How to Worship a Woman’s Bottom

How to Worship a Woman’s Bottom

Butt love isn?t just about anal penetration.

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The butt is an erogenous zone. If the buttocks are not an actual sex organ, then the ass is still close enough to our private parts to provide a lot of gratification when stimulated.

Ass play doesn?t have to be about anal penetration. I?m talking about massaging the butt, kissing the butt, and licking it.

And when I say licking, I?m not just talking about analingis, though that can be a part of ass worship as well.

I?m talking about incorporating the entire ass into the sexual experience.

Unfortunately in the U.S., the ass is often overlooked as a thing of beauty. In countries like Brazil, the ass is revered. In the U.S., too much emphasis is placed on a woman?s breasts.

Which is fine. To each his own. But I think that people miss out on the power of a woman?s behind and how much a pleasure having it worshipped can give both a man and a woman.

Ass worship

Ass worship is one of the activities that I list on my services menu as an escort. And I would say that it?s one of my most popular requests.

Ass worship is the act of massaging, kissing and licking a woman?s glorious derrire.

And I mean a man must spend time pleasuring my entire bottom. That means both of my butt cheeks.

Ass worship is about making love to my whole butt.

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Ass worship position #1

I typically start a session where ass worship will be the focus by inviting a man to fall to his knees. Positioned behind me, he gazes first upon my magnificent bottom.

The visual is stimulating, erotic, gratifying.

I?m often wearing a thong while a man stares at my butt. If he requests it, I?ll also wear a pair of full-back panties.

Wearing panties for an ass worship session is fun too, because it prolongs the tease. You can see my butt, but the skin is partially covered.

You can?t touch. At least not yet.

How to worship an ass

I like a man to begin worshipping my ass by massaging my bottom.

Slowly but surely, I permit him to kiss both of my ass cheeks.

When I feel the time is right, I allow him to help me out of my panties.

I love to feel him slide my panties down my thighs, over my calves, and then off my feet.

At that point, he may continue to kiss and massage my naked butt cheeks.

Soon, I ask him to start licking my ass. There?s something incredibly exciting about feeling a man?s tongue running all over my butt.

The skin of my behind is extremely sensitive. When it?s touched, I immediately become moist.

Maybe it?s because my butt is located so close to my vage that it feels amazingly pleasurable to have my ass tended to so lovingly.

I?m sure it?s also the anticipation that a man?s tongue will be making its way soon enough to my vage.

The tease is intoxicating. I love wondering when it will happen.

But I don?t want it to happen until my bare bottom is massaged even more. A man?s hands and his mouth on my ass make me so wet.

Of course this only leads me to fantasize about his fingers moving toward my pussy.

I want those fingers on my clitoris and then deep inside me.

They always manage to get there.

Ass worship position #2

A great way to engage in ass worship is also for a woman to lower her bottom to her lover?s face.

Swiveling her hips around so that a man?s mouth touches her bottom, she is then in a great position to guide his tongue around on her ass.

At some point, when I?m in this position, I always end up lowering my vagina right onto a man?s mouth to enjoy the pleasures of oral worship.

How can I not do that when, by that point, I?m so turned-on?


Though I did say that ass worship doesn?t have to include analingis, it often goes there.

I love it when it does. Having my anus licked is a titillating sensation. I adore the feeling of a man spreading my cheeks apart, and then plunging his tongue into my asshole.

This makes me squirm with pleasure.

Of course while he?s licking my butthole, I love for him to continue to massage the rest of my ass.

And yet an ass worship experience doesn?t have to end this way.

Sometimes ass worship is a thing in itself.

In that case, worshipping a woman?s bottom is the goal, and that?s it.

This is why I love ass worship so much. There are so many different variables to enjoy.

There?s so much to explore it comes to a woman?s bottom. Her entire butt is a body part to be celebrated and worshipped as much as she desires.


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