How to Masturbate with a Showerhead

How to Masturbate with a Showerhead

Say hello to your new boyfriend

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Every time I moved into a new place, I?d make my husband replace the showerhead on the first day.

While we were packing everything up, I insisted on him taking off the showerhead and replacing it with the one that originally came with the place.

He would stand awkwardly on the side of the tub, wrench in hand, looking down at me. ?Do we really need to take it??

?Yes.? I would say curtly, keeping a blank expression on my face, and watch him tighten the wrench around the socket of the showerhead.

Then we?d carry our belongings into our new house or apartment and I?d say ?I want to take a shower tonight. I need you to install the showerhead before I do.?

He?d look around at the clutter of boxes and unarranged furniture, silently questioning my priorities, and ask ?Do you really need it today??

?Yes.? Same tone as before. Same blank expression.

That was my poker face. Because I didn?t want to admit that I wasn?t being fussy. I was just feeling a little tense and horny.

The Start of a Beautiful Love Affair

I fell in love with my showerhead by accident.

Our meet cute happened after I had freshly dyed my hair red. I took a shower and the sides of the tub were covered in water red dye. I was worried it would stain the tub and piss off my parents, so I took the handheld showerhead from its cradle and blasted water on all the red splotches.

I got cold standing there naked and wet, so I turned the showerhead back on myself to get a blast of hot water.

I got a lot more than that.

I was aiming the showerhead at a different angle than I normally did and the water was tickling my pussy in a way that felt nice and stimulating.

I forgot about the dye and explored that sensation for a while, spraying myself from different angles.

Then came the real game changing moment. I used my other hand to spread my pussy lips so the water could come in direct contact with my clit.

And holy fuck what an amazing feeling it was.

I felt my clit throbbing and my pussy clenching. I came harder than I had ever come before. And with that amazing orgasm came a warm gush between my legs and intense euphoria.

My legs were weak. I felt incredible. I had just discovered something so fucking great I wanted to tell everyone about it ? but knew I couldn?t tell anyone.

I never looked at showerheads the same way again. It was like the boy in my class I had never paid attention to but all of a sudden couldn?t ignore.

The showerhead became my very clean but dirty little secret.

I didn?t have a lot of privacy at home. My parents would barge in, invade my space, and get really nosey about what I was up to.

That didn?t bother me much when I was a kid, but once I hit puberty and developed certain physical needs, it made it hard to take care of them.

The shower was my only safe haven. There, it was just me, my hair care routine, and the spray of water giving me all the orgasms I needed.

Years later, I was really excited to kiss that home goodbye and move in with my boyfriend. But I was sad about leaving the showerhead behind. I had so many good memories with it, and I came to rely on it for a lot of my self-care.

Our new place had a basic, boring showerhead. So, we went to a department store to look for a replacement. They had massaging showerheads that weren?t handheld. The handheld ones didn?t have the right massaging options.

I was getting really frustrated with the terrible selection. Mr. Austin told me we could make due with the one we had for now and order a better one online.

?No, that will take way too long,? I mumbled, staring at the options and hoping he still bought into the lie that this was all about hygiene and luxury.

I grabbed the best option I could find out of the bunch and bought it. I was sure I could use it to get myself off one way or another, but I made a mental note to upgrade it as soon as I could talk Mr. Austin into it.

I felt a little prissy, but it would be worth it to get the right kind of attachment for the shower. This was, after all, basically my favorite sex toy.

How to Turn Your Showerhead Into an Orgasm Machine

The first step to getting off in the shower is to buy and install the right kind of showerhead.

The equipment you?re working with makes a big difference. I?ve had good showerheads and I?ve had duds. But when I found one that worked really well, I stuck to it and haven?t replaced it yet.

First and foremost, it needs to be handheld so you can spray the water precisely where you want it.

Next, make sure it?s a massaging showerhead that has the right settings.

I personally get off best using the pulsing massage option.

For a nice warm and relaxing sensation, I?ll use the regular setting. The stimulation it gives is really subtle, but it still feels great. It?s especially useful when you?re feeling a little more sensitive or you?re just not in the mood for anything too intense.

My personal sweet spot is a light massaging setting. Anything much harder than that and it hurts instead of feeling pleasurable. Any spray that?s softer and more spread out and it?s not usually enough to make me come.

Really, what you should invest in is a massaging showerhead with plenty of settings to cycle through. That way, you can play around with it and find what works best for you. You can give yourself different sensations in one session ? starting by teasing yourself with a light spray and working your way up to enough pressure to make you come really hard.

Plus, if you have roommates or regular houseguests, it?s a really considerate option. All those settings means that everyone who uses your shower can find their preference.

Next, get the temperature right. You might have to fiddle with this even if you got everything right for a comfortable shower, because your shower temperature might not be your masturbation temperature. I personally really love hot showers but my cupcake doesn?t seem to agree. The water feels better on my pussy when it?s a little colder.

Once you have the right showerhead the water just how you like it, you have to decide how to position yourself.

I stand up straight, with my legs apart a bit. If you?re showering in a bathtub, you can prop your leg up on the side of it to give yourself more spread. And there?s no telling what kind of creative things you could do with shower bars and other accessories.

If you?re into direct clit stimulation, spread your pussy lips so the water can hit you right where it needs to. If you?re more sensitive and prefer indirect contact, just keep everything tucked away and enjoy the water pressure.

When you?re about to come, try grinding your hips. That usually helps tip me over into an orgasm. That?s something I only learned later on but it?s been really handy because if it takes me too long to reach a climax, I spend so much time tensing my arms and legs that they get really sore the next day.

Most all, just enjoy yourself. Take your time, feel the water all over your body, and build up the stimulation. You?re all alone with just the sound of the water spraying from the showerhead ? it?s the perfect time to lose yourself in a fantasy.

I have a bathroom with a window above the bathtub so I imagine people are watching me come while I play with my showerhead. But you can get creative and dream up whatever scenario you want.

Get Wet

Showerhead masturbation is a very unique and satisfying sexual experience.

It?s like no other sex you have and there?s no way to replicate that exact sensation when you?re masturbating in other ways.

Masturbating in the shower is such a luxurious experience, too. You don?t get the pillowy comfort of jilling off in bed, but you get a warm, wet, and steamy full-body experience.

If you don?t have a handheld, massaging showerhead, you?re missing out. Get one and install it tonight. Trust me, you?ll fall in love instantly.

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