Is eHarmony Worth it — What You Have to Know [2019]

Is eHarmony Worth it — What You Have to Know [2019]

There are a lot of single people in the world although not everybody chooses to be one. It is just that they have no luck in finding the perfect match for them in real life. Thanks to technology, the ?one? may just be at the other end of the world.

Nowadays, many online dating sites are up and running on the internet as many people are looking for love on the internet. There are pros and cons when looking for love interest on the World Wide Web.

One of the many pros of online dating is easy to access. No matter where you are and whatever you do, you can access any online dating app as long as you have a mobile phone or laptop and internet access. On the other hand, the downfall for this is that there is the possibility that you end up ?shopping? for partners rather than singling out ?the one?. Another proof these sites is that they offer compatibility test to find the perfect match, although these tests could not guarantee 100% compatibility.

One of the most talked about online dating site is the eHarmony. It has claimed more than 500 marriages each day in the United States alone and because of which, many singles looking for a husband or wife are signing up in eHarmony.

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What is eHarmony?

Dr. Neil Clark Warren is the person behind eHarmony. He developed it in the late 1990s because he could not just let fate take its course. He believed that there should be something to do rather than sitting around and sulking. Previously, Dr. Warren was a psychologist and at the same time as a counselor to married couples. Thus, the kind of background he has have made him developed a patented system that enables people to look for the perfect match.

Just like every social media, you need to sign up and create your profile. Upon logging in, you will see a lengthy question and answer portion, to say 149 questions no more no less. However, it is just right especially if you are looking for the person you will be spending the rest of your life with. Another thing that can easily be noticed upon registration is that they will ask you for your gender, however, eHarmony does not permit same-sex relationship hence they would refer you to another website which is the Compatible Partners. Nevertheless, there is no point in lying about your personal information if you want a positive result thereafter.

Is it worth it?

If you?re asking yourself ?is eHarmony worth it ??, then aside from the lengthy profile making, eHarmony is worth the try. There is no harm in trying right? You can open an account at eHarmony for free but you will not be able to talk to the other party. On the other hand, if you get a paid account, you can enjoy several features depending on the plan you choose. Furthermore, eHarmony is the perfect website if you are looking for a lifetime partner. The success rate of the relationship is high because of the backgrounds of the experts behind the system. And lastly, you will not be spending most of your time looking for the right person because the system will do the search for you.


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