I’m Looking for a Toy That Simulates Oral Sex

I’m Looking for a Toy That Simulates Oral Sex

Is it so hard to replicate what the human tongue can do?

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It wasn?t long after I turned 19. Oral sex was still kind of new to me. I?d only been receiving it for one year, but I?d been receiving it a lot and I fell madly in love with it.

Around that same time, I fell in love with sex toys, too.

My first sex toys were toys I could fuck myself with. Then, I discovered bullet vibrators and it opened up a whole new world of pleasurable sensations. But I didn?t have any that could even come close to imitating the way a tongue felt when it lapped against my pussy.

Mr. Austin worked long night shifts at the time, so I had plenty of time alone. When I missed his tongue, I would reach for one of my toys. It was fun, but I?d just end up missing his tongue even more.

Then, I came across it ? a toy that could actually lick me.

It was called a Sqweel and it was basically a thick black disc (kind of like the ones that bubblegum tape comes in) with an opening on one side. Inside the casing, there was a wheel with several silicone tongues, with a few poking out of the opening at a time.

Press the button, the wheel turns, and the tongue flick at your pussy until you come.

I bought the Sqweel to fill my lonely, oral-sex-free hours. But unfortunately, it didn?t live up to the real thing. Not even close. It just felt like the silicone tongues were petting my pussy, but not in a way that felt good.

So, I went back to my old routine of bullet vibrators and waiting patiently for the clock to hit 2 a.m. That?s when my guy?s shift ended and when I?d get to enjoy his tongue again.

A Vibrator That Promises Some Licking Action

My husband works from home now, but I?m still intrigued by the idea of a sex toy that simulates oral sex.

There are still times when he?s too busy or that I just decide to get off by myself. If nothing else, a toy like that would at least add a lot of variety to my masturbation sessions. I can do a lot of things to myself when I?m getting off, but any kind of licking (simulated or otherwise) isn?t one of them.

It?s been almost fifteen years since I?ve tried an oral sex toy, and I decided to give it another go. My experience with the Sqweel made me a little cautious. A wheel of tongue sounds good in theory, but it wasn?t so great in practice. So, I went for something that had a completely different design.

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The toy I tried is a G-spot vibrator with a rabbit attachment. Only instead of little ears, the rabbit has something that resembles petals. The head of the vibrator also has a little bump that pulses when the vibrations are on so it taps against the G-spot.

More importantly, the company?s site makes one bold claim: Vibrating + Licking.

Sounds like a perfect combination if you ask me.

So, I got the toy, cleaned it, and plugged it into the USB port of my laptop to charge it.

Once it was good to go, I was too.

I laid in bed and watched porn to get in the mood. Then, I started using my fingers to get myself going ? after all, I don?t usually start with oral so why would I change that now?

Then, it was time for the toy. I fucked myself with it first (okay, I guess I don?t care about the usual order after all). I didn?t turn it on yet because I get too sensitive if I ride internal vibrations for too long.

Once I got myself off, it was time to turn on the toy.

I covered the petals with plenty of lube ? not just so it feels better but because if I?m going to get a licking sensation it should be really wet.

I turned on the clit stimulation, which felt good. The petals gave a nice added sensation. One of them rested around my clit while the other two vibrated my labia, which was a good touch.

After another orgasm, I turned on the vibrations and the pulsing. I felt the little bump tapping rapidly against my G-spot, which was better than I expected it to be. It felt more like getting a rocking motion while being fingered instead of a rub, which I appreciated.

It brought me to a decent climax, too, because the G-spot stimulation and the rabbit vibrations combined to give me a blended orgasm.

There were a few things I liked about the toy. It had dual motors, which is definitely a plus. For someone like me, it means I can turn off the internal vibrations before I get too sensitive but keep the rabbit going the entire time. It would be handy, too, if you wanted to have the G-spot vibrations the entire time but save the clitoral vibrations for the finish.

The pulsing action from the G-spot stimulator worked well. It thumped quickly without going too hard. Unfortunately, there?s no way to get the tapping action without the vibration, so if you turn off the buzzing, you turn off that extra sensation along with it.

But the biggest con of this toy is that it didn?t live up to the claim that it licks. Not even close. The motions weren?t anything I recognize from the oral sex I?ve received and the petals didn?t feel like a tongue in any way.

At least my husband doesn?t work nights anymore, so I got to make up for the disappointment later that evening.

Still Searching

So, all in all, it was a decent toy and fun to use as a G-spot stimulator with a rabbit. But it did nothing to quench my thirst for oral.

I?m still on the hunt for a toy that can. I might even try my hand (well, my clit) at the Sqweel again. They?ve since updated it to the Sqweel 2.0 and I hope they?ve made some decent improvements on the one I tried.

And when I do find a toy that can eat me out decently, I might go MIA for a week or two. But I?ll definitely be back to write about it once I?ve had my fill.

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