Libram Library — Which Libram is for you?

For most 19 twinks, the choice is a no brainer, but some classes have to decide. This is no scientific number, but I dare to say 90% of all twinks have the +100 HP Libram on their head item. This is the obvious choice for most, but rogues, hunters, and priests have to think about it a little. Using the Libram of Voracity allows rogues and hunters to get themselves an extra 8 agility. In fact, the Libram of Voracity is a great item because it allows you to get +8 to any of the core stats. If you can?t find a Libram of Constitution for the +100 HP, you can settle for +8 Stamina (+80 HP) by using the Libram of Voracity. I?ve also know a few priests that opt for the Libram of Rumination for the 150 Mana. I personally choose to go with the Libram of Focus for the +8 to Healing and Damage spells for my locks (only if it?s a Lucky Fishing Hat). The Libram of Focus quest is one of the more difficult ones. This is mainly because you need two keys and a couple BOP items from a level 60 5 man instance.

What Libram is right for you? Read on to find out.

Here are the Librams that can be gotten for 19 Twinks?

  • Libram of Constitution +100HP (Lesser Arcanum of Constitution)
  • Libram of Focus +8 Healing/Spell Damage (Arcanum of Focus)
  • Libram of Protection +12 Dodge (Arcanum of Protection)
  • Libram of Rapidity +10 Haste (Arcanum of Rapidity)
  • Libram of Resilience +20 Fire Resistance (Lesser Arcanum of Tenacity)
  • Libram of Rumination +150 Mana (Lesser Arcanum of Rumination)
  • Libram of Tenacity +125 Armor (Lesser Arcanum of Tenacity)
  • Libram of Voracity +8 to Stamina, Intelligence, Spirit, Agility, or Strength (Lesser Arcanum of Voracity)

I guess it goes without saying why we don?t put these librams on our pants, right? With the leg armors and spell threads out there for our leg slot, there is no need to throw a libram on them.

So how do I get one of these on my hat or goggles?

Just like you do with spell thread or leg armor. A higher level toon must apply it for you. Unlike the leg armors, that higher level toon can apply the arcanum (the reward of the quest for the appropriate libram) in the trade window. The thing that makes this more difficult than the leg armors and thread is that the higher level toon doing it for you must complete a quest to turn the Libram into an Arcanum (the actual enchant). Some of the quests are simple and take minutes (not including all the flying around). Some of them are more difficult though. They all take 30g and the libram, add a couple other items to those two and you?ve got it. Most of the quest Items are soulbound, so it makes it where the higher level toon must farm a little.

Here are the requirements for some of the most commonly used librams?

Libram of Voracity This is, in my opinion, the easiest of them all. Grab a libram and Black Diamond off the AH and head to Felwood (see end of this post for info on this) to grab some Whipper Root Tuber, then off to the Crater to gather crystals for the Crystal force.

  • Black Diamond
  • Libram of Voracity
  • Whipper Root Tuber (4)
  • Crystal Force (4)
  • 30 Gold

Libram of Constitution This one is pretty easy too, but involves a little killing for the quest for the Lung Juice. You get the Night Dragon?s Breath from Felwood (see bottom of this post again). If you are helping a bunch of twinks with librams, I suggest farming the Night Dragon?s Breath so you don?t have to fool with it each time.

  • Black Diamond
  • Lung Juice Cocktail
  • Libram of Constitution
  • Night Dragon?s Breath (4)
  • 30 Gold

Libram of Focus This one is tricky because it requires you to enter two keyed instances. It also calls for some pricey items too. The Skin of Shadow requires you jump down into a pit of undead in Scholomance and kill Risen Contructs until 2 drop. Scholomance is a heavily farmed zone for enchanting mats, so it might be easy for some because they already have some skin laying around. After getting the 2 skins, head to Dire Maul to turn in to an NPC inside the instance, yes another keyed instance.

  • Pristine Black Diamond
  • Libram of Focus
  • Large Brilliant Shard (4)
  • Skin of Shadow (2)
  • 30 Gold

Libram of Rumination I?ve not done this one, but since you have to enter Blackrock Depths for the Black Blood of the Tormented, it doesn?t make it easy as the 1st two I mentioned.

  • Black Diamond
  • Black Blood of the Tormented
  • Gizzard Gum
  • Libram of Rumination
  • 30 Gold

Here is a wonderful explanation of the Felwood items you need taken from WowHead?

1) The first thing you need to do before you can obtain any Night Dragon?s Breath, Wipper Root Tuber, Windblosson Berries, or Songflowers is to complete a quest to so you can cleanse them. Alliance: Horde:

2) After this quest is completed you will then need to collect Cenarion Plant Salve?s to be able to cleanse the plants you find. There are several different ways to do this. a. Salve via Disenchanting: 1x Lesser Nether Essence = 2x Cenarion Plant Salve b. Salve via Gathering: 4x Fel Creep = 2x Cenarion Plant Salve c. Salve via Hunting: 6x Corrupted Soul Shard = 2x Cenarion Plant Salve d. Salve via Mining: 4x Tainted Vitriol = 2x Cenarion Plant Salve e. Salve via Skinning: 5x Patch of Tainted Skin = 2x Cenarion Plant Salve

3) Once you have collected several Corrupted Plant Salves, you are ready to start farming. I have listed the four types of plants and links to where they are. a. Night Dragon?s Breath: – Requires 4x Cenarion Plant Salves and you will obtain 3?10 from each plant b. Wipper Root Tuber: – Requires 3x Cenarion Plant Salves and you will obtain 3?10 from each plant c. Windblossom Berries: – Requires 2x Cenarion Plant Salves and you will obtain 15?20 from each plant d. Songflower: – Requires 1x Cenarion Plant Salves and you will get a buff that gives you 5% spell crit and +5 to all attributes for 1 hour.


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