How To Plan Your Social Media in 2020 as an individual or small company — FREE Google Sheets Editorial Calendar Template

How To Plan Your Social Media in 2020 as an individual or small company — FREE Google Sheets Editorial Calendar Template

Are you playing on all Social Media, but you?re not keeping up with yourself, with no idea where you stand? ?Regain an overview with this FREE Social Media Editorial Calendar 2020 (what else) Google Sheets template?

Image for postSocial Media Editorial Calendar 2020 ? FREE Google Sheets Template

As a serial side project-starter, at some point I lost track of where I stood with my writings, videos and everything else.

Naturally I made a Google Sheets template to solve my issue????

I wanted something simple and unambiguous where I could see at one glance what I needed to do for today, and for the upcoming week(s). And you can steal my Social Media Editorial Calendar template!?

For who?

It works for individuals who play with their side project and want to keep an overview of what they?re doing, where and by when, but you could also use it if you?re managing several Social Media accounts.

Example: Let?s say you?re managing 3 Instagram and Facebook accounts. The Instagram accounts are unrelated to one another. The content on Instagram is always reposted to Facebook. You would then only need 3 columns to write out your content + the dropdown columns. Instead of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you?d write the names of the accounts you?re managing. All the other columns (from TikTok onwards) you then wouldn?t need, so you hide them?

How it works

Each month, starting from May (the time of writing is May), has a tab.

Image for postAll the monthly tabs.

On the left you?ll find a small calendar, with the CW (calendar week). My calendar weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday, and this is how I wrote it out. The calendar week we?re in I marked yellow. Why I put the whole month there for each calendar week? It helps me to see ?how far? we are into the month.

Image for postThe calendar week we?re in is marked yellow, and placed within the entire month for a better overview.

The rest is pretty straightforward. Pick the channel you want to post something on, go down to find the corresponding day, and write out either the full caption of what you want to do (if it?s relatively short), or the topic of what you will post or what you?re working on.

Don?t need a Twitter or Tiktok column? Then select the column by clicking on the letter at the top of the column, right click, and click ?Hide column(s)?. If you do ever need extra columns, you can unhide them and start using them straight away.

The dropdowns

Image for postI think it?s cute.

Each of the dropdowns has a cloud emoji?, a woman behind computer emoji???, and a tick emoji?. I didn?t want to write out full words, because that would make the column longer, and more annoying (to me) to read. Obviously, to keep track of where you?re at, use the emojis in the dropdowns accordingly.

Meanings of emojis?: ?started to think about what to do here?. ???: ?WIP? aka work in progress, meaning I?m in the middle of this task. ?: done (which for me usually means or ?scheduled? or ?published?, so I don?t have to touch it anymore).

Oh and: when a full month is behind you, it?s up to you whether to completely hide the tab or not. (For this you?d click on the tab, on the down arrow, and then click ?Hide Sheet?. The sheet will be gone in the overview at the bottom. You can still access and unhide sheets in View > Hidden sheets).

That?s great, how do I steal your Social Media Editorial Calendar 2020 Google Sheets template? I want to use it!

Sure! As always:

  1. Go into the template. (This template is View only. That means you cannot edit it, because it is a template, and we must keep it standardised, so everyone has a good basis to start from.)Continue with the steps:
  2. In the upper left corner, click ?File? > ?Make a copy?. For this, you need to be logged in to your Google account.
  3. This copy will be for you only! You can rename the template if you want, and save it somewhere on your Google Drive. Where? That?s up to you.
  4. You will be taken to the newly made copy, which is yours. Now you?ll be able to edit! ?

For the love of spreadsheets, please do NOT request edit access:

Image for postWant to steal my template? Click ?File? > ?Make a Copy?.

Feel free to steal this template as a basis, and edit it to suit your individual needs!?

My questions to you:

  1. What do you think of this template? Would it help you more if there were no monthly tabs, and instead just one long sheet with all the weeks in the entire year for a yearly overview?
  2. What else could be useful to you on this template?

Thank you for reading!? Write me in case you have any questions, remarks or suggestions and I will do my best to help you.


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