimate and private. She looked at me in disbelief. My request was a shock to her already trembling self.

?Now please.?

She executed my order perfectly, and seconds later, hurriedly handed me her black lace panties. She was clearly relived not to be caught. I excused myself and ordered her another drink, before we left together to enter the suite.

As instructed, Simon was sitting with his back to the door. The music was playing and the room was dimly lit. He froze for a moment as we walked in. I placed a blindfold slowly over his eyes.

I then stuffed Charlotte?s panties in his mouth

I proceeded to cover his mouth with duct tape. I systematically taped his wrists to the arms of the swivel chair and tied the ankle restraints tightly around his shins. I took the crop and brought it down heavily on the bed. He jumped. I smiled. His breathing was noticeably elevated.

?I?m going to fuck your wife Simon.?

I watched to see his reaction. He looked out of his depth. The ball was rolling. Their fantasy had began and nothing was going to stop it now.

I dimmed the lights and lit the red candle. I pulled Charlotte towards me and kissed her passionately so Simon could hear. She responded like a long lost lover.

I sat on the edge of the bed, pulled her over my knee, lifted her dress and began spanking her cute ass repeatedly. My handprint was visible. I brushed past her stockings and ran my finger gently along her pussy.

She was soaking wet

Pulling her hair hard, I dropped her to her knees, unzipped my suit trousers and forced my big cock in her mouth. We were a foot from Simon?s bent knees. I could see his hands turn into tight fists. He was helpless.

On and on, I fucked her throat. She gasped loudly for air as I forced her to keep going. Simon was trying to talk, but his muffled sounds were drowned by his wife?s devouring of my cock.

I threw Charlotte face down on the bed. Her dress was now hitched up around her waist and her normally perfect makeup smudged across her face. I blindfolded her immediately and began tying her to the corners of the four poster bed.

Once she was tightly fixed, I sat back on my armchair and relaxed. I drank my wine slowly. The haze of the room became clearer. I was calm and focused. Charlotte looked incredible and peaceful. Simon was the opposite. He was wriggling in his chair, and clearly angry.

I believe the skill to a scene is the ebb and flow, the hard and soft, the intensity and the recovery.

So, I took my time getting undressed. Neither Charlotte or Simon had any idea where I was. I imagined their heightened senses, as they tried to work out what would happen next.

I knelt on the bed and made Charlotte suck my cock again

However, I was more gentle this time. I held her hair in a pony tail. I allowed her to use her skills and to show off a little.

Moving across the bed, I hitched up her hips and began working her pussy and clit with my fingers and the flat of my tongue. She groaned and pushed her pussy towards my mouth, wanting more.

Using my thumb as a guide, I pushed the cold steel butt plug into her ass, whilst still fingering and licking her tight pussy. I could feel the hard metal butt plug through her fleshy walls.

She gripped the bed tightly. I relentlessly continued to work her with my fingers and tongue, feeling her orgasm start to grow.

I put a condom on, theatrically tearing the packet and throwing the empty wrapper at Simon. I stood up and turned him to face the mirror on the dresser next to the bed. I then took his blindfold off. I wanted him to watch us in the reflection.

I turned the music up, took my crop and cracked it on his wife?s peachy ass. She screamed and buried her head in the mattress. Twice more the crop came down as she cried out in pain.

The red lines were immediate

I lifted her hips and pushed my cock roughly inside her. I could see Simon watching, mesmerized. I was unforgiving, I fucked his wife hard.

As I rammed my cock repeatedly inside her, her whole body moved up the bed with the sheer force until her head hit the bed board. Still, I fucked her, rubbing her clit with one hand and pulling her hair with the other.

Her wild cries and screams, told me she hadn?t been fucked like this in years. I held the heels of her red soled shoes for extra leverage.

Charlotte screamed as she squirted all down my cock

I pulled out, flipped off the condom and fucked her mouth again, as I brought the crop down hard on her tight ass. I could feel myself cumming so I pulled out of her mouth and aimed my cock at her back and round butt.

Hot white cum flew all over her, landing vividly on her tanned body. I dragged the hot cum up her body with my fingers and forced them in her mouth.

My cock was still raging. I would need another condom.

And so I continued. I?d set a pace like no other scene I had delivered. I allowed for occasional pauses during the passion to create moments of silence and time to reflect for us all.

We were living out a fantasy. Charlotte had cum so often I?d lost count. And my adrenaline was high. I was finally fucking the allusive Charlotte, and in front of her husband of all people, my best friend.

Simon stayed completely still, stunned in his chair

The perfectly executed theatre of my scene filled his mind as he watched his wife squirt and moan and beg for more.

There?s a moment in every scene where a shard of normality hits my mind, and experience has told me, this is the time to stop. I looked at my watch for the first time since Charlotte entered the room. Two hours had passed in a blink of an eye. Reality crept in. It was time to leave.

I put my suit on slowly. I drank more wine and ordered an Uber. It would arrive in 8 minutes.

I gagged Charlotte?s mouth

With care and attention I untied her reddened wrists and ankles and took her blindfold off. Avoiding Simon?s gaze, I span him around so he could see his ruined wife in person for the first time.

She was curled up in a ball, calm and silent, recovering and breathing through the ball gag. The red wax of the candle I had dripped down onto her perfect skin earlier, had set over her erect nipples.

I released Simon and he slumped forward like a rag doll. The emotion of the past two hours had exhausted him.

I packed my beautiful brown leather satchel with all my tools and toys and kissed Charlotte gently on the forehead.

I checked my appearance before leaving the room. Normal life swam over me as the hotel?s bustling atmosphere took over. As always, after a scene, I felt elated.

It took a few days for the all important text to arrive from Simon. He was polite and straight to the point. He thanked me for everything. I breathed a sigh of relief.

?It has made us both re-configure and understand what is important in our relationship. Plus, we?ve had sex twice since we saw you?

I felt elated once again. My friendship with Simon was safe. And their fantasy had been delivered exactly as they had imagined. I was reminded of the old Ukrainian proverb:

?He who doesn?t risk, doesn?t drink champagne.?


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