In Defense of Jackhammer Sex

In Defense of Jackhammer Sex

Being pounded can feel oh so good

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One of my favorite feelings is getting really pounded during sex. Lately that feels like a controversial opinion.

The missionary position used to be everyone?s favorite shorthand for bad sex. If a guy was just lying on top of you while you were fucking, that was supposed to be dull as hell.

Lately, people have been ragging on missionary a lot less. Probably because we all finally fessed up and admitted that it?s really quite good actually.

As far as standard sex positions go, it?s got a lot going for it. It can give you a great angle for penetration, it feels close and intimate, and it?s the only way to get clitoral stimulation from penetrative sex.

But now we?ve all come to a new consensus. We can all agree that missionary rules. It?s jackhammer sex that?s terrible.

Jackhammering is exactly what it sounds like. It?s when a guy treats his cock like a piston and fucks you as fast and as hard as he can.

It looks like amazing cardio (though I?m on the receiving end of it so I don?t get to burn a lot of calories), but it?s not supposed to do much to get you off. It?s a bro move used by a guy who probably watches too much porn, might have given himself death grip because of it, and is more excited about telling his friends that he got to fuck you than he is about actually getting you off.

But I just don?t see it that way. I love getting jackhammered. So, either I?m a total freak or this is the whole missionary sex thing all over again.

Slapping Skin

I discovered jackhammer sex when I started sleeping with a guy named Todd.

Todd would come really quickly, but he still fucked like a pornstar.

He?d bend me over or fold our bodies into contorted sex positions that probably looked better than they felt. And once he had me where he wanted me, he?d pound into me as hard and fast as he could.

He was also multiorgasmic and as far as I could tell he had no refractory period. He would jackhammer me until he came, pull off the condom, replace it with a new one, and go right back to fucking me the same way.

Todd was exactly the guy I needed at that time in my life. I had just gotten out of a relationship with a guy who wasn?t very physical with me. I wasn?t really attracted to him and even though he seemed like he was into me, he didn?t show a whole lot of desire for me.

With Todd, it was completely different. I finally got to feel some passion. Being pounded was part of that. When he?d grab my hips and slam into me as hard as he could, I felt wanted in a way that I hadn?t felt in months.

But it wasn?t just that. It was also the way his hips rammed against my ass. There was just something about his flesh slapping into mine that felt incredible.

It was a deep, intense, pleasurable feeling ? like getting spanked and fucked at the same time.

Which, incidentally, is also a lot of fun.

Things didn?t last long with Todd. And sadly, breaking up with him meant breaking up with the pounding, too.

I eventually settled down with a guy who couldn?t jackhammer me. That wasn?t his fault ? it was just the way our bodies were made.

First, there was his cock. It curves. That?s not normally an issue but it made doggystyle uncomfortable. He could pound me, but I couldn?t take it for very long and it didn?t even feel that good while he was doing it.

I also ran into some issues with my cervix. Well, issues with my hormones and my libido, really. But because I could never get as aroused as I used to, deep penetration meant his cock jabbed against my cervix, which is not my idea of a good time.

I made peace with my jackhammer-free life. At least I still had Todd?s athletic banging in my spank bank whenever I needed it.

Thankfully, it was only a temporary problem. Through some trial and error, I eventually found a few ways for my husband to fuck me harder and faster.

Doggystyle sex is still tricky, but we discovered a way to accommodate his curve. It?s not something we can manage every time, but when we do it feels so fucking good I have to press my face into our memory foam mattress to muffle all the noises I can?t contain.

Spooning positions work well, too. They?re not quite as exciting as doggystyle, but they?re a lot more reliable. Some of them give his fingers access to my clit, too, which is just dandy.

And then there?s missionary. Yep, missionary and jackhammering ? the two stereotypically bad sex moves combined. If I throw one or both legs over his shoulders I can get fucked with so much depth and speed that I can only take it for a couple of minutes before it gets way too intense. But what a damn fine couple of minutes those are.

Why Jackhammer Sex Gets a Bad Rap

I love being jackhammered, but it?s not something I want every time I fuck. It?s definitely not the only way I want to be fucked. But it?s nice to throw it in the rotation on occasion (okay, fairly regularly).

I love the intensity of it, the slapping of flesh against flesh, and having my hips squeezed while getting fucked. But I?m really into slow sex, too.

And there are some risks to getting pounded like that.

Like I mentioned above, if you?re getting it too deep and hard before you?re aroused enough to take it, it can result in some cervical jabbing that you might not enjoy.

All that speed also increases the odds of him slipping out. If he?s not careful, that can result in a dick stab or even some accidental anal. Either way, it?s no picnic.

But I don?t think it?s those risks that give jackhammering its bad reputation. I suspect the reason people look down on it isn?t because most women don?t enjoy it ? it?s because we want all the other stuff, too.

The same thing happened to missionary. People didn?t consider it boring because missionary sex sucks. They considered it boring because it gets kind of dull if it?s the only position you ever get fucked in.

Jackhammering?s the same. It?s not the actual pounding itself that?s bad ? it?s fucking a guy who won?t do anything other than jackhammer you.

The guys who speed through foreplay, the ones who don?t make sure you?re aroused enough before they start slamming into you, the ones who fuck fast, come, and then go to sleep ? they?re the reason jackhammering has a bad reputation.

How to Pound Her Good

If you?re a guy, jackhammering should be one of the many ways you get down with your lady. It should be part of your repertoire. But it?s easy to get it wrong. So, here are the things you need to do to make sure she?s enjoying the pounding as much as you are.

First, pay attention. Going fast and hard isn?t an excuse for being careless. You might slip out, and that?s fine, but make sure you don?t thrust again when you do. Pause for a moment, realign your cock with her pussy, slide it back in, and then start pounding again.

I suspect this might be a bigger problem for guys who are less endowed. I don?t know for sure, but slipping out might be easier to avoid if you have more length.

You also have to make sure she?s fully aroused before you start slamming into her. You need lots of foreplay to make sure the cervix won?t be an issue.

Again, I suspect this might depend partly on length. It might be a bigger issue for longer guys. It?s also one of the reasons I?d love to get pounded by a guy with a shorter cock. Both guys who have fucked me really hard were above average in length and I bet it would feel really good to get jackhammered without worrying about the potential discomfort. But a lot of that discomfort can be avoided if you get her in as hot of a mood as you can.

Eat her out, too. Seriously. Jackhammering can be your finishing move, or something you throw into the mix, but you shouldn?t consider it the main event. Give her other kinds of action, with lots of variety and plenty of focus on her clit.

Jackhammering is also something you should be building up to. Start slow and take your time. Work your way up to pounding her.

And finally, use your hands. It?s the intensity of jackhammer sex that feels really good, not just the thrusting. So add to that experience by grabbing her hips, spanking her, and pulling her against you.

Hammer It Home

I?m pretty sure I?m guilty of it, too. I think I?ve used jackhammering as an example of bad sex in one or two of my articles.

But we should be precise. It?s not the jackhammering that?s bad. It?s the guys who just pound and come without doing anything to get us off who deserve a scolding.

I?ve got no problem with the guys who fuck us hard after going down on us, rubbing our clits, slow-fucking us into ecstasy, and making us come so intensely we forget our names for a fraction of a second.

Those guys deserve a medal and a high five. Because sometimes, your pussy just needs to get pounded, but it shouldn?t come at the expense of great sex.

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