I Tried a Thrusting Sex Toy

It earned its place in my nightstand

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I get excited whenever I see sex machines in action. There?s just something so cool about the way they thrust, pump, and rotate.

I?ve wanted to get my hands on one ever since I heard of them. It seems like the perfect way to get some penetrative action when I?m in the mood to get off by myself.

I might not be able to buy a robot that speaks my love languages yet, but it?s nice to know I could at least get one that would fuck me proper.

The only thing that stopped me so far is that there?s quite an investment.

Obviously, there?s the cost. I?m willing to pay more for a good quality sex toy, but I haven?t been able to convince myself to put down the kind of money I?d need for a fuck machine. I?m sure they?d be a lot of fun, but would they be $600 worth of fun?

Okay, I?m sure they would be. But still, putting down that much at once would sting a little bit.

They?re also pretty damn big. You can tuck a vibrator away easily, but even the more compact sex machines take up a bit of floor space. That?s not a deal breaker ? it just makes me think twice before buying something that can?t fit in my underwear drawer.

So, I was really excited when I found a toy I thought would be a great temporary solution: the Teddy, a thrusting dildo by Velvet.

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It?s not the kind of fuck machine I dreamed of owning, but it would at least fulfill its basic functions. It would thrust and thrust fast (about twice a second at the highest setting). And it has a suction cup bottom so it can be used hands-free.

And it doesn?t have the downsides that come with a fuck machine. The price is a lot more affordable ? in the range you?d expect for a quality sex toy. Because it?s the same size as a large dildo, it?s also storage-friendly and very hideable.

It also has a manageable size for a non-size-queen like myself.

I expected the toy to be a bit of a compromise ? something I could play with until I could get the real thing. But it doesn?t feel that way at all. And it makes me wonder why I waited so long before getting my hands on a thruster.

A Little Self-Love

I wanted to get a really good sense of what the Teddy could do, so I decided to use it three different ways before writing about it.

The first time, I took it out for a bit of basic solo play.

I laid in bed and touched myself until I was wet enough for an insertable toy. But just to be sure, I decided to wet it by giving the toy a slobbery blowjob.

Having it between my lips made me curious ? I couldn?t resist turning it on and letting it fuck my mouth for a little while.

Facefucking myself with a thruster was surprisingly pleasant but I had other business to attend to. So, I turned it off, slid it in my pussy, and fucked myself for a few minutes.

Once I got used to it, I turned it on. It pumped into me slowly at first, then I worked my way through all the different settings.

It felt really good, not just because it was sliding in and out of me but because of the texture. The silicone on the Teddy has to be the softest I?ve ever felt on a sex toy ? hands down.

After getting a nice, fast pace going, I rubbed my clit while I let it go to work on me. The dual stimulation gave me a really satisfying orgasm.

Then, I did something I normally don?t do when I use a sex toy ? I got on the floor.

I did that in part so I could spread my legs and use it in front of my full-length mirror. I knew what it felt like, but I wanted to see it in action.

But what I really wanted to do was try to use it without having to hold it. I stuck the suction cup base to the floor, lowered myself on the toy, and rode it while it fucked me. I met its thrusts as best as I could (it has way more stamina than I do) and I used a vibrator on my clit at the same time.

The orgasm I got from riding it was even stronger than the ones I got from just holding it in place. It just hit me in the right places and let me focus on working my clit while it took care of everything else.

After I cleaned the toy, I put it in my top drawer, where I keep all my favorites. I could already tell it was a toy I?d keep coming back to.

Breaking Past the Orgasmic Barrier

The next time I used it, I was with my husband.

It was one of those frustrating nights when my body just won?t cooperate. For whatever reason, I was having trouble getting off.

It wasn?t for lack of trying ? Mr. Austin was pulling out all the stops but it just wasn?t happening. He had been going down on me for so long that I started worrying his tongue would get tired.

So, I suggested we give the Teddy a shot.

He got it from the drawer, rubbed it against my pussy to get it slick, and then inserted it slowly. He pushed it in and out of me for a few minutes and then turned the toy on.

That felt really good on its own, but it was even better when he put his tongue to work again.

Getting fucked while being eaten out has been a huge fantasy of mine for a long time. This was an amazing way to roleplay it.

This time, I didn?t struggle to get off. The toy?s powerful thrusts and the soft lapping tongue against my clit broke past whatever wall was keeping me from getting off. I had a huge orgasm, the kind that makes me clench my thighs, push his head away, and burst out into uncontrollable laughter.

That confirmed it. This is one threesome fantasy I?d love to really live out someday.

Pulling Out All the Stops

The third time I used it, I was going solo again but this time I was in the mood for some elaborate jilling off.

I made sure I had everything I?d need within reach: my heart-shaped glass buttplug, my trusty rabbit vibrator, my Zumio, the Teddy, some silicone lube (for the buttplug), and some hybrid lube (for everything else).

I warmed the buttplug with my hands, lubed it up, and slowly inserted it. Once it was in place, I slathered the thruster in hybrid lube and slowly fucked myself with it. I?m still a buttplug newbie, so it took a little more time to get used to the feeling of using both toys at once.

I turned on the Teddy and held it with one hand while using the other hand to tease my clit with the Zumio. The three toys made my pleasure build and climb quickly and before I knew it, I felt my muscles tense up and I had a strong orgasm.

I put the Zumio aside and pulled the thruster out. I was going to reach for the rabbit vibrator, but I felt the Teddy rubbing against my clit while it pumped away on its own.

I hadn?t planned to use it this way, but it was a really happy discovery. Letting it rub against my clit felt exactly the way it does when Mr. Austin presses his hard cock against it ? only the pressure was a bit firmer and the rhythm was completely in my control.

I wish I could put the feeling into words, but I can?t. It just felt incredible. By this point, I had already gotten off with the Teddy several times, but this was the most intense pleasure it gave me so far.

This was shocking to me because I have death grip. I can come in all sorts of fun and pleasurable ways, but the only way I can get an extremely satisfying, show-stopping climax is by lying on my stomach and humping my rabbit vibrator.

Letting the Teddy rub up against my clit gave me the same kind of orgasm. No other toy (except that rabbit) has managed to get me off this well. It did such an amazing job that I had to lie in bed catching my breath for a while before I could even get up.

My New Go-To

The Teddy exceeded all my expectations.

I got it because I thought it would be an affordable alternative to a fuck machine. But it was so much fun using it, I?m starting to think it might be just as good as the real deal.

I?ve only had it for a few weeks and I already consider it one of my go-to toys.

There?s just so much to love about it. The size is very manageable and the silicone is incredibly soft and smooth. When I took it out of the package, I couldn?t stop running my hands over it ? it just felt so damn good.

It gave me a lot of thrusty fun without strong internal vibrations, which are usually too intense for my taste.

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The suction cup base is super convenient and keeps the toy surprisingly compact.

But one of the best things about it is that it?s like nothing else in my toy collection. I?ve got dildos and G-spot vibrators, but this is the only toy that gives me more speed and a better rhythm than I can give myself manually, and does it hands-free.

I still don?t know how the Teddy compares to a full-sized, full-power sex machine. But I?m really happy I discovered a toy that makes that kind of experience accessible to more people.

And if it doesn?t fix my death grip, then at least I?ve got two toys I can get off with instead of one. That?s progress, right?

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