I Used a Sex Toy on My Husband

I Used a Sex Toy on My Husband

It was his first time ? and mine, too

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Sex toys have always felt perfectly natural and ordinary to me.

I?ve been masturbating for more than twenty years now, and I started using toys from the very beginning. Literal toys at first (thanks for the memories, Care Bears), and vibrators when I got older.

In fact, masturbating with my fingers is very new to me and it?s something I only do occasionally (it?s a mindfulness exercise, but one that doesn?t bore me to tears).

I bought my first sex toy with Mr. Austin. It was very early in our relationship and we took a trip to the sex shop to look for something fun to try. I walked out with a vibrator and I have been a huge fan ever since. I always have multiple toys in my bedroom, and even though I?ve gotten rid of some over the years, I always replace or upgrade them.

But throughout those fifteen years, we never bought a toy for Mr. Austin. It?s not something that had ever occurred to me.

The sex shops we visited prominently displayed vibrators, dildos, and various other toys designed for the vulva, but I can?t remember ever seeing a sex toy designed to stimulate a cock. And every time I walked in, the store owner tried to sell me on some expensive vibrator or other, but he never once tried to pitch anything to Mr. Austin.

As far as I knew, the only sex toys for men were cockrings and novelty blowup dolls.

The Wonderful World of Sleeves

I?m not exactly sure when I heard about pocket pussies, but it was a few years into my marriage.

I had some serious struggles with my libido at the time, so I frequently joked with Mr. Austin that he should buy himself a Fleshlight so he?d have something to fuck while my sex drive was out of commission.

I teased him about it, but I was also completely serious. Fucking a Fleshlight just made perfect sense to me. When I can?t or don?t want to have sex but I still want to get off, I use a sex toy. When Mr. Austin can?t have sex, why shouldn?t he do the same?

He never took me up on the suggestion. He had a strange knee-jerk reaction to the whole thing, like he didn?t even want to consider it.

That baffled me. I thought they looked cool and I assumed they would be fun to use. If I had a cock, I would definitely stick mine in one, and I kind of hoped he would buy one just so I could try fingering it.

I couldn?t get Mr. Austin interested, but I stayed fascinated. After a while, I really wanted to see them in action, and since Mr. Austin wasn?t keen on them, I looked for porn that featured them.

Watching men use not just Fleshlights but all sorts of different sex sleeves was really cool, and a real turn-on.

And then I came across a video that just fucking sold me on the whole thing.

It was a woman using a pocket pussy on her partner. She pressed the opening on the tip of his cock. Seeing the way the toy?s lubed up lips parted as it slowly eased onto his head made it seem so soft.

I gave the video my full attention, watching her stroke his shaft with it, listening to his groans and her gentle encouraging moans.

It was really hot. It also helped me see sleeves in a whole new light. These weren?t just some really cool masturbatory aids. They could also be a really good toy for couples to use. Now I didn?t just want to get a sleeve so I could touch it and watch Mr. Austin use it ? I wanted to fuck him with it.

My Husband?s First Sex Toy

The way I got heart eyes over watching people use sleeves changed Mr. Austin?s mind about them.

Like me, he had never thought of them as a toy he could use with a partner. In fact, he kind of figured that I wouldn?t want to use it on him, that the appeal for me was pure novelty, not that it would arouse me.

He was still a bit weird about the whole idea, but he was more open-minded about it. He did a little research project, reading articles about men?s experiences with them.

Soon after, he was sold, and we started shopping for one.

We looked at several options. I really liked the Fleshlight because of its realistic look and solid handle. But I didn?t want to invest about a hundred bucks in a toy I wasn?t sure my husband would even like. Mr. Austin?s got a pretty insensitive cock due to phimosis, so it?s possible it wouldn?t give him much stimulation at all.

Some of the affordable options looked cheap. Some were from sketchy online sellers. But we finally settled on the Tenga Egg. Tenga?s a big name in the sleeve game and the Eggs looked cool. They kind of look like Kinder Surprise eggs, except they?re for your cock.

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They cost less than $10, so even if it was disappointing, that wouldn?t be a big deal. And even though they?re disposable (they wear down after use), most users online say they can get about four or five uses out of them.

When I bought it, I didn?t actually understand how it worked. It was really small, shallow, and closed on one end, so I figured it just slid over the head and you could stimulate it by stroking through it or gyrating it.

I had Mr Austin undress and lay across the bed. I sat next to him and poured the water-based lube that came with the Egg into its opening.

I held Mr. Austin?s erection with one hand and worked the Egg onto the tip of his cock with the other. For a few moments, I only managed to spread lube on him, but then I managed to slide it over his head.

At first, I gave his head some slow, short strokes. I soon realized that this is not just a head stimulating toy, but that it can be tugged down to cover most of the shaft, too.

Watching the Egg at work was just fascinating. Stretching it out and seeing it cover most of his shaft was nice, and I could see his head through the sleeve when it was pulled all the way down.

I could also feel the ribs and bumps from the outside. It gave me a bit of an idea to what was happening to his cock inside the sleeve.

Stroking him with it was really easy and comfortable. And playing with a rubbery toy gave me a really nice tactile sensation.

I tried a few different things. I alternated between short and long strokes. I rubbed it around the head to focus on the most sensitive parts of his cock. And I also managed to grip the toy with my thumb and index finger while wrapping my other fingers around his bare shaft to give him a combination sleeve stroke and handjob.

After playing with it for a while, I took it off him and jerked him off bare-handed. Then, we proceeded to have some more sex play with another toy (that one was for me, though).

When we were done, we laid together and talked about the whole experience. I had a lot of fun with the Egg, and Mr. Austin?s moans gave me a verbal thumbs-up throughout, but I still wanted details.

He told me he was pleasantly surprised that the toy provided a bit of suction at times, especially with short, shallow strokes. And when I stretched it down, he said it felt like my hand was covering his entire cock, not just the bottom of his shaft where my fingers were.

I wanted to know if it was similar to a blowjob or penetrative sex. After some thinking, he told me it felt a bit more like my pussy than my mouth (except that it wasn?t warm), but that it didn?t really compare perfectly to either of them. It wasn?t like a better handjob or a worse blowjob ? it was a completely new sensation.

Adding to Our Repertoire

The Tenga Egg was our first sleeve toy, but it won?t be our last. I?ve already got my eye on a few others and I can?t wait to try them out.

I?m all for introducing new sex toys we both enjoy. It gives us a new way to play and introduces a different kind of stimulation.

It?s really nice from the giving end, too. It?s not necessarily more fun than stroking a bare, lubed up cock, but it?s a good way to switch things up, keep things interesting, and allow me to use different techniques.

There?s no shame in experimenting and trying new things, and it?s kind of a bummer that a lot of people either don?t know much about these great toys or don?t really think of them as toys that can be used in couples play (that?s why I prefer calling them sleeves or strokers instead of masturbators).

I?ve heard from a lot of people who don?t want to try a stroker because they?d rather have ?the real thing.? If anyone?s not comfortable using them, that?s fine, but no one should be confusing these toys with some kind of sex substitute. They work really well for switching things up and introducing new sensations and textures, whether you?re alone or with a partner.

I know these toys won?t be for everyone (different strokes for different folks, after all), but if you?re open to trying one, I highly recommend. Sometimes, a good hard jack in a nice soft toy is just what a dick needs.

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