Master The Skills Of iPhone Secret Code list 2018 And Be Successful

Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes List 2018: It is a basic convention amongst the manufacturers of mobile phone devices to provide ease of self-diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Secret codes for iPhone comes in a combination of numerical, special characters such as * and #. Usually, every code begins with the symbol * and ends with a symbol #. To use these secret codes, the user will have to feed-in these codes as per the given order using the phone?s dial-pad.

Updated List of iPhone Secret Codes

Here are various types of iPhone Secret codes such as Call related, Balance inquiry related codes. These codes are used to find out iPhone 7 plus hidden features and also used for other models like iPhone 6s plus. Check out all iPhone Codes in sequence.

Call Related Secret Codes For iPhone

  • Use Call forwarding code of iPhone: *#67#

Call forwarding is a kind of telephonic service that lets the users divert an incoming call to an alternative number or even to a voice messenger. Call forwarding only works when the user is already busy on another call.

Use the given code *67# on your iPhone to check the listed alternate mobile number that is instructed to take forwarded calls. You will be able to view voice messenger number as well. You may only view the listed numbers. To modify, go to Settings and search for Call Forwarding option to add/edit the alternate number. Alternatively, you may call the network provider for better assistance.

Call the control bars: *#33#

Control bars act as a one-stop customization tool for basic settings of iPhone. The control bars also include customization of call options such as Voice, SMS, Fax, barring option, etc.

Use the give secret code for iPhone *#33# to call the control bars for necessary customizations.

Edit Call forwarding on iPhone: *#21#

As already discussed, Call Forwarding is an essential service that lets you attend every incoming call either directly or indirectly through pre-recorded voice messages.

Using the given iPhone secret code, a user can modify/add call forwarding numbers. One can also check voice messages, enable/disable call forwarding.

  • Check the number of missed calls: *#61#

You may always like to attend all your incoming calls, but it is not always that you get to do so. While in-built phone application provides timely notification, there is a secret code to view your missed calls too in case of an emergency. Use the following code *#61 to check the number of missed calls.

  • Verification code of call forwarding: *#62#

Another secret code related to Call Forwarding is the verification code. Using the given code *#62#, it is possible for the user to verify the listed number to be used for Call Forwarding. This option becomes extremely useful to check if particular call forwarding service is available for that particular listed number or not.

  • Check the SMS Center of iPhone: *#5005*7672#

In the age of instant messaging applications like Whatsapp, SMS has lost its market share big time. Nonetheless, still, there are certain applications which could only be fulfilled using SMS. While knowing the number of your SMS center is not essential but it comes in handy when you are unable to send/receive any SMS.

Use the code *#5005*7672# on your iPhone to quickly check the SMS center number.

  • Barring code of iPhone: *331*

Call barring is yet another kind of telephone service that allows a user to filter a particular list of outgoing calls. The service is also applicable on the incoming calls.

Use the secret code *331* on your iPhone to start using this service. For additional information, you may contact your network service provider.

  • Call Waiting Status on iPhone: *#43#

Call Waiting is a useful telephone service that lets a user keep the first call on hold while allowing the user to attend the other incoming call. Using the iPhone secret code *#43# the users may check the call waiting for status.

  • Activate the Call Waiting option: *43#

Call Waiting option gets activated automatically at the first initialization of SIM card. However, in certain cases, it is barred from getting activated automatically. Therefore, use the given code *43# on iPhone to activate the call waiting option.

Deactivate the Call Waiting option: #43#

When activation is possible, there ought to be an option for deactivation of the service when needed. Use the secret code #43# to deactivate the call waiting option on your iPhone.

Balance Enquiry Related iPhone Secret Codes Unlocked

  • Postpaid Available time code for iPhone: *646#

The given code is strictly available for Postpaid users only. Using the code *646# a user access the available talk time on their Postpaid connection.

  • Hidden Code for checking the bill balance: *225#

While the code for checking balance can be network service provider specific, the given code can also be used for the same. Use the code *225# for checking the bill balance and it is applicable only to Postpaid connections.

  • Code for checking account balance: *777#

Similarly here is the code for checking account balance on a prepaid connection. It is also service provider specific yet the following code *777# can be used to check account balance.

iPhone Setting Related Secret Codes Unlocked

  • General Information about iPhone: *3282#

For knowing general purpose information about your iPhone, use the given code *3282#. The code will reveal useful information about the iPhone.

  • IMEI Code of iPhone: *#06#

IMEI code has become essential in the identification of phones. Also known as International Mobile Equipment Identity, it is unique for every manufactured mobile device, thereby easing the tracking process.

Use the code *#06# to obtain the IMEI number of your iPhone.

  • Inner setting code of iPhone: *3001#12345#*
  • Apart from the secret code that lists out a general information of an iPhone, the above given code lists out more detailed essential information. Use the code *3001#12345#* to open inner settings information. Such information is useful at the time of diagnosis.
  • Connected Line Presentation code: *#76#

Connected Line Presentation Code or COLP protocol allows the users to obtain the incoming calling party?s address information. The secret code given here will only allow you to verify the functioning of COLP command. Otherwise, this will not allow the user to establish it. Special permissions are required to establish the command.

Use the code *76# to verify connected line presentation code on your iPhone.

EFR Mode of iPhone: *3370#

EFR stands for Enhanced Full Rate and allows superior network quality. By enabling EFR mode, the user is essentially improving the voice/data quality. However, battery life is equally affected as the phone now runs at its highest efficiency.

Use the secret code *3370# on your iPhone to enable EFR mode.

  • Hide Your mobile number Number: *#31#

The given code lets you hide your mobile number that gets displayed on the screen. You may also choose to use Settings menu to hide your mobile number manually.

Use the secret code *#31# to hide your mobile number on an iPhone.

There are several other secret codes available for the users to unlock more hidden functions of their iPhone. Yet the above article was restricted to present the best hidden iPhone secret codes list and thus only a few category of relevant services was mentioned such that the reader is not overloaded with information.


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