I Always Wanted the Sims to Have Sex — Now They Can

I Always Wanted the Sims to Have Sex — Now They Can

I found the explicit gaming experience I?ve been looking for

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I spent countless hours playing The Sims when I was a teenager. I loved getting to play house and adulting vicariously through the characters I created.

There was only one thing missing from the game. There was no option to make my Sims get it on with each other.

This was supposed to be an adult life simulator, so where was all the banging?

I eventually gave up on The Sims, but I kept my desire to play a really good sex game.

Every once in a while, I?ll go to Google and try to find one. I never have any luck, though. There are plenty of sex games, but I can never find one worth wasting my time on.

Most of the games are boring or have terrible mechanics. The ones with decent gameplay don?t have enough exciting sex in them.

Lately, though, that old thought popped into my head: ?I wish I could play The Sims but have them fuck.?

Instead of just wishing, though, I googled it. It?s 2020, there must be a Sims game with sex by now.

And sure enough, there is.

I finally got to fulfill my teenage dream of making my Sims fuck while satisfying my adult desire for a sex game worth playing.


Okay, so there isn?t an official sexy Sims game. But what I found is just as good.

It?s a free mod for Sims 4 called WickedWhims that adds the option to have your Sims engage in some hardcore sex.

As soon as I found out about it, I bought and downloaded Sims 4 so I could play it without the mod. I wanted to get my bearings before I added extra features.

My return to The Sims was kind of disappointing. The game was just so damn mundane. Creating and customizing my characters was kind of fun, but then the only thing left to do was keep them happy and productive by making them do chores, encouraging them to watch TV, and watching them sleep.

How the hell did I spend hours on end playing this as a kid?

I started to worry that this wouldn?t be the right sex game for me after all. But I had gone this far and put some cold hard cash into it, so I figured I might as well try it out.

I got my husband to install the mod because I frankly don?t know what I?m doing when it comes to technology.

While he was at it, he created four characters. Emma Austin, an aspiring author with pink hair (purple wasn?t an option). Her husband Jake Austin, decked out in a sexy plaid shirt. And their two housemates: an emotionally unavailable guy named Billy Fuckboi and a cute serial romantic called Suzy Q.

?Why the extra characters?? I asked him.

?So there?d be more people to fuck.?

Makes sense.

Shower Sex, Ass Sucking, and Bootjobs

I got started and it was the same, familiar Sims setup I was used to. I had the four characters living together in a small bungalow, with furniture that I could rearrange or replace if my Sims earned enough money.

But my Sims never earned any money because they could fuck now and that?s the only thing I wanted them to do.

Whenever I clicked on the bed, the shower, the desk, or just about anywhere, I was given the option to click a button labeled ?Wicked.? The Wicked button revealed a menu of options to choose from.

I could pick Teasing, Vaginal, Handjob, Anal, Footjob, or Oraljob. Each of them gave me a series of different animations to choose from.

First things first, I clicked on the shower and got Emma to give Jake a handjob.

Then I watched slackjawed as my teenage fantasy came to life in front of my eyes.

My little Emma avatar was completely naked, showering with her husband and stroking his cock while they made out. Virtual Jake?s hand was grabbing her ass and they seemed to be having an amazing time.

Then, they switched to a position I have no name for but can best describe it as a standing reverse cowgirl. Sim Emma was held up in midair with her back pressed against her husband?s chest while he was fucking her. I?m not sure that position is physically possible ? and you definitely can?t do it in a shower without slipping catastrophically ? but it was really hot to watch.

And then they switched again. This time, she was bent over and he was pounding her until he came inside her.

And then they exited the shower and have a friendly chat in the bathroom, like nothing happened.

I was hooked already. I could definitely go back to wasting my afternoons on this.

I decided it was time for virtual me to branch out a little. I discovered an animation titled ?asssuck? and I couldn?t resist clicking it. I tried to get the Sims Emma to bend over the desk and have her ass eaten by Billy Fuckboi.

That didn?t go so well. The problem with making him emotionally unavailable is that he and Emma just weren?t compatible. Or maybe it?s because she?s married and monogamous so it doesn?t matter how nice Billy Fuckboi?s abs are. Whatever the reason, she didn?t get her ass sucked. Instead, they walked up to each other, got into a tiff, and walked away thinking less of the other.

I guess you still have to make sure your Sims actually get along before you make them fuck. Which is probably good ? the game has some semblance of consent in it ? but it was an obstacle to me turning this bungalow into an orgy house.

Thankfully, Suzy Q didn?t mind Billy Fuckboi at all, so I had them get naughty at the desk.

And there I was, getting turned on while watching one Sim eat out another Sim?s ass.

Suzy Q was into it. She was grinding and pressing her ass into Billy Fuckboi?s face. And he wasn?t letting up. He kept rimming her like it was his job.

Meanwhile, I used the married couple to test out the footjob option. And while Billy and Suzy were doing their thing at one end of the room, Emma was giving Jake a footjob at the edge of the bed. Only, she didn?t bother taking her boots off first.

?Are bootjobs are real thing?? I wondered.

I checked Pornhub and, yes, they are. Though the ones on there look a lot more painful.

I put my Sims in a lot of other sexy situations and got to watch them engage in really nice foreplay, top-notch prone bone anal, and some facefucking that was much too rough for my taste (but they seemed into it).

I was over the damn moon. The game legitimately turned me on. It was actually fun. After all these years, I had finally found a sex game I could enjoy playing.

Live Out Your Fantasies

WickedWhims is really fun, but the gameplay was a little frustrating. That?s not an issue with the mod ? that?s a basic feature of the Sims. I found it a little annoying how little control I had over my characters. I?m there to play God and make them fuck, not wait around for them to finish lunch before they get bent over a desk.

There are also a few elements of the mod that I haven?t fully explored yet.

In addition to sex, WickedWhims gives your female Sims a menstrual cycle and the possibility of getting pregnant from unprotected sex.

The Rewards Store also features a lot of sex and relationship character traits that you can give your Sim. You have to earn points to access these, so I haven?t managed to (too busy making the fuck), but if I had, I could make my Sim Emma a Cuckquean (her mood would improve when she saw her husband fuck someone else), Polyamorous, or a Cum Slut (she?d get a mood boost whenever someone comes on her).

But even without those extra elements, I really enjoyed the game. Because it doesn?t just add sex to the Sims. It adds good sex.

The animations were more fluid than I expected them to be. There was a sensuality to them. And there were little details that made it great, like the way they writhe ecstatically and touch each other during sex, and the attention paid to making the tits bounce without making them defy gravity.

I only downloaded one of the many animation packs available (the one by Motherlodesims, if you?re curious). Getting more would allow me to stage threesomes, gangbangs, masturbation, sex toy play, bondage scenes, and who knows what else.

If you?re looking for a sex game, I recommend WickedWhims. Especially since customizing the characters and the settings means you can live out whatever fantasy you have.

This only gave me an appetite for more. So now I?m going to see what happens when I click on that Elsa sex game banner that keeps showing up on Pornhub. Wish me luck!

If you want to hear me react to the game in real time, check out the WickedWhims episode of my podcast.

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