How to Sit on a Man’s Face so You Both Get Off

How to Sit on a Man’s Face so You Both Get Off

Everything you need to know about queening and face-sitting.

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There?s nothing quite like the feeling of a man?s face under my bottom. The sense of the sweat accumulating between his cheeks and mine. The feel of his hot breath against my private parts. And then of course the sensation of his wet tongue on my vage.

While I sit on a man?s face while he gives me pleasure, his face becomes my literal cushion. I perch there regally. No wonder this practice is also called queening.

Queening is the act of a woman sitting on a man?s face while he pleasures her with his mouth.

I like to begin any queening session with some good, old-fashioned face-sitting.


Face-sitting is exactly what sounds like: it?s the art of sitting on a man?s face. It?s different from queening in that face-sitting often occurs while the woman is still clothed.

Face-sitting isn?t necessarily about sexually pleasing a woman. Teasing and prolonged foreplay are the ultimate goals.

Leather or lace

I like to wear anything from a pair of leather pants, to a pair of latex shorts, or some control-top pantyhose when I sit on a man?s face.

If I?m in a generous mood, I?ll don a pair of full-back panties. This is generous because panties, even full-back ones, give a man more access to my glorious crotch.

Best positions

My recommended positions for the most pleasurable face-sitting experiences are:

On the floor

A man lies on the floor below the female. She then lowers her bottom onto his face.

So she can control how much of her weight rests on his face, though, I typically have something I can hold onto to prop myself up.

For example, a man lies on the floor with his head just below the edge of a couch. While I sit on his face, facing away from the couch, I support part of my body weight by holding myself up by my elbows on the edge of the couch behind me.

On the bed

The bed is also a great place for face-sitting. The man lies on his back on the bed while the woman sits on his face. With her knees and shins flat against the mattress, she has more control over how much of her weight rests on his face.

In this position, she leans some of her body weight onto her hands so as not to cause discomfort to the man below her.

As if any man would complain, though, about having his face buried deep in a woman?s crotch.

On a chair

Yet another position I like for face-sitting is when a man is seated on the floor, his back against a cushioned armchair. He scoots forward until the nape of his neck rests against the edge of the seat the chair.

In this position, he leans his head back so that it falls against the armchair cushion. The woman then lowers her bottom onto his face from above.

To help take some of the pressure off her thighs, she holds onto the armrests of the chair.

Inverse face-to-butt

One of my favorite positions for face-sitting, however, doesn?t even involve a woman sitting on a man?s face. Instead she lies on her stomach on a surface like a bed. The man then lies on his belly behind her so that his face is pressed into her bottom.

This is not traditional face-sitting, but it?s still a wonderful position for a man to press his face into a woman?s behind.

He?s also in the perfect position to smell her most intimate odors. His job is just to inhale her exquisite scents.

These scents are intoxicating, and yet if a woman is wearing leather, latex or pantyhose in this position, a man is still unable to totally access her flesh.

Try as he might, he can?t lick through those materials.

Face-sitting is about the art of the tease.

Scent play

Leather and latex fetishists, of course, love when a woman wears the materials they adore smelling most during face-sitting.

There are also men who get off on sniffing a woman?s panties when she?s seated on his face. Same goes for smelling her pantyhose.

Panties and hose retain a woman?s scent in a very special way. A man enjoys having his face surrounded by a woman?s ass and vagina in her most fragrant state.


The fun really starts, though, when a woman removes all her clothing. And yet because I like to tease men so much, I love sitting on a man?s face while still wearing just a thong.

This is incredibly exciting for the both of us. A thong offers the delights of a woman?s most intimate regions while still keeping them off-limits with just a slip of fabric.

But I?ll still admit that both of us are at our happiest when I remove my panties ? or thong ? altogether.

I like to tell a man exactly when he?s allowed to lick me. Usually he can?t hold off, though, and I always end up feeling wet licks of his tongue on my vagina anyway.

If a man does a good job of pleasing me, I always reciprocate by reaching down with my hand to stroke his erect penis to completion.

But don?t forget the ass. The ass needs attention, too. A good queening session wouldn?t be complete without a lot of analingis.

I?ve had some wonderful queening experiences where I sit on a man?s face so that he can lick my bottom while I use the vibrator on my clit.

Both queening and face-sitting are great ways to enhance your time in the bedroom. Having sex in the same missionary position over and over again is boring.

Instead, enjoy my face-sitting and queening methods as a means to build even more intimacy during lovemaking.

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