I Have Been Using an Electric Toothbrush to Masturbate With

I Have Been Using an Electric Toothbrush to Masturbate With

It?s cheap, discrete, waterproof, and packs a lot of power

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My family has no boundaries. As in there is a ?no locked door? policy. People will just rummage through your stuff for no reason, without asking. As my parents like to say, ?There are no secrets in our home.? No privacy either it seems.

They are also religious. So things like masturbation are taboo. Sex before marriage isn?t a concept, even though I?m sure most of us were born out of wedlock ? but what is Christianity without a dose of Christian hypocrisy? I have always flown on the sexual liberation side of things so all this is extremely frustrating. Over the years I have moved out and back in with my parents repeatedly. Which is also incredibly frustrating, but at least I can do so on a whim.

Because of this constant migration, I have thrown away several sex toys throughout the years. The chances of someone coming across a vibrator is honestly not worth the backlash I would receive. I am all for rebellion, but you also have to be wise and pick your battles. But once I got to the 3rd bumped vibrator, I made a financially conscious decision to stop buying them. That was until one evening when I was shopping in Sainsbury?s for a new toothbrush.

I couldn?t possibly tell you how or why my mind went from price comparing toothbrushes to thinking about my vagina. I was 18! I think it?s best if we just all agree that it happened.

It?s been a few years now and my clit and I haven?t looked back since!

Product Review

Oral-B Pro-Expert Pulsar Manual Toothbrush 35 Medium

This is old-reliable for me. My first love. It costs 6 from Sainsbury?s. The product description states that,?Oral-B Pro-Expert Pulsar Manual Toothbrush brushes simultaneously pivot and pulsate with vibrating micro-pulse bristle to clean better than a regular manual toothbrush.?

It is said they last about 6 weeks, but because of only using mine in times of masturbation, I have known mine to last longer. They?re also waterproof!

How to use

All you have to do is press a button! Ensure bristles are facing outwards, with the plastic back on your sensitive bits. Obviously, this isn?t a vibrator so there aren?t multiple settings, just the one, but honestly, it is good enough! It?s a deep high frequency, pulsating rumble. For those with vaginas, I would recommend you pull back the hood on your clit for a more intense feel. It gets the job done.

I know what you?re thinking. Why not get one of those discrete sex toys? If this is you then, congratulations! Your family has and implements healthy boundaries! You are very lucky.

I couldn?t tell you the number of times I have walked into my room and found a sibling or cousin just rummaging through my stuff out of curiosity. They don?t even ask. And if I told them off for their inquisition, then my parents would know I was hiding something and organise a strip search of my belongings. It?s a culture thing. You either get it or you don?t.

So to parents reading this, children will always find a way so you?re better off creating a safe environment for them to explore. And to anyone out there reading this thinking of ways to get creative, electric toothbrushes are great. And as they say, the best hiding place is in plain sight!

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