Hydrogen Inhalation Machine for Home Use 2020

Hydrogen Inhalation Machine for Home Use 2020

Hydrogen inhalation therapy has been incorporated into advanced medical treatment in Japan in 2016. With the Hydrogen inhalation machine(hydrogen gas inhaler), people can more efficiently inhale high-purity molecular hydrogen into the lungs, brain, and blood and eventually spread throughout the body. Hydrogen can help the body neutralize Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and improve the disease.

Hydrogen inhalation machine for home useHydrogen inhalation machine for home use

Why we need molecular hydrogen?

Ninety-eight percent (98%) of the oxygen is burned to supply the energy, but 2% of it will become reactive oxygen species, which is oxygen radicals. Oxygen radicals are the cause of human diseases and the root cause of aging. Oxygen radicals are notorious for destroying normal cells and distorting DNA.

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Hydrogen is the fourth biological gas molecule after nitric oxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen can selectively neutralize strong toxic free radicals such as hydroxyl radicals and nitrite anions, which can effectively inhibit inflammation and apoptosis.

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Besides, hydrogen is a non-polar neutral molecule with ideal diffusion capacity in biological systems. It can quickly enter the mitochondria and nucleus of cells. Selective antioxidants and powerful diffusion capabilities are powerful advantages not possessed by other antioxidants.

What are the benefits of molecular hydrogen to the human body?

We have collected some medical clinical trials on the application of molecular hydrogen in humans. They come from the hydrogen research team around the world, and hope to help you better understand the improvement effect of hydrogen on the human body:

medical clinical trials on the application of molecular hydrogen in humansmedical clinical trials on the application of molecular hydrogen in humans

Five important reasons why people chose H2 Life

High-quality hydrogen and safe

H2 Life hydrogen inhalation machines have a hydrogen purity of> 99.99%, meet US FDA standards, and do not contain any gases. Its hydrogen output is 150m / min-600ml / min (4%), which is far less than the hydrogen gas inhaler explosion concentration. It is safe and efficient. It uses international advanced SPE technology and American DuPont 117 exchange membrane to ensure high-quality pure hydrogen. It also has a medical-grade platinum coating on the electrode plate and exchange membrane to ensure good biocompatibility and increase the life of core components. The data shows that the core components of the H2 Life hydrogen inhalation machine have a service life of more than 8000 hours.

Image for postStudies show that 2% of hydrogen absorption is the safest

Convenient and cost-effectively

And it only needs purified water to provide us with hydrogen, which is very convenient and cost-effectively. Yes, it does not require any other materials except purified water.

The unique technology in the healthy hydrogen inhaler industry

Most importantly, H2 Life also breaks through the technical bottleneck of the hydrogen gas inhaler. It does not require a humidifier bottle to obtain a comfortable hydrogen inhalation experience.

hydrogen inhalation machine single versionH2 Life hydrogen inhalation machineImage for postother inhalation machines

Most of the pure hydrogen inhalation machines on the market carry a humidification bottle, which will bring a lot of serious potential risks. The hydrogen outlet will spray water from time to time during the user?s hydrogen inhalation, and even cause suffocation. What many people don?t know is that the hydrogen concentration will decrease severely after passing the humidification bottle, thereby reducing the effect of hydrogen on the human body.

This is a technical problem that is difficult to overcome, which is one of the important reasons why H2 Life is better than similar products.

100% real hydrogen inhalation machine quality?Multiple international certificates?

H2 Life can also provide product test results, hydrogen purity> 99.99%, and actual hydrogen output flow is greater than 300ml / min! Our products have also obtained CE-EMC and CE-LVD certificates and meet European export standards. Now H2 Life hydrogen inhalation machine has been exported to many countries in the world.

Proof of hydrogen purity and output flow h2life hydrogen inhalerproof of hydrogen purity and output flowh2life hydrogen inhalation machine ce ceritficatesCertificates

Click to Know More H2 Life Product Certificates

Also Easy to Use

The H2 Life hydrogen inhalation machine is equipped with a ?one-click? operation setting. You don?t need special personnel to operate, just connect the power, turn on the machine, and click the ?start? button then enjoy a pleasant hydrogen inhalation experience. Awesome!

Famous hydrogen therapy research experts TYLER W. LEBARON and Shigeo Ohta both praise H2 Life?s hydrogen inhalation machine.

TYLER W. LEBARON and Shigeo Ohta both praise H2 Life?s hydrogen inhalation machineTYLER W. LEBARON and Shigeo Ohta with H2 LifeH2 Life CertificatesH2 Life CertificatesH2 Life actively participated in various molecular hydrogen international conferencesH2 Life actively participated in various molecular hydrogen international conferences

H2 Life provides hydrogen inhalation time of 30?120 minutes. Everyone can choose their own use time according to their physical conditions (you can also use it under the guidance of a doctor).

How to use H2 life hydrogen inhalation machine

If you want to improve your disease by inhaling hydrogen, I think you have made a decision. H2 Life is now the only device that can provide you with efficient and safe hydrogen inhaling. It also provides proof of hydrogen purity and output flow. It is the best hydrogen inhalation machine of 2020!

For more product details and prices, welcome to h2life official website!

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